Pindustry presents itself in light of the new design

Pindustry Logo

In 2021, a large entertainment complex consisting of several “levels” was founded in Greenwood Village (in Colorado). The facility can accommodate about 2,000 guests at a time. Antique arcade games, bowling with 11 lanes, pinball, beer garden, live music on the territory of 16000 sq. m. impress any sophisticated amusement lover.

This is not only the scale but also perfectly equipped game rooms, thoughtful arrangement, and organization of space in general. No one will disturb anyone, and everyone will be free to choose the rest to their liking. There’s even a rooftop with its bar, tennis table, giant chess tables, etc.

The space formerly served as a warehouse for a car service and was created by Kelmore Development, a Colorado investment firm.

The facility opened in June and was a tremendous success among residents. A little later, the audience began to expand, with people now coming from other places searching for entertainment and gaming fun. Gradually the brand was promoted and became a powerful competitor in the industry.

Pindustry New Logo

The creative team at Phoneix handled the identity for Pindustry. Initially, Derrick Kempf was approached for a set of murals, and he created something unique, holistic, and very impressive for the brand.

The design concept was based on a representation of the history of the place. It was important to show what the place used to be and what it has become today. The place holds history, but it is dispelled rather than standing still. The influence of the culture of the 1920s was the basis for creative design decisions. Since this place used to be used as a car workshop, it was necessary to show exactly how the place was transformed, which has become the reason for success now.

It is a certain spirit of the time, dreams, people’s hobbies, which were embodied first through automobile solutions, and now in the aspect of cultural recreation.

Visual effects, bright images, accent colors, which were fashionable in the last century, now look just as attractive and enticing to visitors.

Pindustry Emblem

As for the logo, the choice fell on an interesting pointed yet flexible font that was part of the bootlegger era. It’s intrigue, game, fun. The six balls are taken as a graphic visual accent – the red dots signify both the holes and the balls simultaneously. On the sides of the dots are inscriptions that signify exactly what is in the institution (games, music, and lanes).

In general, the interior design and identity are sustained in the style of art deco, which is in harmony with the atmosphere of the entertainment complex.

Soft sandy, muted orange, reddish-berry, dark blue are offered alternative colors.

To be in the midst of interesting events, to have the opportunity to rest actively and relax with the company in a beautiful place where they appreciate entertainment and put them at the center – that’s what a tired of the monotony of a routine life working person needs.

Everything has been thought out in detail – from the stylized images of frescoes to the location of the game rooms. The designers and developers have hit the mark. A great future awaits such an institution, especially if the development of the brand will gain momentum.

And with such a scale, as customers spend their holidays there, Pindustry will soon show everyone who is a leader in the entertainment and active leisure niche.