Popular Brands of Israeli Whiskey

Popular Israeli Whiskey Brands

The story of whiskey in Israel is quite new and exciting. It all started in 2012 when Israel’s first whiskey maker, Milk & Honey Distillery, opened up in Tel Aviv. The people who started it were passionate about whiskey and wanted to make something special in Israel. They got help from Dr. Jim Swan, a famous expert who knew how to make whiskey in warm places.

Milk & Honey Distillery wanted to make a truly Israeli whiskey, using the country’s hot and humid weather to make the whiskey age faster. This means their whiskey gets ready quicker than in colder places, taking about three years to mature. They tried different kinds of barrels to age their whiskey, like ones from local winemakers, to make their whiskey taste unique.

After Milk & Honey started, other whiskey makers began popping up in Israel, like Edre’i Distillery, Golan Heights, Jerusalem Distilling Company, and Pelter. Each of these places is working hard to make its kind of Israeli whiskey, even though there aren’t strict rules in Israel about what makes whiskey whiskey. They often follow Scotch whiskey rules to guide them.

The rise of whiskey making in Israel is part of a bigger trend where countries not usually known for whiskey are starting to make it with their special twist. Israel’s whiskey makers use the country’s different climates and rich food culture to make whiskeys that stand out. Although it’s still in the early days for Israeli whiskey, it’s already starting to get noticed worldwide for its unique taste and story.


M&H Logo

In the middle of Tel Aviv, there’s a special place called Milk & Honey (M&H) Distillery. It’s the first of its kind in Israel to make whiskey. The person who started it all, Gal Kalkshtein, loves whiskey and knows much about chemistry. Since 2012, he and his team have been making smooth and interesting whiskies. The warm weather in Israel makes their whiskey special, which helps the whiskey get ready faster.

Gal Kalkshtein started something big in 2013 when he made a whiskey that had been aging for three years. Over time, he used dates and honey from Israel to add new tastes to the whiskey. He also tried different ways to age the whiskey, sometimes using barrels from local wineries and beer makers to give the whiskey even more flavors. In 2016, they opened a place where people can come, see how they make whiskey, and try it.

M&H Bottle

By 2018, M&H had made more than twelve kinds of whiskey, and people worldwide loved them. They even won some awards. In 2021, when M&H turned ten, they made special whiskies aged in barrels used for IPA beer and red wine, showing how they keep finding new ideas and reaching more people in different places.

The M&H logo looks modern but also remembers the past. It shows what M&H is all about making top-notch Israeli whiskies that longtime whiskey lovers and those looking for something new will enjoy. With Gal Kalkshtein leading the way, M&H Distillery is a place of creativity and high-quality whiskey.


Pelter Logo

Pelter Distillery makes special whiskey in the beautiful northern part of Israel. They mix old ways of making whiskey with new ideas, which makes their drinks very smooth and full of different tastes, from sweet and fruity to a little spicy. The Pelter logo shows they’re all about making top-notch whiskey that people who love whiskey will enjoy.

Pelter Distillery was started by two brothers, Tal and Nir, in 2013. They wanted to make Israel’s spirits even better. They began by bringing over a very old cognac still from France to make amazing drinks. By 2014, they were already making grape brandies with grapes from Israel’s vineyards. Then, they added gin and rum to their lineup, using local plants and sugar cane, showing they care a lot about variety and quality.

Pelter Bottle

In 2017, they opened a place where visitors can taste their spirits and enjoy great local food. Around this time, their aged brands started being noticed worldwide because they were carefully made. They even worked with Israeli wineries in 2019 to make brandies and whiskeys with unique tastes from being aged in wine casks.

In 2020, Pelter decided to start making a special kind of smoky whiskey, showing they like to try new things. By 2021, they released a 10-year-old brandy, their oldest drink yet, which was very popular and sold out fast. Pelter keeps making their whiskey and brandy better by aging them longer and starting to sell them in Europe and the United States. This shows that Pelter is good at making drinks that mix old traditions with new ideas, making flavors that people worldwide enjoy.

The Drunken Owl

The Drunken Owl Logo

In the center of Israel’s whiskey world, The Drunken Owl Distillery stands out for being creative. They make whiskey that’s different and full of personality. They mix earthy, citrusy, and sweet flavors, making each bottle special. They’re all about trying new things and loving the art of making whiskey. Their logo shows this love and invites people who like to try new whiskey to join in.

The Drunken Owl started in 2016 when Nir Dotan, a guy who loved brewing at home, decided to make it his job. He teamed up with Srigim Brewery, and by 2017, they made their first drink, a kind of rum, and began making whiskey. In 2018, they made a rye whiskey that got a lot of praise for being different and tasty.

The Drunken Owl Bottle

In 2019, they opened a place where people can visit, learn how they make their drinks, and try them. They kept making new rums and whiskeys, like a 5-year-old rum that everyone wanted.

By 2021, they tried new ideas, making drinks from different fruits and grains. In 2022, they made their best whiskey, a rye whiskey aged in American oak for over five years, showing everyone how good they are at making amazing drinks.


Yerushalmi Logo

In the middle of Jerusalem, a city full of old stories, there’s a place called Yerushalmi Distillery that makes good whiskey. This place mixes the old traditions of the city with making whiskey and creating drinks that tell a story of thousands of years. They use old ways of making whiskey and add special ingredients from the area. This makes their whiskey strong and full of different flavors, like how the weather in Jerusalem changes and affects how it tastes. People like Yerushalmi because they make high-quality whiskey that feels authentic.

The distillery’s logo shows how much history Jerusalem has and how Yerushalmi makes whiskey in a new way. Their whiskey is famous for capturing the feel and history of Jerusalem, making it a special experience for those who drink it.

Yerushalmi Bottle

Yerushalmi Distillery was started in 2017 by a person named David Zebell. He wanted to make a special kind of whiskey with a smoky flavor. By 2018, they were making whiskey from smoky barley from the UK and aging it in different barrels. Their first special whiskey came out in 2019, and every year, they make new kinds that have been aged in special barrels, like ones made from Israeli oak or used for wine, which adds local flavors. These special editions are made in small amounts and have made Yerushalmi a favorite place for people who love this smoky whiskey. In 2022, they celebrated five years by making a whiskey aged in barrels from a local brewery, showing they’re one of the best places in Israel for this kind of drink and drawing fans worldwide.


Golani Logo

In the beautiful area of the Golan Heights, there’s a place called Golani Distillery. It’s a special spot where they make Israeli whiskey. The Zibell family started it in 2014, and it’s all about family work. They use local fruits, herbs, and water from springs to make their whiskey taste like it comes straight from nature. They like to try new things, especially with how they age their whiskey in different barrels, which makes each kind of whiskey taste unique and interesting.

Golani Distillery has done some pretty neat stuff since it started. In 2016, they made Israel’s first whiskey with the help of people who gave money because they believed in the project. That was a big deal because it showed how many people supported them. Then, in 2017, they made their first Golan Heights single malt whiskey, which many people liked.

Golani Bottle

They opened a place in 2018 where people can visit, learn how they make whiskey, and try it. They got a lot of praise and even won big awards in 2019, especially for their gin. They didn’t stop there; they kept making new drinks, like peated single malt whiskey and even rum.

The Golani logo is a nice mix of new ideas and the history of the Golan Heights. It shows that they’re all about making great whiskey. With more than 90 awards worldwide, Golani Distillery is a big name in Israel’s drink-making world. They make gins, whiskies, and other drinks that reflect the variety and beauty of the area they come from.


Thinkers Logo

In the peaceful areas of Israel, Thinkers Distillery is a place where they make amazing whiskey. Each bottle tells a story of taste and smell. At Thinkers, they work hard to make drinks full of different flavors and smells. You can taste things like wood, vanilla, and caramel in their whiskey. Their logo shows how much they care about making drinks that people don’t just drink but enjoy, and they want whiskey lovers worldwide to love their drinks.

Thinkers Distillery started in January 2020 when Yael Kaplan and her partner set it up in Tel Aviv. Yael knew a lot about drinks and making great mixes. Even when the COVID-19 pandemic made things hard soon after they opened, the Thinkers team started making hand sanitizer and kept improving their drinks and the brand while everyone had to stay home.

Thinkers Bottle

By February 2021, Thinkers was proud to put out their first drink, a type of gin made in the London Dry style. Then, in September 2021, they made a special vodka from fruits grown in orchards, showing they care a lot about quality and trying new things. In January 2022, they opened a lab to try out new ideas for drinks and food that go well together, making their whiskey tasting even better.

In June 2022, they began making aged spirits with an Applewood Smoked single malt whiskey, showing they’re getting even better at making different drinks. By February 2023, they celebrated three years by releasing special gins and vodkas, showing how far they’ve come from dealing with the pandemic to being known for making unique and thoughtful drinks.