Planted’s new corporate identity

Planted Logo

The LIT Create agency developed the design.

Planted is a non-profit organization, originally from Germany, closely associated with the fight against climate change. The team at LIT Create has revitalized the brand with a touch of fun and playfulness. The organization can help everyone reduce their carbon footprint by planting trees. With a monthly subscription, Planted foresters are planting forests in Germany. The subscription price is equal to one lunch, and everyone can additionally support any of the other 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, the organization works with the government to raise awareness at the government level.

Planted New Logo

The history of the organization began only this year, and the first logo was not entirely successful. The emphasis was on the “T,” but the design did not fully capture the essence of the organization. The new logo retained the accent detail, but instead of a set of figures, the designers created a tree. The font of the logo has changed, and each letter attracts attention with its singularity. The tree icon looks great and captures the essence of Planted.

Planted Emblem

The corporate identity is complemented by a collection of funny characters with glasses and monocles. Interesting inscriptions, a combination of bright colors, and beautiful characters attract attention and motivate people to join in helping the environment.

Planted Old and New Logo (History)