Popular United Kingdom Whiskey Brands

Popular United Kingdom Whiskey Brands

Whiskey making in the UK is a story of tradition and craft. It’s a drink from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and England, each place adding its touch.

Scotland’s Whiskey. Scotland is where whiskey has a long history. Monks might have started it all centuries ago. Scotch, the whiskey from here, follows strict rules. It must be made in Scotland, aged in barrels for at least three years and a day, and be at least 40% alcohol. There are two main types: malt whiskey from malted barley and grain whiskey. They can be mixed to make blends.

Scottish Whiskey (Scotch) has a few kinds:

  • Single Malt Scotch is made from barley malt in one place and tastes rich and complex.
  • Grain Scotch can be made from any grain and is often mixed with malt to make other whiskeys.
  • Blended Scotch is a mix of malt and grain whiskey and is the most common type.
  • Blended Malt Scotch mixes malt whiskeys from different places.
  • Blended Grain Scotch is a mix of grain whiskeys from various locations.

Irish Whiskey. Ireland’s whiskey is known for being smooth. It’s often distilled three times, making it softer, and doesn’t use peat in the process, giving it a lighter, fruitier taste.

Irish Whiskey is known for being smooth and includes:

  • Single-grain Irish Whiskey is made in one place but can use grains other than barley.
  • Single Malt Irish Whiskey is like the Scottish version but made in Ireland.
  • Pot Still Irish Whiskey is a special mix of malted and unmalted barley.
  • Blended Irish Whiskey combines different types of Irish whiskey.

Whiskey from Wales might not be as famous, but they make some good ones. Wales has a long history with whiskey, recently revived in the 2000s with the Penderyn distillery.

The UK’s whiskey story involves skill, tradition, and innovation. Each country has contributed to creating unique styles and methods. From the smooth and fruity Irish whiskey to the strong and peaty Scotch, British whiskey offers a variety of tastes and aromas that continue to delight and surprise whiskey lovers worldwide. English Whiskey is newer to the game but makes high-quality whiskey with unique features. Each of these whiskeys has its taste and style, showing off the rich history and culture of whiskey-making in the UK.


Penderyn Logo
Penderyn Distillery is located near the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales. It started making Welsh whisky again in 2000 after no one had done it for over 100 years. Noel “Howie” Williams, who started Penderyn, had new ideas on how to make whisky. Their special way of making whisky makes it smooth and gives it flavors like fruit, honey, and vanilla. They use very clean water from Wales to help make their whisky taste great.

When Penderyn began, with help from the Welsh Development Agency, it was a big deal because it meant whisky was being made in Wales again. They made their first whisky for sale in March 2004, and later that year, they started selling two main types, Penderyn Peated, and Penderyn Sherrywood. Since then, they’ve grown a lot, making more whisky yearly and winning many awards worldwide.

Penderyn Bottle

More than 20 years later, Penderyn still uses its special copper pot to make high-quality Welsh whisky that people everywhere love. Their logo shows they’re proud of being from Wales and their innovative whisky-making approach. This logo tells everyone about Penderyn’s dedication to good whisky and staying true to their Welsh roots while always looking for new ways to improve.

The Lakes

The Lakes Logo

In the beautiful Lake District, The Lakes Distillery, started by Paul Currie and Nigel Mills in 2011, has become known for its great whiskies. Paul Currie, who knows a lot about whisky from his time in Scotland and Asia, wanted to bring whisky-making back to Cumbria, which used to have over 300 distilleries. They found an old farm near Bassenthwaite Lake and spent two years fixing it to start making whisky.

Their first batch of whisky was made in December 2013, starting a new era for English whisky. By August 2014, they opened up for tours, and in 2016, they released their first whisky called The ONE. It was a hit, and they’ve made many more since then. In 2017, they were joined by Jim McEwan, a famous whisky maker, who helped them make even better whiskies that show off the beauty of the Lake District.

The Lakes Bottle

In 2019, they got some investment from the US, which let them make more whisky. Now, they’re known for making great drinks and as a place where whisky fans love to visit.

Their logo shows off where they are and how they make their whisky, mixing old ways with new ideas. It symbolizes their promise to make whiskies that remind you of the beautiful Lake District. The Lakes Distillery is making a name for itself in the world of whisky, celebrating its home’s special character and beauty in every bottle it makes.


Cotswolds Logo

In a peaceful part of the English countryside, there’s a place called the Cotswolds Distillery. Dan Szor started it in 2014, and it’s become famous for making good English whisky. Dan picked a spot near a small historic town and turned an old building from World War II into a modern place for making whisky. He wanted to mix old whisky-making methods with new ideas to make something special.

This distillery initially aimed to make smooth whiskies with many flavors like fruits, nuts, and spices. This comes from using the best barley from nearby fields and making whisky in a way that’s good for the planet. In 2017, they made their first special whisky, Founder’s Choice, and another one aged in sherry casks that people liked.

Cotswolds Bottle

The Cotswolds logo looks nice and shows what the distillery cares about – making high-quality whisky, valuing good craftsmanship, and caring for nature. With Dan Szor leading the way, the Cotswolds Distillery is at the forefront of making English whisky better known worldwide, offering unique and wonderful drinks.


Bushmills Logo

Bushmills is an old whiskey company from Northern Ireland, and it’s been around since 1608. That’s when a guy named Sir Thomas Phillips got permission from King James I to make whiskey. This makes Bushmills the oldest whiskey maker in the world that’s allowed to do this. Since then, Bushmills has been making whiskey, mixing old ways of doing things with new ideas. The beautiful nature around Bushmills helps them make whiskey that tastes good, with a mix of fruity, vanilla, and spicy flavors.

Over the years, different people have owned Bushmills, and it’s grown and used new technology but always focused on making great whiskey. It officially started in 1784 with Hugh Anderson. Later, it was bought by a group that helped sell Bushmills to more places, even during times when it was hard to sell alcohol, like during Prohibition. Recently, big companies have owned Bushmills, showing it’s a whiskey that people worldwide enjoy.

Bushmills Bottle

Now, Bushmills is part of Proximo Spirits, and it’s still doing great. They keep making whiskey like they always have but also try new things. The Bushmills logo, which you might see on bottles, shows how proud they are of their long history and their commitment to being leaders in making whiskey.

The English Whisky

The English Whisky Logo

In the beautiful Norfolk countryside, The English Whisky Co. started in 2005. It was the first new whisky distillery in England in over 100 years. James and Andrew Nelstrop, a father and son team, created it because they loved the idea of making great whisky. They used local barley from Norfolk to make their whisky special. Their distillery, called St George’s Distillery, mixes old and new ways to make whisky that tastes good with sweet and spicy flavors.

James Nelstrop led the building of the distillery, which took two years. They brought special equipment from Scotland to start making whisky in December 2006. By 2009, they were ready to share their first whisky with everyone, showing how carefully they made it. Now, the Nelstrop family keeps making a variety of whiskies and even some gins, each showing off what’s great about English ingredients and traditions.

The English Whisky Bottle

The English Whisky Co. has a fancy logo that means a lot. It shows they’re proud of starting England’s whisky-making again and stands for making top-quality drinks. This logo helps tell the story of how they’re bringing whisky-making back to England and making their company stand out for making good spirits.


Bimber Logo

Right in the middle of London, where the city is always busy and full of life, there’s a place called Bimber Distillery. It started in 2015, thanks to Dariusz Plazewski and Ewelina Chruszczyk, who had a big dream. They wanted to make special whisky in small amounts, paying attention to every little detail. They use old ways of making whisky but also try new ideas to make their drinks taste interesting and different.

“Bimber” means “moonshine” in Polish, which shows where the founders are from and their goal to make unique whisky right in London. They began making their whisky in 2016 in their small distillery in the city. They tried lots of new things to make their whisky special. They used special pots for heating and made their equipment for brewing the whisky. Thanks to this, they made some amazing whiskies known for being flavorful and good.

Bimber Bottle

The Bimber logo looks modern but also remembers the old whiskey-making traditions. It shows that Bimber is all about making high-quality whisky in a new way. They use the best ingredients, like English barley and clean water from a well, and their new ways of making whisky have made Bimber known not just in England but worldwide.

Filey Bay

Filey Bay Logo

Filey Bay Whisky comes from a place called the Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery, and it’s special because it’s the first single malt whisky made in Yorkshire. The whisky is inspired by a beautiful spot near the sea called Filey Bay. It’s a place with wild beaches and beautiful nature. The whisky they make tries to capture that wild and clean feeling. The logo of Filey Bay Whisky shows how much they care about where they’re from and the effort they put into making their whisky.

The distillery started in 2016 in a town called Hunmanby in Yorkshire. Their goal was to make Yorkshire’s very first whisky, and they did it with Filey Bay Flagship single malt, which came out in 2019. This whisky is known for being smooth and sweet, like honey, and it gets its special taste from being aged in barrels that used to hold bourbon.

Filey Bay Bottle

Even though Filey Bay hasn’t been making whisky for a long time, they’ve already made a bunch of different kinds. They use barrels that hold sherry, Moscatel, and wine to add new flavors to their whisky. They’re all about trying new things and ensuring their whisky is good. Filey Bay is leading the way in making English whisky with a lot of care and trying to show what makes Yorkshire special through their drinks.

Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery

Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery Logo

In the beautiful area of Yorkshire, there’s a place called the Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery that makes special whisky. They care about using things from Yorkshire and making whisky the old-fashioned way. This makes their whisky smooth and interesting to taste. They also make sure to look after the environment and the local community, which shows how much they respect where they come from. Their logo shows their love for Yorkshire and their modern way of thinking, making a whisky from Yorkshire.

Tom Mellor and David Thompson started the Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery in 2016 because they wanted to make Yorkshire’s first single malt whisky right near the beautiful Filey Bay. Thompson, who knows much about growing barley in Yorkshire, ensured they used the best local barley for their whisky. When they were starting, they also got help from a whisky expert, Dr. Jim Swan.

Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery Bottle

Their journey began in 2016 when they made their first Yorkshire single malt. By 2019, they celebrated their first whisky, Filey Bay Single Malt. It was aged in bourbon casks and had sweet and fruity flavors, like the barley they grow. This whisky showed everyone that Yorkshire could make great whisky and led to more unique whiskies, all while staying true to their Yorkshire roots.

Dartmoor Whisky

Dartmoor Whisky Logo

Dartmoor Whisky comes from the beautiful area of Devon and has become famous for using old ways of making whisky with local barley and clear water from Dartmoor. This distillery makes whisky that’s more than just a drink; it’s like a trip that shows the beauty of Dartmoor through its taste. Their whisky is known for being smooth and having a deep flavor, offering something different than usual. The Dartmoor Whisky logo looks fancy and shows pride in making excellent whisky that respects its roots.

Greg Millar, who learned a lot at a well-known distillery in Scotland, wanted to make an English whisky as good as the famous Scotch ones. In 2019, he started Dartmoor Distillery in Bovey Tracey, making it the first whisky distillery in the county. That year, they made their first whisky called Dartmoor Virgin Cask, which is aged in barrels that used to hold bourbon and doesn’t have a smoky taste. It shows off the craftsmanship and the natural goodness of Dartmoor.

Dartmoor Whisky Bottle

Since they started, Dartmoor Distillery has made more types of single malt whisky, like Keeper’s Choice and Sherry Wood, as their whisky got better with age. Even though they haven’t been around for long, they’ve already won awards, including being named Producer of the Year at a big event in 2021. Under Greg Millar’s direction, Dartmoor Whisky keeps focusing on making small amounts of good whisky. They aim to share with the world a special kind of single malt whisky that comes straight from the edge of Dartmoor National Park, mixing new ideas with the special character of their place.

East London

East London Logo

In East London, a place known for its mix of different cultures, the East London Liquor Company has made a name for itself by making unique whisky. This distillery is right in the middle of this lively area and makes whisky that shows what East London is all about diverse, bold, and interesting. They use old ways of making whisky but also try new things to make drinks different from the usual whisky many people like. Their logo shows they want to change whisky making by mixing the old with the new, and you can see this idea in every bottle they make.

The company started in 2014, wanting to make good gin and vodka that weren’t too expensive. They’re located in the center of East London and quickly became popular with their first drinks. By the end of 2014, led by Andy Mooney, they started making whisky. They saw a chance to do something new in the growing craft spirits market and made their first whisky, which was the start of their single malt whisky line.

East London Bottle

Over the next years, they kept making more gin and vodka to become more well-known in London’s drink scene. They waited for their whisky to age perfectly. In 2021, they introduced their first whiskies: one mixed malt whisky finished in beer casks and one single grain whisky aged in ale casks. They only used British barley and tried aging whisky in beer casks, which was a new idea. These whiskies were not just a big step for the company into making whisky but also showed their love for trying new things and making high-quality drinks, all inspired by the lively spirit of East London.

White Peak

White Peak Logo

In the Peak District, there’s a place called White Peak Distillery that Max and Claire Vaughn started in 2016. They chose an old factory area to make their whisky and gin. Max knows a lot about selling drinks, and Claire is great with science, which helps them make good spirits.

They wanted to make drinks that show how beautiful and special the Peak District is. They started by making a gin called Shining Cliff Gin, named after some cool rocks in the area.

In 2019, they came out with Wire Works Whisky, a nod to the place’s history of making wire. This whisky is aged in barrels that used to have bourbon and sherry, which makes it taste interesting.

White Peak Bottle

The logo of White Peak Distillery looks nice and shows how much they care about making high-quality drinks and honoring their roots. Max and Claire are leading the way in making unique English whisky, sharing the special taste of the Peak District with people everywhere.


Adnams Logo

Adnams, a company in Southwold, Suffolk, started as a famous beer maker and has now become a trailblazer in making whisky. This change shows how much they care about making great drinks and trying new things. They mix old methods with new ideas to make bold, smooth whiskies. Adnams has been around since 1872, when George and Ernest Adnams bought a brewery, and they’ve been known for making top-notch beer ever since. Over the years, they’ve also taken over some pubs and hotels, making their name even bigger in East Anglia.

In 2010, Adnams decided to try something new and started making gin and vodka, showing they could do more than just brew beer. This move was so successful that they opened a brand-new place for making spirits called the Copper House Distillery in 2016. This place was built to keep up with how much people wanted their gin, among other spirits.

Adnams Bottle

The Adnams family still runs the company, with Jonathan Adnams leading the way. They began making their English malt whiskies in 2020, using barley grown nearby. This step into making whisky is another way Adnams shows its dedication to quality and brings together its long history of brewing with its new love for distilling.

Adnams’ story of moving from being a local brewery in the 19th century to a modern leader in making spirits is about always looking to improve, sticking to high standards, and respecting their roots. Their logo stands for this story, mixing the old with the new and leading the way in making craft spirits on the UK’s eastern coast.

Dà Mhìle

Da Mhile Logo

Dà Mhìle Distillery is a special place in Wales that makes organic spirits. They care a lot about the environment and ensure their whisky is made well for the planet. Their logo shows they’re all about using organic methods, making them stand out in spirits for being eco-friendly.

They started in 2012 and brought back whisky-making to Wales, a tradition that hadn’t been around since the 1800s. The distillery is on a farm in Ceredigion, and it was officially opened by an important Welsh leader, Carwyn Jones. Dà Mhìle means “two miles” in Welsh, which shows how the distillery and the nature around it, like the Teifi River, are closely connected.

Da Mhile Bottle

Before they made their whisky, Dà Mhìle worked with two Scottish distilleries to create their first whiskies. This helped them prepare to open their big distillery in Wales, where they now do everything from making to bottling their whisky. Since they started releasing their whisky in 2012, people have liked it, and they’ve even won some awards. Dà Mhìle is known for doing new things, respecting old traditions, and caring for the environment.


Gelston's Logo

Gelston’s is a famous Irish whiskey brand known for its smooth taste and complex flavors. They use special aging techniques to make their whiskey good. This brand has a long history and combines old traditions with new ideas to ensure every drink is special. The Gelston’s logo shows their long history and promise always to make the best whiskey.

In 1830, Samuel Gelston started Gelston’s Old Irish Whiskey in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He was a wine and spirits seller and had a popular shop. After Samuel died in 1869, Harry Neill took over and made Gelston’s whiskey even more popular in Ireland and other countries until 1891.

Gelston's Bottle

The Neill family kept the business going for many years, even when things got tough during the 1920s in the United States because of Prohibition, which made it hard to sell alcohol. This problem made Gelston’s disappear for a while. But in the early 2000s, Johnny Neill, part of the Neill family, brought Gelston’s back. People worldwide love Gelston’s whiskey again, and it’s known as a top-quality Irish whiskey.

Cooper King

Cooper King Logo

Cooper King Distillery is a special place in Yorkshire where they make gin and whisky with great care and attention to the environment. It was started in 2016 by Dr. Abbie Neilson, who is smart, and Chris Jaume. They wanted to make great drinks without harming the planet.

They built the distillery in an old stable and used wind and sun energy to run everything. In 2018, they made their first gin, mixing lemongrass, lavender, and honey for a unique taste. They did this using both old and new ways of making gin.

Cooper King Bottle

Then, in 2019, they started making a special kind of whisky that will be ready in 2023. People already like their gin a lot, and soon, their whisky will be known as one of the best in England that’s also made without hurting the environment.

Their logo, which you might see on the bottles, shows how much they care about making great drinks and helping the planet. It’s a promise that they’re not just about making something that tastes good; they also want to make a difference in the world.

Final thoughts

Exploring UK whiskey is like taking a journey through history and creativity. It’s not just about drinking something; it’s about understanding the traditions, the different flavors from various regions, and how making whiskey is always changing for the better.

  1. Aging with Care: In the UK, making some of the oldest and most respected whiskies is a big deal. These whiskies get better with time, sitting in oak barrels and developing rich flavors that are hard to find elsewhere.
  2. Tastes from Everywhere: The flavor of UK whiskey depends a lot on where it’s made. For example, whiskies from Islay are strong and smoky, while whiskies from Speyside are smoother and more refined. This shows how the place where whiskey is made can change how it tastes.
  3. More Than a Drink: Whiskey is a big part of UK culture. It’s connected to the country’s stories, history, and social life, showing how important this drink is to the people there.
  4. Always Getting Better: The people who make whiskey in the UK are good at mixing old ways with new ideas. They’re always trying to improve their whiskey by improving old methods or trying something new.

Whiskey is also important for the UK’s economy. It’s a big part of what the country sells to other places and creates jobs. Plus, distilleries are popular spots for tourists who learn about whiskey’s history and taste different kinds.

As you learn about UK whiskey, you’ll see it’s an old tradition and always changing. It’s celebrated all over the world for its quality and history.

Even though having too much of anything can be bad, there’s always room for great whiskey. This idea reminds us of something Mark Twain might say.

Over time, UK whiskey has stayed strong, even when things change around the world or what people like to drink changes. The makers of UK whiskey have kept their traditions alive while finding new ways to meet what people want today.

In short, the story of UK whiskey is full of history and new ideas. It shows how something can be deeply traditional but also fresh and exciting. Looking forward, UK whiskey is ready to bring new flavors and stories for people everywhere to enjoy.