Popular Danish Whiskey Brands

Popular Danish Whiskey Brands

In the early 2000s, Denmark embarked on a whisky adventure with several distilleries at the helm. This journey was less about following strict rules and more about exploration and creativity. Denmark’s embrace of new ideas and expert craftsmanship fueled this venture.

One example is Stauning Whisky, born in 2005 thanks to a group of passionate individuals in West Jutland. They’re known for keeping things traditional, like malting by hand and using only local ingredients, making their whisky a true Danish creation. Their range includes both smoked and unsmoked varieties, gaining international acclaim for their distinct flavors.

Another notable name is the Braunstein Distillery from Køge, also started in 2005. They’ve mastered the art of aging whisky in various casks, from sherry and bourbon to wine barrels, infusing each batch with a bit of Danish charm. They prioritize local barley and fresh spring water, emphasizing their commitment to supporting local resources.

Danish whisky’s signature is its diversity and innovation. The mild Danish climate is crucial in maturing the whisky, resulting in a smoother, more nuanced spirit. By incorporating Danish barley, water, and yeast, these whiskies carry the unique essence of their homeland.

Some distilleries even age their whisky in Scandinavian oak barrels, introducing a bold, spicy flavor that reflects Denmark’s robust nature. This approach distinguishes Danish whisky and underscores the country’s innovative spirit in whisky production.

Danish whisky is like a new player in the world of spirits, bringing fresh excitement to the scene. While it’s a newcomer, it doesn’t just mimic traditional methods. Instead, it brings its ideas to the table, from the choice of ingredients to the distillation and aging processes. Danish whisky makers are as adventurous as their American counterparts, experimenting with different techniques to create something special.

What sets Danish whisky apart is its commitment to local ingredients, innovative production methods, and the unique Danish approach to aging. This blend of tradition and innovation, coupled with a hint of Danish pride, is paving the way for Denmark’s recognition in the global whisky community. Danish whisky honors the past and embraces the future, promising a unique spot in the world of spirits.


Stauning Logo

In West Jutland, Denmark, there’s a special place called Stauning Whisky. It’s known for blending old Danish whisky-making with new ideas. It started in 2005 because nine friends loved whisky so much they decided to make Denmark’s first whisky distillery. They focus on using the best local ingredients, like pure water and great grains, to make their whisky taste like the beauty of Denmark. They stick to the old way of making whisky on the floor of their distillery, which lets them make many different kinds of smoky and smooth.

Stauning Whisky’s story is about never giving up on making something great. In 2007, they met a whisky expert named Jim Murray, who helped them see the importance of their dream. They started on a small farm, making just 6,000 liters of whisky yearly. But by 2015, they were making 900,000 liters, showing how much people liked their whisky and how hard they worked to share a bit of Danish coziness with the world.

Stauning Bottle

Years later, Stauning Whisky is a big name for making top-notch single malt and rye whiskies. Their logo shows their promise to always focus on quality, skill, and making whisky boldly.


Braunstein Logo

In the beautiful town of Køge, there’s a place called the Braunstein Distillery. It’s all about making Danish whisky, especially mixing old traditions with new ideas. The story begins with two brothers who loved the wild beauty of Scotland and its famous whisky while they were out fishing. Starting in the late 1990s, this love grew into a big dream. By 2005, they had set up their whisky-making place by the pretty harbor in Køge.

In 2007, Braunstein started making whisky, kicking off a new chapter for Danish spirits. By 2008, they were creating special whiskies that were all from one barrel and strong, showing off the first whisky they ever made. This was a big step in making Braunstein known not just locally but all over Europe and more. They focus on using local stuff to make their whisky and mix old ways with new tricks, which makes their whisky stand out as something from Denmark.

Braunstein Bottle

The Braunstein logo shows what they’re all about: mixing the old with the new in making whisky. It’s a symbol of how they’ve gone from being inspired by Scotland to becoming a well-known name in whisky, sharing a piece of Denmark with everyone who tries their drinks.

Thy Whisky

Thy Whisky Logo

Thy Whisky from Denmark is about keeping things local and true to their roots. They started making whisky in 2010, and from the beginning, they’ve controlled every part of the process. They grow their organic grains, then take them through to making the whisky and putting it in bottles. What makes “Thy Whisky” special is the taste of their land and the care they put into making it using both old and new ways.

One cool thing they do is use very old grains; some are kept safe in a seed vault in the Nordic region for a hundred years. This means their whisky has flavors you can’t find anywhere else, bringing a bit of history into today’s drinks. Their whisky gets its unique taste from the local weather and land, and as it ages in barrels, it picks up even more of those local notes.

Thy Whisky Bottle

The logo of Thy Whisky shows off what it stands for, making high-quality, sustainable whisky that reflects the beauty of the Danish landscape. They’re all about bringing back old grain types and introducing them into today’s whisky scene. More than ten years later, Thy Whisky is still developing new whiskies that let people taste the distinct flavors of Northern Denmark, from its weather to its farming traditions.


Mosgaard Logo

In the peaceful countryside of Denmark, a whisky maker called Mosgaard Whisky has made a name for itself by making organic whisky. Jes and Gitte Mosgaard started this distillery in 2015, and it’s known for making smooth whisky that’s also good for the planet. They make their whisky the old-school way as they do in Scotland, but they use the best organic grains to make sure every bottle is pure and natural.

Since it started, Mosgaard Whisky has grown a lot. They now make different kinds of whiskies, gins, and special editions that have caught people’s attention in Denmark and other countries in Europe and Asia. They’ve even worked with big names in the whisky world, showing that Mosgaard is becoming important in the spirit industry.

Mosgaard Bottle

The Mosgaard logo shows what they stand for, making top-quality organic whisky in a way that’s in harmony with nature. It reminds everyone that Mosgaard is about celebrating Danish traditions and leading the way in making whisky that doesn’t harm the environment. As they keep making whisky, Mosgaard is helping to put Danish whisky on the map, showing the world that you can make great spirits and still take care of the planet.

Fary Lochan

Fary Lochan Logo

Fary Lochan started on December 18th, 2009, and has become a special place for making Danish whisky. It’s located in the beautiful countryside of Denmark. This distillery is unique because it adds local herbs and plants to its whisky, showing Denmark’s natural beauty and culture in every bottle. The goal was to create a truly Danish whisky, using old ways to ensure it was top-quality and genuine.

After they started, they quickly began to age their first whisky barrels at the end of 2009. This was the beginning of their journey to make excellent single-malt Danish whiskies. The first few years were all about waiting and hoping as the whisky aged, believing that these first batches would help make Fary Lochan known for making smooth, tasty whisky different from others.

Fary Lochan Bottle

The Fary Lochan logo reflects how the distillery mixes old traditions with the beauty of Denmark’s nature. It’s a symbol of their mission to make whiskies that bring a piece of Danish heritage and the countryside’s diverse nature to people. More than ten years later, Fary Lochan is working hard to grow and get recognized in Denmark and worldwide for its fine Danish single malt whiskies. Year by year, Fary Lochan is making a name for himself in Danish whisky making and helping people worldwide enjoy a taste of Denmark in their whisky.


Trolden Logo

Trolden Distillery in Denmark started by making craft beer but decided to try something new and began making whisky in 2011. This change shows how much they love trying new things and ensuring everything they make tastes great. They make their whisky in small amounts to ensure each bottle is right. Each of their whiskies tells a story about Denmark’s drink-making traditions.

In the beginning, making whisky was a big adventure for them. They had to experiment to find the perfect mix of grains and the best way to ferment them. But all their hard work paid off. By 2015-2016, they were ready to share their first single malt whiskies with the world after waiting patiently for them to age.

Trolden Bottle

The Trolden logo is simple but says a lot about them. It shows they care about making their drinks traditionally but are also excited about bringing in new ideas. The logo reminds them of how they went from a small brewery to making some of the best Danish whisky, all while staying true to Danish culture and always looking to the future.


Knaplund Logo

Knaplund Distillery, nestled in Denmark’s beautiful countryside, shows what happens when innovation meets passion in whisky making. Even though it’s pretty new, Knaplund stands out by mixing old ways of making whisky with new ideas. Their whiskies are known for being smooth, having complex tastes, and showing a little of Denmark’s special weather. The Knaplund logo means more than just the company’s name; it shows its mission to make Danish whisky in new and exciting ways, combining deep traditions with a fresh outlook.

Knaplund is an award-winning distillery that makes top-notch moonshine, gin, whisky, and other fine spirits. It’s like a little piece of America in the heart of Jutland, Denmark, where you’ll find a beautiful ranch waiting for you.

Knaplund Bottle

Since 2015, Knaplund has seen a lot of changes. It’s in an old school building from 1906 and has gone through everything from building additions to tearing down and rebuilding. Knaplund has always been where people come together, changing from a school to a community center, a dormitory, and even a boarding school.

Ærø Whisky

AEro Whisky Logo

Ærø Whisky started because Michael Nielsen loved making whisky. What began in his garage in 2013 became a well-known whisky brand on the beautiful island of Ærø. By 2016, they set up a professional distillery in an old laundry room of a historic building in Ørøskøbing. The distillery aims to show off what’s special about Ærø, like its seaside location and traditions. They use ingredients from the area and let the sea air help age the whisky, giving it a unique salty taste and complex smells like the island.

In 2019, Ærø Whisky joined forces with a brewery, combining their skills to make even better whisky. That same year, the community owned the distillery, with 420 people supporting it. This shows how much the people care about making great whisky and celebrating Ærø’s culture.

AEro Whisky Bottle

The Ærø Whisky logo looks elegant and tells you that their whisky isn’t just a drink; it’s a way to remember and honor the island’s culture and natural beauty. As Ærø Whisky gets more popular and more people try their island-inspired whiskies, it stands as a symbol of great craftsmanship and the spirit of community, showing off the unique qualities of Ærø.

Sall Whisky

Sall Whisky Logo

Sall Whisky started in 2018 in East Jutland, Denmark, because seven local friends wanted to make a special Danish whisky. They dreamed of making an organic single malt that showed what their part of Denmark was about. They decided to use grains from their area to make whisky that pays attention to small details and quality, which people who love whisky would enjoy.

From the very start, they planned everything carefully to ensure they could make their whisky in a way that respected the environment and used local resources. This meant they started by making white whisky, which doesn’t need to age, so they could immediately share their grains’ unique taste. As time passed, they also started making single malt whisky, which they let age in barrels for 3 to 5 years to get even more flavor.

Sall Whisky Bottle

The logo of Sall Whisky is simple and honest, showing their commitment to making high-quality whisky that honors Danish distilling traditions. It tells the story of their respect for making things the right way, using organic, local ingredients, and celebrating the special tastes of Denmark. Sall Whisky is all about the love and skill that goes into making great whisky.

Brænderiet Limfjorden

Baenderiet Limfjorden Logo

Brænderiet Limfjorden shines as a master of craft whisky making in Denmark, nestled near the beautiful Limfjord. This distillery prides itself on its small, careful batches of whisky, which let them pay close attention to every detail. They mix old-school methods with new ideas to make whiskies with different flavors and aromas. Their logo is a nod to their dedication to making one-of-a-kind spirits that capture the beauty and tradition of Limfjord, showing off the best of Danish ingenuity and craft.

Brænderiet Limfjorden makes not just whisky but also rum, brandy, schnapps, liqueur, and beer.

Braenderiet Limfjorden Bottle

A local tale says the distillery sits above a sleeping dragon. Located by the picturesque Sundsøre harbor, it offers stunning views of Hvalpsund and the so-called “dragon’s tail.” At Brænderiet, there’s a strong focus on keeping to the old ways of distilling, processing, and aging their drinks, giving their products a special local flavor that’s all their own.

Mikkeller Spirits

Mikkeller Spirits Logo

Mikkeller Spirits is the adventurous venture into whisky by the folks behind the famous Mikkeller beer. They take bold, innovative steps from brewing and apply them to whisky making. This means they’re all about trying new things, mixing up flavors, and making whiskies that stand out from the crowd. Each bottle they produce is packed with creativity and care, designed for people who love a whisky that tells a story or offers something different. The Mikkeller Spirits logo is like a flag waving for exploration and quality, showing they’re always looking for new ways to delight the senses with their spirits.

Mikkeller Spirits Bottle

In 2005, nine friends who love whisky decided to bring their passion to life. They mixed hard work, creativity, a touch of luck, and a lot of fun to start making whisky in Denmark. They were pioneers, among the country’s first to do it. Their dedication paid off, producing top-notch whiskies that can hold their own on the global stage, showing what happens when you mix tradition with a sprinkle of something new.

EtOH Spirits

EtOH Spirits Logo

EtOH Spirits is a pioneer in Danish whisky, known for its bold and creative way of making spirits. This brand has made a name for itself by not following the usual rules. They use new ways to age their whisky and mix in flavors you don’t normally find in traditional whiskies. They’re all about mixing the science of making spirits with a dash of creativity, making each batch of whisky something special and different. The EtOH Spirits logo shows off its modern and fearless spirit, promising top-notch innovation and quality with every bottle.

EtOH Spirits Bottle

EtOH is a fresh face in Copenhagen, Denmark, started by Tobias Emil Jensen, who already made his mark with one of Denmark’s most well-known craft breweries. In 2017, he left beer behind to dive into whisky and other spirits. After years of research and development, the EtOH team developed new techniques to speed up how spirits age, bringing new flavors and experiences to the whisky world.


Thornaes Logo

Thornæs Distillery, tucked away in Denmark, is known for its dedication to making top-notch whiskies. This small distillery uses the best local stuff to make whiskies that stand out for their rich taste and character. Thornæs is all about the craft of making whisky, aiming to create drinks that showcase Danish culture and distilling skills. Their logo beautifully represents their commitment to making high-quality Danish whiskies that celebrate tradition and excellence.

Thornaes whiskey Bottle

The idea behind Thornæs Distillery started with Torben Thornæs Andersen, a man passionate about whisky. In 2017, Torben set a goal: to taste his 12-year-old Danish Single Malt whisky before turning 60. This goal sent him to Scotland, where he explored The Highlands and Speyside, learning from the world’s most respected whisky makers. His journey led him to create a network of friendly and wise Scots who helped him start Thornæs Distillery in North Zealand, Denmark, making his dream of a Danish whisky reality.