Pioneer Baseball League rebranding and new logo

Pioneer Baseball League Logo

Following the recent announcement that the league has become the MLB Partner League, the organization announced a visual identity update.

The Pioneer Baseball League has completely revamped the look, including logo creation and website improvements. The logo was designed by Project 13. League President Michael Shapiro is delighted with the work done and says the team has done an excellent job.

Pioneer Baseball League New Logo

The Pioneer Baseball League logo has been shaped like a circle with important lettering and elements. Inside the image is a large “P” in blue with white outlines and brown shadow. The names of the cities with the league’s teams are placed around the center of the picture. On the right side, you can see the year the league was founded (1939). The stylish badge is filled with vibrant colors, crisp elements and captures the spirit of baseball.

Pioneer Baseball League Old and New Logo (history)

After the league became the MLB Partner League, rebranding became a necessity, according to the organization’s president. In addition, the rebranding consists of changes to the website, live streams, social media, and merchandise. The MLB Partner League is home to Billings Mustangs, Great Falls Voyagers, and Missoula Paddleheads. The next game is scheduled for May 22, 2021.

Pioneer Baseball League Logo Evolution