Popular Australian Whiskey Brands

Popular Australian Whiskey Brands

Australia is making a big splash in the world of whiskey. Even though it’s newer to the game than old-timers like Scotland and Ireland, Australian whiskey is getting noticed for its good and special taste.

Here’s what makes Australian whiskey stand out:

  • Getting Creative: Australian whiskey makers aren’t stuck following old rules, so they’re free to try many new ideas in making their whiskey.
  • Local Flavors: They use grains and wood from Australia, which gives their whiskey a taste you can’t find anywhere else.
  • Quick Aging: Thanks to Australia’s different weather, their whiskey gets its flavor faster, making each sip packed with taste.

In just a few years, Australia went from having only a few places making whiskey to over a hundred, joining other countries like Taiwan and Japan in adding new flavors to the whiskey world.

Australian whiskey differs from the carefully made whiskey in Germany or the many kinds you can find in the USA. What makes it special is how much they like to try new things and innovate.

Even though Australian whiskey is pretty new compared to the famous whiskies from places like Scotland or Ireland, it’s quickly earning its place among the best. With its new ways of making whiskey, use of local stuff, and unique tastes, Australian whiskey is exciting for anyone who loves whiskey and is eager to explore more.

Bakery Hill Distillery

Bakery Hill Logo

In Australia, known for its beautiful nature, there’s a special spot called Bakery Hill, where they make an amazing kind of whiskey. They take extra care to pick the best grains and age their whiskey in special oak barrels, making it taste interesting and rich. The symbol you see for Bakery Hill is their way of showing they’re all about making the best whiskey you can find.

In 1999, a guy named David Baker decided to start Bakery Hill in North Balwyn, Victoria, making it one of the first places in Australia besides Tasmania to make this kind of whiskey. David wanted to prove that Victoria could make whiskey as incredible as any traditional spot. Bakery Hill is about keeping things small and doing everything right where they are, from starting with local grains to creating the final whiskey people enjoy.

Bakery Hill Bottle

Few knew about Australian whiskey when Bakery Hill started, so it was tough. But David kept focusing on making good whiskey, and now, after more than 20 years, Bakery Hill is known as one of the top whiskey makers. Their special whiskeys have won many awards and helped show the world how great Australian whiskey can be.

Black Gate Distillery

Black Gate Logo

In the beautiful wilds of Australia, a place called Black Gate makes some special whiskey. Brian and Genise Hollingworth, a couple who dreamed big, started this place. They make rich and rich whiskey with different tastes, using old-school ways to mix and age it until it’s just right. The symbol you see for Black Gate tells you they’re all about making awesome whiskey.

The Hollingworths set up Black Gate Distillery in a little town called Mendooran, near Dubbo in New South Wales. They saw a chance to make something cool in a place where most people didn’t think whiskey could be made because of the hot weather. But they went for it, wanting to fill Australia’s craving for home-made whiskey that stands out from the crowd. They built a distillery from the ground up, focusing on making whiskey in the heat from start to finish.

Black Gate Bottle

Starting in the 2010s, after more than five years of making whiskey, Black Gate has shown that you can make top-notch whiskey in Australia’s hot climate. They’ve added new kinds of whiskey to Australia’s collection, proving that even in hot places, you can make drinks that taste amazing. Black Gate is now a big name in whiskey, helping to put Australia on the map as a place that knows how to make a great bottle of whiskey.

Corowa Distilling Co.

Corowa Distilling Logo

In the heart of Australia, Corowa Distilling Co. has made a big splash in the world of whiskey. They’re known for making special whiskey that tastes amazing, thanks to using stuff that grows in their backyard. Their whiskies are about trying new things and making drinks stand out. The symbol you see for Corowa Distilling tells you they’re all about making top-notch whiskey and staying true to where they come from.

In 2009, two brothers, Neil and Dean Druce, decided to do something bold. They bought an old flour mill for just one dollar in Corowa, New South Wales. Yes, just $1! This old building from 1906, right next to the beautiful Murray River, needed much work to turn into the dream distillery and brewery the brothers had in mind.

Corowa Distilling Bottle

But the Druce brothers weren’t scared of how much work it would take. They fixed up the old mill, keeping its history alive while turning it into a modern place to make whiskey and beer. This big project brought Corowa Distilling Co. to life, showing what you can do with hard work and a big dream. By turning the Corowa Flour Mill into a place where delicious spirits and beers are made, they’ve added something cool to rural NSW and kept an important piece of history strong.

Heartwood Malt Whisky

Heartwood Logo

Heartwood Whisky from Tasmania is known for making special whiskies that taste amazing. They’re good at picking the best barrels and mixing whiskies to create flavors that wow people. Their logo shows they’re all about making top-notch whisky that’s a treat for your taste buds. Heartwood is a favorite among people who love exploring deep, rich whisky flavors.

The man who started Heartwood, Tim Duckett, used to work with the land and environment before diving into the whisky world. His background helped him think differently about making whisky, focusing on creativity and caring for the environment. When he switched from helping the planet to focusing on whisky, he used his connections to find some of the best whiskies in Australia and put them under the Heartwood name.

Heartwood Bottle

Heartwood, based in North Hobart, Tasmania, is good at making whiskies that are only available for a short time and come from just one barrel. These whiskies show what’s great about Tasmania and other parts of Australia. A while back, when people started wanting strong and unique whiskies, Duckett saw an opportunity. He started bottling his whiskies, offering something new and exciting that wasn’t available before.

Thanks to Duckett’s forward-thinking approach, Heartwood is at the forefront of the Australian whisky scene. It’s known worldwide for its bold flavors and the unique drinking experiences it offers.

Hellyers Road Distillery

Hellyers Road Logo

Tucked away in Tasmania’s beautiful greenery, Hellyers Road Distillery has become famous for making smooth single malt whiskies everyone loves. Their logo hints at adventure and perfectly captures the exciting journey of discovering new whiskies. Whether new to whisky or a seasoned fan, Hellyers Road has something that’ll catch your fancy, making it a favorite worldwide.

The story of Hellyers Road started in 1997 in Burnie, a picturesque spot in Tasmania. The distillery got its name from a historic road, marking the beginning of its whisky-making adventure. Right from the start, Hellyers Road was all about showing off how great Tasmanian whisky could be, even when it was tough to get noticed outside of Tasmania.

Hellyers Road Bottle

Early on, Hellyers Road set out to make some awesome whiskies, winning awards and aging their drinks in special barrels that used to hold bourbon and even different kinds of wine. They’ve got a bunch of whiskies that people love, like their 10- and 12-year-olds, and some special versions that are extra mature.

After over 25 years of making whisky, Hellyers Road Distillery has gotten good at understanding all the tiny details that make whisky taste amazing. They’re known for making just the right whiskies in flavor and complexity. They even try out new ideas, like aging whisky in barrels that once had Port or Pinot Noir wine, making Hellyers Road a standout name in the world of whisky.

Highwayman Whisky

Highwayman Logo

Highwayman whiskey comes from the beautiful coast of Australia, showing off the skill of making good whiskey. This brand tells a story with each batch it makes, filling it with special tastes and smells from the expert hands of the person who makes it. Highwayman is about taking whiskey lovers on an exciting adventure, using new ideas and bold flavors in every sip. The symbol you see for Highwayman is a sign of their promise to make the best whiskey possible.

Dan Woolley, the guy who started Highwayman, has always loved whiskey. He worked for many years, sharing and talking about different whiskeys before making his own. Even though he didn’t have his place to make whiskey initially, Dan started in 2016 by finding the best barrels he could from all over Australia. He had a big dream to mix these barrels to make a whiskey that was all his own.

Highwayman Bottle

By 2020, Dan’s hard work paid off, and Highwayman whiskey was ready to share with the world. Now, Highwayman has a bunch of different whiskeys, each showing Dan’s care, love, and big dreams for making amazing Australian whiskey. With every bottle of Highwayman, you get to taste a part of Dan’s dream, showing his journey from loving whiskey to making his special kind.

Hobart Whisky

Hobart Whisky Logo

In the heart of Denmark, there’s a special place called Hobart Whisky, where they make whisky in a way that’s a bit like magic. They focus on making small amounts at a time so they can pay extra attention to making each batch special and full of different tastes. Imagine a drink that can taste sweet like honey and then surprise you with a spicy zing, all while feeling smooth and rich when you sip it. The symbol on every bottle of Hobart Whisky tells you that this whisky is all about top-notch quality and sticking to the old ways of making whisky but doing it their special way.

Hobart Whisky Bottle

Hobart Whisky started its story in 2014 in the beautiful area of Tasmania, thanks to a family that loves whisky a lot. They began making whisky when Tasmania was known for making good whisky. This family had a simple wish – to make a whisky they’d love to drink and share with others. Even though they haven’t been around as long as some other whisky makers, they spent a lot of time, from the end of 2014 into 2015, trying different ways to make their whisky, picking the best barrels for aging, and waiting patiently until their whisky was right. They’re ready to show everyone what they’ve been working on, offering a taste of their dedication and hard work.

Iniquity Single Malt Whisky (Southern Coast Distillers)

Iniquity Logo

In the cozy corner of Denmark, Iniquity has made quite a splash in the world of whisky with its bold and creative ways. This brand isn’t afraid to mix things up, using new methods to age its whisky and create appealing flavors. Imagine tasting a whisky that reminds you of rich dark chocolate, a dash of spice, and the warm feel of oak all at once. That’s what Iniquity is all about. Their modern and sleek logo perfectly captures the essence of Iniquity: a brand that’s all about looking forward and making exceptional whisky.

Iniquity Bottle

Back in 2013, in South Australia, a group of whisky experts started the Tin Shed Distilling Company, the home of Iniquity. They had one goal: to make an amazing Australian single malt whisky that shows off the fantastic local ingredients. Choosing the name “Iniquity” was their way of saying they were here to shake things up, to be a bit rebellious in the whisky-making world. And that’s exactly what they’ve been doing. Since stepping into the scene this decade, Tin Shed has been trying new things, from distilling their whisky to finding the right barrels for aging. They waited patiently, letting their whisky mature for over five years, before finally sharing their first bottles of Iniquity with the world between 2018 and 2020. It was a big moment, showing everyone that their bold dreams of making a standout whisky had come true.

Lark Distillery

Lark Logo

Lark Distillery, right in the heart of Hobart, Tasmania, has been shaking up the world of Australian whisky since Bill Lark started it all in 1992. He’s known as the guy who kick-started the whole Tasmanian single malt thing, showing everyone that Tasmania’s wild and beautiful nature can make whiskies as good as the famous Scotch ones.

When Lark first started, it was tough. They were the new kids trying to make a name in a world of famous whiskies. But Bill Lark had big dreams. He didn’t just want to make good whisky; he wanted something special that stood out. Lark isn’t just a name in whisky; it’s a symbol of top-notch quality and new ideas, winning fans in Australia and beyond. It’s part of a bigger movement that loves unique craft spirits, making Lark a leader in the Tasmanian whisky scene.

Lark Bottle

The Lark logo is a mix of old and new, showing what the brand is about. It’s a sign of being the first to try new things and sticking to what makes whisky great. This logo means a lot; it’s a promise that what’s inside the bottle is special. It’s Lark’s way of saying they’re all about exploring new ways to make whisky without forgetting where they come from. Every time you see a Lark bottle, it’s like an invitation to dive into the world of Tasmanian whisky, each sip telling a story of creativity and top-quality whisky making.

Limeburners Whisky (Great Southern Distilling Company)

Limeburners Logo

Limeburners is a standout name in Danish whisky, known for its creative approach and high quality. This brand knows how to bring the unique vibes of Denmark into every bottle, choosing local stuff to make their whisky. They’re known for trying new things with their whisky barrels, adding interesting tastes to their drinks. Their logo beautifully shows their love for Danish traditions and their modern whisky-making method.

Limeburners comes from Albany Distillery, which you can find by the beautiful Princess Royal Harbour in Australia, not Denmark, as previously mentioned. They started in 2005 and took over ten years to get their whisky right. By around 2015 or 2016, they were ready to show the world what they had been working on. Their whiskies have a fruity taste that makes you think of the ocean and the rich land around the Great Southern region.

Limeburners Bottle

After working hard for many years, Limeburners has created some special whiskies, like the Directors Cut, that show what this secluded spot is all about. They’ve won awards and lots of praise, proving they’re great at their work. Now, with over fifteen years behind them, Limeburners keeps making awesome small-batch whiskies that reflect the beautiful coastal area of Albany, making whisky lovers all over Australia and beyond very happy.

Nant Distilling Company

Nant Logo

Right in the heart of Australia’s beautiful, untouched places, there’s a special whiskey place called The Nant. They have long possessed the skills to make this type of whisky, and they like to try something new to make their whisky even better. They pick out the best stuff to make their whiskey so it tastes amazing. Their symbol, the Nant logo, shows everyone how proud they are of making top-notch whiskey.

The Nant Distillery is tucked away in Bothwell, Tasmania, on a piece of land with a lot of history going back to 1821. This place has old buildings made by convicts a long time ago, and it’s where Nant makes its whiskey, filling each bottle with a little piece of history. When many people started getting interested in Australian whiskey a while back, Nant jumped in to offer something special from their backyard.

Nant Bottle

They use the old buildings and the beautiful surroundings where they are to help make their whiskey, connecting the old days with what’s new today. Making whiskey at Nant isn’t just about the drink; it’s about remembering the past and showing off what Tasmanians can do, mixing tradition with new ideas to make something special.

Old Kempton Distillery

Old Kempton Logo

Old Kempton Distillery in Denmark shows everyone how special and careful whisky-making can be. They make their whisky in small batches, focusing on making each bottle perfect and full of stories. People love their whisky because it’s smooth and mixes sweet caramel, fruits, and just a hint of smoke. The logo of Old Kempton beautifully shows off the distillery’s rich history and love for making whisky the right way.

“From the ground to the glass” is what Old Kempton Distillery believes in. They started in Tasmania, becoming leaders in making sure every part of making their whisky, from growing the barley to putting the whisky in bottles, happens in one place. This idea helped them stand out during Tasmania’s whisky boom in the 2000s, showing off Tasmania’s great grains and whisky-making skills to the whole world.

Old Kempton Bottle

2015 Old Kempton moved to Dysart House in Kempton, between Launceston and Hobart. This wasn’t just a change of scenery; it was a big step in growing their business and sharing Tasmanian whisky with even more people. Even though they moved, Old Kempton kept its promise to make whisky that feels true to Tasmania.

Old Kempton is merging new ideas with Tasmania’s long whisky tradition. They’re still all about using local stuff to make appealing whisky. Old Kempton Distillery is showing what it means to make top-notch whisky, making it a shining example in the world of whisky.

Overeem Whisky (Old Hobart Distillery)

Overeem Logo

Overeem Whisky, known for its top-notch quality and dedication to tradition, is a prime example of Danish craftsmanship in spirits. From the very beginning, Overeem focused on using only the best ingredients. They pay special attention to using pure water and the finest barley, and by aging their whisky in carefully chosen oak barrels, they create a luxurious blend of flavors, including vanilla, spice, and a cozy oak warmth. The Overeem logo represents the brand’s commitment to being the best and its popularity among those who appreciate great whisky.

Overeem’s story started in 2007 with Casey Overeem at the helm when Tasmania was just beginning to get noticed for its craft whiskies. Even with a small still, Overeem quickly became known for making exceptional whisky in Tasmania. When Casey Overeem retired in 2013, Lark Distillery took over, which helped Overeem grow even more without losing what made it special.

Overeem Bottle

Casey’s daughter, Jane Overeem, played a crucial role in keeping the brand’s spirit alive, especially in sales and marketing. Now, with the support of Lark Distillery, Overeem keeps impressing everyone with its award-winning whiskies, like the powerful Cask Strength Batches and the wide Sherry Cask varieties. Thanks to the Overeem family’s original vision and values, Overeem continues to shine as a key player in Tasmania’s exciting whisky scene.

Starward Whisky (New World Whisky Distillery)

Starward Logo

Starward whisky started in Melbourne, Australia, and it’s not like other whiskies. They decided to age their whisky in barrels that once held Australian red wine, giving their drink a special taste that stands out. Their logo looks modern and cool, showing that Starward loves trying new things and freshly making whisky.

David Vitale, who had big dreams, founded Starward in 2007. He set up shop in an old airplane hangar and made a new kind of Australian whisky. He wanted to mix the old ways of making whisky with something new, hoping people worldwide would love it. At first, Starward used whisky from Tasmania for its drinks, like the popular Starward Two Fold, but then they started making all their whisky themselves.

Starward Bottle

Starward grew fast and got many fans who liked its bright and easy-to-enjoy whisky. This new approach helped make Starward a big name in Australia’s craft spirits world. Now, more than 15 years after it first showed up, Starward has won awards and is known all over for making great whisky. With David Vitale still leading the way, Starward keeps developing new ideas, ensuring its adventurous and prize-winning ways keep going strong.

Sullivans Cove Whisky (Tasmania Distillery)

Sullivans Cove Logo

Sullivans Cove Distillery, sitting by the beautiful Derwent River in Hobart, Tasmania, has made a big name in the world of whiskey since it started in 1994. It was the second oldest whiskey place in Tasmania, and even though some people were initially doubtful because Australia isn’t known for making whiskey, Sullivans Cove worked hard and became known for making awesome whiskey. They utilize old whisky-making methods and consider what people enjoy drinking now, which has helped them stand out in Australia and worldwide.

What makes their whiskey special is how they’re all about using local stuff from Tasmania and ensuring everything’s done just right. This hard work paid off in 2014 when one of their whiskeys was named the “Best Single Malt Whisky in the World.” That was a huge deal because it was the first time an Australian whiskey won that award, showing everyone that it was top-notch.

Sullivans Cove Bottle

The Sullivans Cove logo on each bottle is pretty important. It’s not just for looks; it tells the story of where they’ve been, the great whiskey they make now, and all the good stuff still to come. This logo, and the whiskey it’s on, is all about mixing the best of old traditions with new ideas, making Sullivans Cove a fancy name in whiskey.

Final thoughts

Australian whiskey is making waves and turning heads worldwide, and it’s all about being bold, different, and good at what it does. Here’s the lowdown on Australian whiskey:

  1. Thinking Outside the Box: Australian whiskey makers love to try new things. They’re not just sticking to the old ways of making whiskey; they’re mixing it up and adding a special Aussie twist.
  2. Growing Fast: More and more distilleries are popping up in Australia, showing that people are getting into making and drinking Australian whiskey.
  3. Winning Awards: People worldwide are noticing Australian whiskey, giving it awards and lots of praise, and putting it up with some of the best.

This whisky is intended for consumption, and it’s about showcasing what makes Australia unique. Experts in the field say Australian whiskey is special because of its quality and flavor. It’s about creativity, sticking to your roots, and striving to improve. It shows you can make something amazing and share it with the world no matter where you’re from. As Australian whiskey grows and changes, thinking about what’s next is exciting.