Popular Czech Republic Whiskey Brands

Popular Czech Republic Whiskey Brands

The story of whiskey in the Czech Republic starts much later than in countries traditionally known for whiskey, such as Scotland, Ireland, or the USA. Making whiskey is new in the Czech Republic, beginning mostly in the 21st century. This growth mirrors a bigger interest in craft spirits worldwide and a desire by local makers to try their hand at making different types of alcohol, including whiskey.

The journey of whiskey production in the Czech Republic began with small local distilleries experimenting with various grains and distillation methods to create unique Czech whiskeys. These early efforts were inspired by local alcohol-making traditions and a wish to contribute to the global whiskey market.

One of the most notable producers that played a key role in developing Czech whiskey is the Hammerhead Distillery. It became famous for its single malt whiskey, which started production at the end of the Cold War in 1989. This product laid the foundation for the industry’s growth in the country.

Today, there are several distilleries making whiskey in the Czech Republic. These companies keep trying new grains, aging barrels, and production methods to make unique, high-quality products. Czech whiskey has become recognized for its quality and innovation, earning a place internationally.


Bernard Logo

In a small town called Humpolec, there’s been a brewery since 1597. It was big in the 1930s, making lots of beer with 40 workers. After World War II, it almost had to close. But in 1991, Stanislav Bernard and his friends brought it back to life. Bernard beer is known worldwide and sold in more than 20 countries. They even became a big company with help from Belgium, choosing to make good beer rather than just a lot of it. They stick to old Czech ways of brewing and care a lot about the environment.

Even with tough times during the pandemic from 2020 to 2022, the Bernard Brewery started making new things. They made brandy and whisky in a special place called Zámecké sady Chrámce, and they’re waiting for it to age in oak barrels. They even made candy that tastes like beer brandy.

Bernard Bottle

Bernard is creative with their whiskey, trying new ways to age it and using different barrels. This makes every batch special, with cool flavors like chocolate, coffee, and some citrus. Their logo shows how creative and dedicated they are to making awesome whiskey. It symbolizes anyone looking for something different and good to drink.


Dlabka Logo

Dlabka is a new whiskey from the Czech Republic, created by Ondrej and Kateřina Dlabka. They wanted to make a very smooth and fancy whiskey that mixes the tastes of spices, fruits, and a little bit of oak. They put a lot of care into making their whiskey, wanting it to stand out for its quality and taste. The picture on their bottles shows how serious they are about making top-notch whiskey.

Ondrej and Kateřina started their adventure in 2017 by picking a place near Svijanský Újezd to build their distillery and cider mill. By August 2020, they had built a modern place for making their drinks. In 2021, they got the official go-ahead to sell their first gin, malt spirit, and beer brandy.

Dlabka Bottle

They focus on being kind to the environment and using local Czech fruits and grains, thanks to Kateřina’s knowledge of biochemistry and Ondrej’s business skills. They make their drinks in small batches to ensure each one is just right, showing their love for Czech traditions and new ideas.

Dlabka is known for making high-quality spirits and celebrating natural ingredients from the Czech Republic. They make everything from fruit brandies to gin, telling the story of their local area through their drinks. The Dlabka logo reminds people of their commitment to making whiskey and other spirits the best possible.

Gold Cock

Gold Cock Logo

In the Czech Republic, near Olomouc, there’s a whiskey maker called Třešetice Distillery. This is where Gold Cock whiskey started in 1969. This whiskey is special because it was made first in Czechoslovakia and is good. They use local stuff to make it, and people have loved it for a long time.

When they first made this whiskey, they let it get its flavor from oak barrels, and by 1973, people could buy it. It was a big deal because it was the first whiskey you could get in the country like this. In the 1980s, the whiskey got a rooster logo, which became famous and showed the brand’s strength and pride. After the 1990s, when the government changed, the distillery got new owners and grew even more.

Gold Cock Bottle

In the 2000s, they made new kinds of whiskey, showing how creative they could be. They celebrated 40 years with a special whiskey and fixed up the place in 2013 to mix old ways of making whiskey with new ideas. Now, Jan Becher takes care of Gold Cock, and it’s known for being excellent whiskey with a rich color and taste. The rooster logo shows it’s a classy and important whiskey with a long history.

Hammer Head

Hammer Head Logo

Hammer Head whiskey started in 1989 in the Czech Republic, right before the country changed a lot from being communist. It was made in a place called Prádlo Distillery. This whiskey is about trying new things and making bold and exciting flavors. It’s like Hammer Head and the Czech Republic both went on a big journey of change and got better over time.

In the early ’90s, when the Czech Republic became its own country again, Hammer Head came out with its first whiskey. People in the Czech Republic liked it because it tasted good and showed the spirit of never giving up and always trying to do something new. Later, they made some special whiskies aged 21 and 30, making people think even more highly of Hammer Head.

Hammer Head Bottle

In 2005, Stock Spirits Group bought Hammer Head, but they kept making the whiskey great. They tried new ideas, like making whiskey in different kinds of barrels, which made Hammer Head taste even better. They also made a special 25-year-old whiskey to celebrate how long they’ve been making great drinks.

Hammer Head has been around for over 30 years and is known for being a good Czech malt whiskey. They keep making whiskey that whiskey fans like, including ones that have been in wine or sherry barrels. The logo for Hammer Head looks strong and shows that they’re all about making excellent whiskey and trying new things when making it. This symbol represents Hammer Head’s way of always moving forward and creatively making whiskey.

Old Hunter’s

Old Hunter's Logo

Old Hunter’s whiskey is a special drink from the Czech Republic that people have loved for a long time. It tastes like caramel and vanilla with a smoky end, which makes it interesting. The picture on the bottle shows how much they care about making great whiskey.

This whiskey has a long history from 1518 when William of Pernštejn helped start the oldest distillery in Europe. At first, they made drinks from rye and fruit, but over time, they started making different kinds of drinks. In 1933, they came up with Old Hunter’s whiskey, putting all their knowledge and love for making whiskey into it. It became very popular in Czechoslovakia during the 1980s because it was different from other drinks.

Old Hunter's Bottle

After the Soviet Union was no more, the company that makes Old Hunter’s changed to keep up with the times. They even started making special versions that were aged for more than 12 years, and people worldwide liked them.

By 2022, Old Hunter’s made a special whiskey using wood from Bohemia, showing their pride in being from the Czech Republic. This whiskey is loved in Europe and the USA. The logo of Old Hunter’s shows the adventure of discovering new tastes and the effort to make every sip perfect.

Stará Myslivecká

Stara Myslivecka Logo

Stará Myslivecká is a very old and special whiskey from the Czech Republic. It has been made for hundreds of years, and drinking it is like tasting history. This whiskey has many flavors, like dried fruit, nuts, and honey. It’s made in a way that honors old traditions, and people enjoy its rich taste.

The story of Stará Myslivecká started a long time ago, in 1518, when a man named William of Pernštejn gave Jesus of Seloutek the right to make spirits at a place called “U Zeleného stromu.” Since then, the way they make whiskey has changed and grown, but they’ve always kept the old Czech ways of making drinks like whiskey.

Stara Myslivecka Bottle

Even when big changes happened in the world, like wars and new governments, Stará Myslivecká kept going. They officially started the Stará Myslivecká brand in 1933, a time of peace between wars. Later, when the government took over many businesses, this distillery was so important that it continued to operate. In 1993, after communism ended, the company became private again and started selling its whiskey to people worldwide.

The logo of Stará Myslivecká mixes old and new styles to show how proud they are of their long history and how they keep making great whiskey today. It’s not just a logo; it’s a symbol of how Stará Myslivecká has been part of Czech history for a long time and continues making delicious whiskey.

Stock Plzeň

Stock Plzen Logo

Stock Plzeň is a place in the Czech Republic where they make good whiskey. It started in 1920, just outside of a city called Plzeň. At first, they made fruit brandy, but they became famous for making whiskey over time. They use local barley and water from Bohemian springs to make their whiskey taste smooth and sweet. The way they make whiskey and their logo shows how much they care about doing things well and keeping their long history alive.

The story of Stock Plzeň began with a person named František Stock and has seen a lot of changes over the years. They started focusing on whiskey in 1933. Even when the government took over businesses in 1948, they made whiskey. After communism ended in 1993, the place got new owners and started to do even better, making and selling fancy whiskies worldwide.

Stock Plzen Bottle

The 2000s were exciting for them because they created some fancy whiskies that people in other countries loved, especially a special one called Golden Stock. In 2020, they celebrated 100 years of making drinks, showing they could endure tough times. Now, Stock Plzeň is known for making some of the best Czech whiskies, and their logo shows they’re proud of their history but also like trying new things.


Trebitsch Logo

In the Czech Republic, in a town called Litoměřice, there’s a place where Trebitsch whiskey is made. This whiskey is very special because the Trebitsch family puts a lot of care and skill into making it. They started making whiskey at the Trebitsch Old Town Distillery in 2015. The building is very old and full of history. They began by making fruit brandies that tasted like the local area, but then they started making malt whiskey from barley. They especially age this whiskey, using beer casks.

Over time, Trebitsch whiskey got good at making their drinks taste interesting and smooth. They mix sweet, spicy, and smoky flavors; many people like them worldwide. They even won awards for it. The place where they make the whiskey has become popular, and since 2018, people can visit, take tours, and try the whiskey.

Trebitsch Bottle

Trebitsch keeps trying new things, like making whiskey with different flavors and increasing how much they make, even when things get tough, like during the pandemic. By 2022, they made some very special bottles of whiskey that more and more people worldwide are starting to notice.

The Trebitsch logo shows their pride in their whiskey and the tradition of making it. It tells how they started and are known for making good drinks.