Papa Murphy’s Pizza chain redesigns

Papa Murphy's Logo

At the end of June, the successfully developing pizza chain Papa Murphy’s announced a rebranding and a radical change in the design of its stores. This was facilitated by the company’s growth in sales specializing in the production and sale of baked goods and pizza to go, which turned out to be especially in demand during the pandemic.

The new design of the Kitchen Delite store, presented to visitors with an open-to-view cooking zone, is expected to increase sales efficiency significantly. It is assumed that the ability to see the entire process of preparing an order for makeline, directly smell all the most “delicious” smells, and have direct contact with the team of employees of the pizzeria will make an indelible impression on the visitors.

Papa Murphy's New Logo

At the same time, Papa Murphy’s logo was changed for the first time in 10 years. Such dramatic changes can be called brand re-introduction to the market, which will provide a completely new technology to meet visitors’ needs, increasing sales, stimulating profitable growth.

The decision on the need to rebrand and change the design of the chain stores was made after an in-depth study of the features of this segment of the sales market during the pandemic. It was decided to adopt a different concept to realize the finished product, abandoning the traditional ones based on the necessity of visiting the restaurant by the customers themselves or on the principles of fast-casual and casual style.

Papa Murphy's Emblem

After 2019, the change of brand owners contributed to the start of economic growth, which created the preconditions for the start of a new stage in the company’s development. The management decided to attract the attention of a different audience, making original changes in its design, the construction, and formation of the interior, the internal structure of the room. The demonstration of the unique renovation was carried out on the example of a large room measuring 1200-1500 square feet. However, the developers took into account the peculiarities of Papa Murphy’s network and provided a simple adaptation for free-standing pizzerias and mobile modules.

Papa Murphy's Old and New Logo (history)

Despite the relatively short time that has passed since the start of the redesign and the change of brand symbols, it is safe to say that Papa Murphy’s pizzeria is a real example of a success story during a pandemic. The new design is indeed driving more online ordering, encouraging third-party shipping, and opening up great opportunities for other strategies.