Popular Brands of Swiss Whiskey

Popular brands of Swiss Whiskey

Swiss whiskey, a relative newcomer to the global whiskey scene, has quickly made a name for itself with its unique flavors and meticulous craftsmanship. The story of Swiss whiskey is one of innovation, tradition, and the pursuit of excellence.

The journey of Swiss whiskey began in the late 20th century, a time when Switzerland was renowned for its chocolates, watches, and cheeses but not yet for whiskey. The Swiss, known for their precision and quality in various industries, turned their attention to the art of distilling whiskey, bringing their distinctive approach to this craft.

One of the pioneering brands in Swiss whiskey is “Langatun,” which was founded in the early 2000s. Langatun quickly set the standard with its high-quality single malts, showcasing the potential of Swiss whiskey on the international stage. The distillery is known for its meticulous attention to detail, from the selection of local ingredients to the careful aging process in unique barrels.

Another notable Swiss whiskey brand is “Säntis Malt,” produced by the Locher family brewery in Appenzell. Säntis Malt is distinct for aging its whiskey in beer casks, giving it a unique flavor profile that includes hints of herbal and floral notes, characteristic of the Swiss Alps. This innovative approach has earned Säntis Malt international acclaim and several awards.

“Swiss Highland” is another brand that epitomizes the Swiss whiskey-making approach. This distillery is located in the Swiss Highlands’ picturesque region and uses pure, local spring water and Swiss-grown barley. The result is a smooth, refined whiskey that reflects the purity of its alpine origins.

As Swiss whiskey continues to evolve, newer brands like “The Seventh,” a distillery named after its founders’ ambition to add a new dimension to the traditional whiskey landscape, have emerged. The Seventh is known for experimenting with different aging processes and barrels, contributing to the diversity and richness of Swiss whiskey.

The story of Swiss whiskey is not just about the brands but also about the people behind them—dedicated distillers, passionate craftsmen, and visionary entrepreneurs who believe in creating a product that stands out for its quality and uniqueness. Together, they have placed Swiss whiskey on the map, making it a respected and sought-after spirit among connoisseurs and enthusiasts worldwide.


HighGlen Logo

In 2015, Lord Gunter Sommer started making HighGlen whisky at his home in Switzerland. HighGlen is very special because it shows how much Sommer loves the beautiful Swiss mountains and the careful way whisky is made. Every bottle is full of different flavors, like sweet fruit and rich malt, and you can almost taste the fresh air from the Alps.

The HighGlen logo looks fancy and shows how much they care about making good whisky. It tells people this whisky is all about being pure, high-quality, and fancy, just like in Switzerland.

HighGlen Bottle

Sommer ensures HighGlen whisky is made the best way, not in big amounts but with great care. He uses good Swiss barley and special yeast, letting the whisky age in special barrels. Sommer cares about doing things right, mixing old Scottish ways with his ideas. HighGlen isn’t just about making whisky; it’s about Sommer’s love for making something excellent and sharing the beauty of Switzerland with every bottle.

Seven Seals

Seven Seals Logo

The Seven Seals distillery started in Stans, Nidwalden, in 2017, with Thomas Zweifel and Daniel Felder leading the way. This brand stands out because it mixes new ideas with old Swiss whisky-making ways. Seven Seals whisky blends strong malt flavors with gentle Alpine plants, making a rich and complex whisky pleasing to different people.

Seven Seals Bottle

The logo of Seven Seals shows what the brand is all about being creative and honoring Swiss traditions. This logo, which looks very artistic, is all about the careful work and balance that goes into every bottle of Seven Seals whisky. It’s not just a sign of great quality; it’s also a signal that Seven Seals is doing new things in Swiss whisky, making drinks that experts and new drinkers will enjoy because of how well they mix the old with the new.

Säntis Malt

Santis Malt Logo

Säntis Malt is a whisky from the Swiss Alps. It’s made with clean mountain water and local stuff to taste like malt, a bit of peat, and mountain herbs. It tastes special because it comes from a clean and beautiful place. The logo looks cool, showing off the Swiss mountains and how good their whisky is.

This whisky started in Brauerei Locher in Appenzell, which has been around since 1896. They decided to try making whisky in the early 2000s and made their first batch in 2002. By 2005 or 2006, after letting it age, they were ready to sell Säntis Malt. It’s named after a big mountain in Switzerland and shows how the brewery is good at making new and exciting drinks.

Santis Malt Bottle

At first, it was hard to get people in Switzerland, who usually like beer and wine, to try this new kind of whisky. But over time, Säntis Malt became popular in Switzerland and famous worldwide for being a great Alpine whisky.


Langatun Logo

Langatun whisky from Switzerland is special because it mixes old ways of making whisky with new ideas. It tastes like honey and vanilla and shows how carefully it’s made. The Langatun logo looks fancy and shows their pride in making good whisky.

The Langatun Distillery was started in 1857 by a man named Jakob Baumberger. In 2005, his family member, Hans Baumberger III, started making whisky again using the same place and tools his family used long ago. This was how Langatun’s whisky started to be known again.

Langatun Bottle

Years after Hans restarted everything, Langatun whisky is known for being made with great care, using old recipes, and aging it in special cellars. It’s a way to keep his family’s tradition alive and share something unique from Switzerland.


Orma Logo

Orma Distillery was started in the Swiss Alps in 2020 by Rinaldo Willy and Pascal Mittner. They wanted to make whisky that shows off what’s great about Switzerland, mixing old ways of making drinks with new technology. Orma’s whisky has different tastes, like chocolate, aged oak, and spices from the Alps, making it exciting and strong like the mountains.

Even though Orma is new to making whisky, they are already leading the way by being good to the environment and using the latest technology. They make their whisky with 100% malted barley and use special methods to capture the taste of the Swiss highlands.

Orma Bottle

The Orma logo shows their focus on being new, making high-quality whisky, and honoring Swiss traditions. It symbolizes that Orma brings the best of the old and the new together in their whisky.


Sonnenbrau Logo

On May 30, 1891, Eduard Graf placed an advertisement in the “Rheintaler Boten” newspaper, marking the inception of a brewery with the declaration “From today, beer on tap.” Over 125 years have elapsed since that day, reflecting a significant legacy and the hard work invested by the founding family. Despite challenging times and competitive pressures, there was a consistent effort to maintain and grow the brewery.

The business, now managed by the 4th or 5th generation, has maintained its independence from larger beer conglomerates, adhering to its founder’s and subsequent generations’ values and principles.

Sonnenbrau Bottle

Sonnenbräu has emerged as a prominent name in Swiss whiskey, recognized for its quality and authenticity. The logo symbolizes both quality and a deep-rooted history. The production involves the finest local barley and water from the Alps. Sonnenbräu’s whiskey assortment is renowned for its rich variety and unique character, offering flavors ranging from vanilla and oak to spice and smoke, making each bottle a distinct journey through the diverse tastes of Switzerland.

Humbel Distillery

Humbel Distillery Logo

The Humbel Distillery in Switzerland has been around since 1918, started by Max Hubel. It’s in Stetten, Aargau, and has stayed in the same family for over 100 years. They’re known for making good Swiss schnapps and fruit brandies, especially a cherry drink called kirsch from old cherry trees in the area.

Their logo shows how they mix old ways of making drinks with new ideas. Humbel makes all kinds of drinks, like organic gin, whiskey, and rum, and they only use organic stuff from local farmers in Switzerland. This helps keep the country’s plants and farming ways safe.

Humbel Distillery Bottle

Humbel is also trying to save old cherry tree types that are almost gone. This means every drink they make is good and helps the environment and farming. They keep making new drinks the right way, just like Max Hubel wanted, showing respect for nature and Swiss traditions.


Macardo Logo

Martina and Andy Bössow started Macardo in Switzerland in 2007. They first made fruit brandies from local fruits like pears, plums, and apples. People liked what they made, and soon, they were sending their drinks to other countries.

In 2018, Macardo began making whisky, too, in small amounts to ensure everything was just right. They opened a place in 2012 where people can learn how they make their drinks and try them with Swiss foods.

Macardo Bottle

The Macardo logo shows they like trying new things but also value old ways of making drinks. They make many kinds of spirits, including smooth aged whiskies and different blends, showing off Swiss skills.

Macardo is still run by Martina and Andy and is known for being top-notch in making spirits. From the start with their fruit brandies to their now famous whiskies, Macardo is all about being the best and trying new things.


Santisblick Logo

Säntisblick Distillery, started in 1999 and now owned by Bruno Eshmann, is a special place in Switzerland that makes good whiskey. Their logo shows how serious they are about making great whiskey. They use the clean Swiss mountains and old traditions to make their whiskey taste amazing. Every bottle is like a work of art, bringing in flavors from the nature around them. This makes trying their whiskey a special experience, full of different tastes that tell a story about where they come from.

Santisblick Bottle


Oufi-Brauerei Logo

In Switzerland, the Öufi-Brauerei brewery and Hugo Grogg distillery teamed up to make a new kind of whiskey. This mix brings together old ways of making whiskey with new ideas. The Öufi logo shows their goal to make great whiskey in today’s world.

Oufi-Brauerei Bottle

They create whiskey by starting with Öufi’s beer and wort, which is then turned into a spirit. This spirit goes to the Grogg distillery to age, getting flavors from where it’s stored. After aging, it returns to Öufi-Brauerei for the final steps before it’s ready to drink. They make different kinds of whiskey, some aged in sherry casks for deep flavors and others with fruity tastes. Every bottle from Öufi shows the hard work and creativity of making something truly Swiss and excellent.