Placerville’s city logo will no longer have a tree loop

Placerville New Logo

An ambiguous detail can be seen on the tree above the miner’s back.

In April, Placerville City Council discussed removing the loop from the city’s official image. All Council members supported the proposals, and now the loop has been removed from the logo. In addition, the citizens of the city themselves spoke during the six-hour meeting. More than 173 participants had the opportunity to express their opinion within 1 minute. The event was held on the Zoom platform.

Most residents fully supported the decision to remove the noose, but still, some historians believe that the element should be left as a tribute. Some citizens agreed that this method of justice in the 21st century is inappropriate. One resident even said she was embarrassed to invite friends from other cities.

Placerville New and Old Logo (history)

The city logo is used on all official documents and some vehicles. The image will remain the same; only the loop is removed from the tree. The issue of updating the logo was raised last year, but it had to be postponed a little due to the pandemic. It is stated that a budget of $ 3,500 was allocated to replace the logo.

The loop is undoubtedly a part of the history of the city of Placerville. During the gold rush, attacks on miners and robberies were common in the city. The three robbers were hanged in 1849, and the noose became a symbol of that time.