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Ping An: Brand overview

In 1988, Ping An was established in Shenzhen, China, through the visionary efforts of Ma Mingzhe and other pioneering entrepreneurs. Ping An initially focused on property and casualty insurance but soon moved into life insurance and banking.

The following decade, characterized by the opening up of the Chinese economy, contributed to Ping An’s rapid growth. In 1994, a landmark event occurred: the company became the first Chinese insurer to be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. As the new millennium dawned, Ping An began to expand its horizons into asset management, securities trading, and banking, mainly through strategic collaborations and acquisitions.

In 2004, Ping An Bank emerged in the financial market, embodying its commitment to providing comprehensive financial services. Subsequent years have strengthened Ping An’s position in sectors ranging from banking and investment to real estate while strengthening its foundational insurance operations.

Ping An is now one of the largest financial services companies, providing a wide range of services from insurance and banking to investment and healthcare, catering to the needs of the vast Chinese market. With a clientele of over 200 million people and an impressive staff of over 300,000 employees, Ping An has not only established a dominant position in China but has also made a name for itself on the global financial stage.

Meaning and History

2000s – today

Ping An Logo

The diversified Chinese company operates in various industries and aims to demonstrate its versatility. Firstly, this is evident from the name, which literally means “healthy and safe .”The lettering uses a wide uppercase font with rounded corners. Secondly, instead of a crossbar, a green square is used in the letter “A,” demonstrating the versatility of the company. In combination with orange glyphs, it looks bright and original. Thirdly, in the bottom line, the words “Financial Technologies,” separated by a bold dot, indicate the diversification of the group.

The green square in the letter “A” gives it a somewhat playful but, at the same time, serious look, like a puzzle that one wants to solve. The rounded corners of the letters create a sense of friendliness, like the smile of a stranger. The orange and green combination is reminiscent of a bowl of mixed fruit – colorful but not chaotic. The bold dot between the words “Finance” and “Technology” is like a period in a sentence: “Hey, we do this and that, and we’re great at both.”

Ping An color codes

PersimmonHex color:#ea5506
RGB:234 85 6
CMYK:0 64 97 8
Pantone:PMS 1655 C
Deep Bottle GreenHex color:#005e3c
RGB:0 94 60
CMYK:100 0 36 63
Pantone:PMS 3415 C