Popular Brands of German Whiskey

Popular Brands of German Whiskey

After World War II, Americans helped make whiskey popular in Germany. Since then, Germany has started making its whiskey. In the 1990s, people who made spirits from fruits began to make whiskey, too. Now, there are over 150 places in Germany making whiskey. Making whiskey takes a lot of steps, like getting permission, buying equipment, and learning how to do it well. This all takes time.

Whiskey must be kept in barrels for at least three years before it can be called whiskey. German whiskey makers follow rules similar to those in Scotland, where keeping whiskey for 12 years is considered very good.

Before whiskey, people in Germany made ‘Obstler’ from fruits in the south and ‘Korn’ from grains in the north. The first attempts to make whiskey in Germany were near Nuremberg in the south. These early tries didn’t make enough whiskey to sell everywhere, but people could still try it where it was made.

Germany’s first big whiskey maker was Slyrs, located near a lake called Schliersee, close to Austria. This was a big step for German whiskey, helping it grow and become more popular in the country.

German whiskey is part of a big whiskey family. Germany is known for beer and wine, but now it makes whiskey. German whiskey is a mix of old traditions and new ideas. This new step shows Germany’s creative side in making drinks.

German whiskey started becoming more popular in the late 20th century. Even though Germany loves beer and schnapps, it now makes whiskey with a special German taste. These whiskeys are aged in barrels that used to have German wine or beer, which adds interesting flavors.

Whiskey from Germany can taste different depending on where it’s made. In the north, it’s smoother, and in the south, it’s stronger. This shows how German whiskey makers are creative and try new things.

Some German whiskeys even use beer malts, showing how Germany’s beer culture influences whiskey. This makes German whiskey unique.


Slyrs Logo

In the middle of Bavaria, near the peaceful Lake Schliersee, a place called Slyrs makes really good German whiskey. The person who started Slyrs, Florian Stetter, had a big idea in 1999. He wanted to create a special Bavarian whiskey using local barley and pure water from the Alps. This was special because, before 1995, no one in Germany made whiskey.

Slyrs got a lot of attention in 2007 when they released their first whiskey, aged in bourbon barrels for three years. But they didn’t stop there. They kept improving their whiskey, making special ones like a 12-year-old single malt that people liked. In 2008, they opened a new place with modern equipment and a space for visitors to see how they make whiskey.

Slyrs Bottle

People worldwide started enjoying Slyrs whiskey, and the distillery became famous for its German whiskey. They’ve won many awards and proved they care about Bavarian traditions while trying new things. Slyrs isn’t just about making whiskey; they invite people for tours and tastings to share how they make it.

The Slyrs logo represents their dedication to top-quality whiskey and their love for the beautiful Bavarian area they’re from. It shows that Slyrs mixes traditional ways with new ideas to create a whiskey people enjoy drinking.

St. Kilian

St. Kilian Logo

In a peaceful part of Germany called the Odenwald, close to the quiet town of Miltenberg, two friends started the St. Kilian Distillery in 2012. They had a big goal: to make top-notch whiskies right in Germany. Thanks to the area’s clean water, which is super important for making good whisky, they created the largest whisky distillery in Germany. The distillery’s name comes from Saint Kilian, an Irish monk important to Germany’s past, which nods to the Irish heritage of co-founder David F. Hynes and mixes the whisky know-how from Scotland with German attention to detail.

By 2013, St. Kilian made whisky using the Scottish way of distilling and aging to make their special Rheinhessen single malt whisky, plus other drinks like gin and vodka. People quickly noticed how good their whisky was, capturing the special qualities of the German landscape. This helped put German single-malt whisky on the map worldwide. St. Kilian became known for making excellent whisky, thanks to the dream of its founders and their commitment to doing new things.

St. Kilian Bottle

The St. Kilian logo looks classy and connects the Scottish whisky-making tradition with German craftsmanship. It shows the distillery’s promise to make great whisky and honors its German roots and willingness to try new things. This logo is about how St. Kilian mixes old traditions with new ideas in every bottle.

Glen Els

Glen Els Logo

Tucked away in the peaceful Harz mountains, there’s a special place called Glen Els where amazing whisky is made. Alexander Buchholz started this distillery in 2002, and ever since then, they’ve been known for making some of the best German whisky. They’re good at it because they take their time with every bottle, aging their whisky in wine barrels like Madeira, Sherry, and Malaga. This gives their whisky many cool flavors you don’t find everywhere.

At first, Glen Els made special single-cask whiskies. That means each bottle came from just one barrel and tasted slightly different. People loved these, so Glen Els started making more kinds, like their 12 and 18-year-old single malts, which got them even more fans.

Glen Els Bottle

Alexander Buchholz has been the brain behind all this, ensuring Glen Els whisky is top-notch and wins many awards. Thanks to him, Glen Els isn’t just a big deal in Germany anymore; whisky lovers worldwide know about it.

The Glen Els logo looks fancy and tells you everything you need to know: they love making traditional whisky, but they’re also not afraid to try new things. It’s a little reminder of how Glen Els went from being a local favorite to a world-known brand, showing off the best of what German whisky can be.


ElsBurn Logo

In the green heart of Lower Saxony, Germany, the Hercynian Distillery, started by Karl-Theodor and Anna Buchholz in 1985, is where ElsBurn whiskey comes to life. At first, they made fruit brandies, but in 2002, under the guidance of their son Alexander Buchholz, they began making whiskey. By 2004, they had crafted their first single malt, named ElsBurn, after the resinous pine forests nearby.

ElsBurn is made with care, distilled twice, then again in a special still, and aged in a mix of bourbon, sherry, and wine casks from all over Europe. This gives ElsBurn a wide range of flavors. Producing about 30,000 liters a year, ElsBurn has a special lineup of 12-year-old and cask-strength editions, each showing the brand’s focus on quality and rich flavors.

ElsBurn Bottle

ElsBurn has grown from a small family project to a leader in German whiskey, known for its innovation and quality. They even opened a visitor center 2010 to share their process with whiskey fans, offering tours and tastings.

The ElsBurn logo captures the brand’s essence, blending tradition with innovation. It symbolizes their dedication to excellence in whiskey making, creating whiskies that honor their roots while exploring new tastes and ideas, leading the way for German single malts.

The Nine Springs

The Nine Springs Logo

In the small town of Worbis, Germany, there’s a special place called The Nine Springs. It was started in 2013 by the Meyer family on land that once had a brewery from 1536. The name comes from the nine springs close to the distillery, showing off the clean water and the deep history that goes into every drop of their whiskey.

The Nine Springs makes its whiskey carefully, using local barley and yeast. This makes sure their whiskey tastes like where it comes from. They age their whiskey in four different kinds of barrels: new American oak, sherry, Bordeaux red wine, and used bourbon barrels. This mix gives their whiskey many flavors, from deep and rich to sweet. Their first big hit was a 5-year-old single malt they released in 2019, which got lots of praise and showed everyone they were serious about making great whiskey.

The Nine Springs Bottle

Their logo nods to German traditions and promises to make top-notch whiskey. It’s a sign for whiskey fans that here’s a drink with deep, rich flavors but still smooth and enjoyable.

The Nine Springs shows how old traditions and new ideas can come together to make amazing whiskey, helping to make German single malts known and loved by more people. It’s all about mixing the old with the new to make something special in the whiskey world.


Coillmor Logo

Coillmór is a German whiskey company that makes special drinks. They care a lot about where their ingredients come from, using only local stuff. This means the water in their whiskey comes from clean mountain springs in Bavaria, and the barley is grown right in the area. This makes their whiskey taste unique and good.

Their logo shows how much they care about making pure and top-notch whiskey. When you try Coillmór whiskey, you can tell it’s made carefully. It tastes rich and smooth, like a little luxury in a bottle. They make many kinds of whiskey; some are the usual kind you might know, and some are new and a bit different. They even age some of their whiskey in barrels that used to have other drinks like sherry or port wine, which adds extra yummy flavors.

Coillmor Bottle

In simple terms, Coillmór is all about making great whiskey the right way, using what’s around them, and keeping things natural. They’ve got a wide variety to choose from, whether you like your whiskey classic or with a twist.

Scotch Universe

Scotch Universe Logo

Scotch Universe is making waves in the German whiskey scene with its bold mix of traditional Scottish whiskey-making and innovative blending and aging techniques. Each of their whiskies is a unique journey in a bottle full of diverse flavors. Their space-themed logo perfectly captures their inventive approach to whiskey making.

Though a newcomer, Scotch Universe has quickly gained international recognition for its independent Scottish whiskies. The team behind the brand brings together years of industry experience to create high-quality spirits.

Scotch Universe Bottle

With a focus on whiskey, quality, and enjoyment, Scotch Universe stands out for its independent whiskey production, especially with its flagship brands, SCOTCH UNIVERSE and THE OLD FRIENDS. They’re constantly growing and refining their whiskey stocks aging in Scottish warehouses. They are fueled by a passion for unique aging processes and the desire to provide whiskey aficionados worldwide with extraordinary, award-winning whiskies.

Operating from Germany, Scotch Universe GmbH oversees the developing and aging its whiskey stock in Scottish warehouses. Their bottles reach whiskey lovers globally through a network of importers and brand representatives.

La Famiglia Nostra

La Famiglia Nostra Logo

La Famiglia Nostra is a company that’s been making special whiskeys since 2013. They do something interesting: they make their whiskey in Scotland but let it get better with age in Germany. People all over the world know and love their whiskey.

La Famiglia Nostra Bottle

The name La Famiglia Nostra means a lot. It combines the best of old traditions and new whiskey-making methods. Their logo looks like it’s all about family and thinking about the future, which is perfect for people who enjoy their whiskey. This whiskey has a strong taste but goes down smoothly, showing off its hard work. It’s made to be enjoyed by anyone who loves a good drink.

Glina Whisky

Glina Whisky Logo

In Brandenburg, Germany, next to the peaceful Havel River, is where Glina Whisky started its adventure in 2012. The distillery was the dream of Michael Schultz, a master at making whisky, and his passionate team. They wanted to make a German whisky that was not just known for being from Germany but for being incredibly good.

They played around with different grains, yeasts, and barrels to find their special way of making whisky. Their hard work paid off quickly. By 2018, people around the world were starting to notice Glina Whisky. It even won some awards, showing everyone that this distillery in Germany was making some of the best whisky out there.

Glina Whisky Bottle

Today, Glina Whisky is known for its delicious taste that mixes sweet and spicy perfectly. The logo of Glina Whisky looks classy and shows off how much care they put into their whisky. It’s a symbol of their hard work and creativity. Glina Whisky’s story is about aiming high, working hard, and making something special.

Eifel Whisky

Eifel Whisky Logo

Eifel Whisky was created in the peaceful Eifel region, known for its beautiful landscapes, showing the world the skill of making German whisky. This whisky shows off where it’s made, giving a taste that mixes the area’s long history and natural beauty. Inspired by the region, the Eifel Whisky logo shows the brand’s promise to make something amazing and stay true to its origins. This whisky is smooth, rich with caramel flavors, and has a hint of fruit, making it a fancy drink with a special taste.

Stephan Mohr, who used to bring wine from other countries, and his partner Carolin started Eifel Whisky in 2008. They wanted to try something new, moving from wine to whisky. They spent the first few years setting up their distillery, getting all the equipment, and assembling a great team. They used grains from the area and clean water from the Eifel to capture the region’s spirit in their whisky.

Eifel Whisky Bottle

From 2012 to 2014, they started making their first whiskies, focusing on single malt without peat. These were kept in different barrels, like ones used before for wine, bourbon, and some new oak barrels. This was when they started to create the whiskies that Eifel is known for now. Between 2015 and 2018, they started selling their main whiskies, including a special one without an age statement and some finished in sweet wine barrels, thanks to Stephan’s knowledge of wine.

Since 2019, Eifel Whisky has made even more kinds of whiskies, using barrels with rum and wine. This made their whiskies even more interesting. Eifel Whisky has become well-known in Germany for its great taste and has even won some awards. It’s a brand that keeps coming up with new ideas, always remembering the rich history and beauty of the Eifel region, inviting everyone who loves whisky to try something rich in tradition and full of nature’s charm.

Final thoughts

German whiskey is making a name for itself in the world of spirits. Even though it’s pretty new, compared to the long traditions of Scotland and Ireland, it’s quickly getting noticed and winning awards. In Germany, some distilleries that used to make fruit brandy are trying something new. They’re mixing these fruity flavors into their whiskeys, making them taste different and interesting.

German whiskey is doing something special to stand out. Many whiskey makers in Germany are trying new ways to age their whiskey, like using barrels that once held famous German wines. This adds some unique flavors you can only get from Germany, making their whiskey truly one of a kind.

There’s a big trend in Germany where small, craft distilleries make very special, limited batches of whiskey. These special editions show how creative and passionate they are about making whiskey.

Looking ahead, German whiskey is just starting to make a big splash. It’s already winning awards and getting noticed for being so good and unique. This could change how people think about whiskey all over the world.