Popular US Whiskey Brands

Popular US Whiskey Brands

American whiskey is a drink with a long history that started in the early days when people first came to North America. This drink’s story is tied to the ups and downs of the country itself, showing both tough times and good times.

The first settlers brought over their knowledge of making alcohol from Europe, but they soon discovered that the new land had special ingredients and conditions perfect for making a new kind of drink. Thanks to America’s rich and fertile lands, a big change happened when they started using corn to make whiskey. This led to the creation of special kinds of whiskey like bourbon and Tennessee whiskey, which are famous American whiskey today.

In the 1700s, whiskey wasn’t just a popular drink; it was used as money for trading. In 1791, a tax on whiskey caused the “Whiskey Rebellion,” a big challenge for the young nation and its government.

The 1800s were a boom time for whiskey making because of new technology and America growing bigger. This period set the standards for American whiskey, which many still use today.
The ban on alcohol from 1920 to 1933 hit the whiskey industry hard, closing down many makers. But after the ban was lifted, the industry bounced back, and interest in American whiskey grew in the country and worldwide.

Nowadays, American whiskey is very popular again, thanks to a mix of sticking to traditional ways of making it and coming up with new ideas that add different flavors and smells. From small craft makers to big, historic distilleries, American whiskey stands for quality and craftsmanship.

American whiskey comes in a few main types, each with its special taste and way of making. Here’s a simple look at some of them:

  • Bourbon is a famous American whiskey mostly made from corn—at least 51%. It’s aged in new charred oak barrels, which gives it a sweet taste with hints of vanilla and caramel.
  • Tennessee whiskey is like bourbon but goes through an extra step where it’s filtered through charcoal before being aged. This step makes the whiskey smooth and soft.
  • Rye whiskey is made mostly from rye grain. It tastes spicier and sharper than bourbon or Tennessee whiskey.
  • Corn is an old American whiskey made mostly from corn, about 80%. It’s often not aged in charred barrels, keeping a lighter, more natural corn flavor.
  • Wheat whiskey is mostly made from wheat, making it softer and gentler than rye whiskey or bourbon.
  • Blended American whiskey mixes different types of whiskey and sometimes neutral spirits. This mix creates a balanced and smooth taste.

Each of these American whiskey types offers a different taste experience, showing the USA’s rich drink-making culture and history.


Blanton's Logo

Blanton’s is a special bourbon made from just one barrel in the mid-1980s. This was a big change because bourbon was usually made by mixing whiskey from different barrels before that. This idea came from a guy named Elmer T. Lee at the Buffalo Trace Distillery, and it was meant to honor Colonel Albert B. Blanton. Colonel Blanton worked at the distillery long ago and had smart ideas about making bourbon.

What makes Blanton’s special is how carefully they pick each barrel for bottling, making sure every sip is something special that tells a story. Colonel Blanton liked to pick the best barrels for himself, and that’s what they do for every bottle of Blanton’s.

Blanton's Bottle

Many people love Blanton’s for its smooth taste with a bit of spice. The bottles are easy to spot because they have a horse and jockey on top, a nod to Kentucky’s big horse racing scene. Each different horse and jockey means you can collect them, which makes it even more fun.

The Blanton’s logo looks fancy and shows that it’s not just another bourbon. It reminds us of how Blanton’s started something new and exciting in the bourbon world, mixing old traditions with new ideas. It’s a favorite for many bourbon drinkers all over the world.


Michter's Logo

Michter’s is a very special whiskey that comes from a long line of whiskey makers in America. It started way back in 1753 with a man named John Shenk. Over the years, his distillery changed names and hands, eventually becoming Michter’s, which honors two important people, Mickey and Peter, who were involved in the whiskey making.

In the mid-1900s, the person in charge, Lou Forman, decided to change the distillery’s name to Michter’s and focus on making good whiskey using old-style techniques. People liked it by the 1970s. But, even though it was popular, Michter’s had to close in the late 1980s because it didn’t have enough money.

Michter's Bottle

Luckily, in the 1990s, Joseph J. Magliocco and Richard Newman decided to bring Michter’s back to life in Kentucky. They wanted to keep making whiskey the best way possible, just like before. Michter’s is known worldwide for its great-tasting bourbons, ryes, sour mash, and American whiskeys. They’re proud of their history and how they make their whiskey.

The Michter’s logo looks fancy and shows that Michter’s is serious about making top-notch whiskey. It promises that when you get a bottle of Michter’s, you get something special made with great care and pride.


WhistlePig Logo

WhistlePig is a company that makes a special kind of whiskey called rye whiskey, and it’s made a name for itself in America. It all started in 2007 when Raj Bhakta decided to make his whiskey in Vermont. He liked rye whiskey and thought he could make something special with it. Rye was very popular in America a long time ago, and Raj wanted to bring back that tradition by making a high-quality rye whiskey that could be as good as the best drinks from around the world.

At first, WhistlePig got its rye whiskey from Canada and aged it carefully while preparing its distillery in Vermont. This helped them make sure their whiskey was good from the start. People liked it, and WhistlePig won many awards for how smooth and tasty their whiskey was. In 2015, they started making whiskey with rye grown right on their farm in Vermont, which made their whiskey even more special.

WhistlePig Bottle

The WhistlePig logo shows they care greatly about making top-notch whiskey and trying new things. WhistlePig has helped make rye whiskey popular again by making it in a new and exciting way. They’re known for making some of the best rye whiskey out there.

Four Roses

Four Roses Logo

In Kentucky, where bourbon was born, Four Roses has made a name by mixing ten different bourbon recipes. This special way of making bourbon creates a rich mix of tastes that are both smooth and full of flavor. People love Four Roses for its sweet, floral taste that makes it stand out. With its rose design, the Four Roses logo represents how well everything works together to make something beautiful.

Four Roses was started in 1888 by a man named Paul Jones Jr. By the 1920s, it was already a favorite in the United States. Then, in 1922, it teamed up with Seagram Distillers, starting a new chapter. But later on, Seagram changed things up, and Four Roses was mainly sold overseas as a blend, not the straight bourbon it was known for.

Four Roses Bottle

Everything changed in 2002 when Kirin Brewery from Japan bought Four Roses. They wanted to bring back its reputation as a top straight bourbon. In 2004, they reopened their distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, and introduced Four Roses Single Barrel bourbon to the United States. Since then, Four Roses has also started making special small batch and limited edition bourbons, always using their ten-recipe method.

The distillery has been around since 1843, showing how deep Four Roses’ bourbon-making roots go. Lately, Four Roses has become popular again, winning over fans worldwide with its quality Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey.

Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve Logo

Woodford Reserve is a famous bourbon made in the beautiful state of Kentucky, known for its horse farms. It’s a whiskey that stands out because it’s carefully made and tastes great, with many different flavors. The logo of Woodford Reserve looks fancy and shows how much they care about making high-quality bourbon and whiskey.

The story of Woodford Reserve started in 1996 when the Brown-Forman Corporation decided to make bourbon at the old Oscar Pepper Distillery, close to Woodford County. This place has been making whiskey since 1812, starting with a man named Elijah Pepper. His son took over in 1838, and their whiskey became famous worldwide. But when Prohibition happened between 1920 and 1933, they had to stop making whiskey.

In 1996, the Brown-Forman Corporation brought the distillery back to life, focusing on making small batches of good bourbon. They fixed the old buildings and started making whiskey again, keeping the tradition of great bourbon-making alive.

Woodford Reserve Bottle

Woodford Reserve is now known as the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby, which is a big horse race. They’re proud of making bourbon as good as possible, like their Double Oaked bourbon, which tastes very fancy.

Now, Woodford Reserve isn’t just famous for its bourbon; it is where many people visit and learn how it is made. It has won many awards for its bourbon, proving it’s one of the best.

Elijah Craig

Elijah Craig Logo

Elijah Craig is a very important name in American whiskey history. He was a minister who became famous in Kentucky for making bourbon in a new way during the 18th Century. He started aging the whiskey in barrels that were burned on the inside. This made the bourbon taste sweet and smoky, a flavor Elijah Craig whiskey is still known for.

In 1986, a company called Heaven Hill Distillery decided to honor Elijah Craig by naming a brand of bourbon after him. They wanted to remember how he changed how bourbon was made with his new ideas. One of their special drinks, the Elijah Craig 12 Year, tastes like tropical fruits and brown sugar because it’s aged in new charred oak barrels for 12 years, just like Craig did a long time ago.

Elijah Craig Bottle

Elijah Craig also makes very special bourbons that are older, like the 18-year-old and 23-year-old. These special drinks help people imagine what bourbon was like when Elijah Craig made it. Each bottle tells a piece of bourbon’s history and shows how much Elijah Craig did for bourbon.

The Elijah Craig logo symbolizes the brand’s long history and how it mixes old traditions with new ideas. It’s a way to remember Elijah Craig, who many believe started making bourbon the way it’s made today. This logo and the whiskey it represents are a tribute to a man who made bourbon an important part of American culture, showing how Elijah Craig looks back at its history and forward to making new kinds of whiskey.

Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace Logo

Buffalo Trace Distillery is a very special place in Kentucky that makes whiskey. It’s been around for a long time, starting in 1773 when Hancock Lee built a mill to grind grain. By the 1780s, they were making lots of whiskey, and this place started to become important for whiskey lovers.

In 1870, Edmund H. Taylor took over and changed the name to O.F.C. Distillery. He was good at making bourbon, a type of whiskey, and he helped make this distillery famous. Even when it was hard to make whiskey during Prohibition, even though different people owned it over the years, they never stopped.

In 1999, they decided to call it Buffalo Trace Distillery to remember the trails used by buffalo near the Kentucky River a long time ago. This new name showed how much the distillery is connected to Kentucky’s history and land.

Buffalo Trace Bottle

Buffalo Trace has been making whiskey without stopping since the late 1700s, which is pretty amazing. Today, people love their bourbons and ryes, like Buffalo Trace Bourbon and Eagle Rare. These drinks are known for being good because of how they’re made, mixing old ways of making whiskey with new ideas.

The distillery’s logo has a buffalo, reminding everyone of its long history and promise to keep making great whiskey. This place isn’t just about making whiskey; it’s a part of American history, showing how important whiskey is to the country.

Maker’s Mark

Maker's Mark Logo

Maker’s Mark started in 1954 near Loretto, Kentucky. Bill Samuels Sr. and his wife Margie wanted to make a new bourbon. Their family had been making whiskey for a long time but decided to try something different. Instead of using rye, which most bourbons did, they used soft red winter wheat. This made their bourbon smoother and nicer to drink.

They also took great care in making their bourbon, even turning the barrels by hand to ensure every bottle tasted the same. In 1958, they were ready to show everyone their new bourbon, which was special because it was smooth and honored their family’s Scottish whiskey-making background. They named it Maker’s Mark.

Maker's Mark Bottle

One thing that makes Maker’s Mark bottles stand out is the red wax seal. This seal shows that the bourbon inside is high quality and made with great care. The seal and the Maker’s Mark logo tell the story of the brand’s dedication to making excellent bourbon.

Maker’s Mark is part of Beam Suntory, but they still make their bourbon similarly. They stick to the original recipe with wheat, showing their commitment to quality and celebrating their roots in Kentucky. Maker’s Mark is known for being a top-notch bourbon that reflects the craftsmanship and tradition of its makers.


Willett Logo

Willett Distillery is a special place where they make small amounts of good whiskey, like bourbon and rye. It’s run by a family that puts a lot of care into making each bottle special. They’re known for making whiskey that’s hard to find and tastes amazing. The Willett logo is a sign that their whiskey is top-notch.

The story of Willett Distillery started in 1936, right after a time when making and selling alcohol was not allowed. A man named A. With Thompson Willett leading the way, Lambert Willett and his sons set up the distillery in Kentucky. This was a good place and time to start because people worldwide wanted whiskey, and Willett’s was great. Over the years, they got even better at making their special whiskey.

Willett Bottle

Even when times got tough, like in the 1970s when energy was expensive, and there were too many whiskey brands, Willett kept a stash of their best whiskey. This stash was so good that when the Willett family started making whiskey again in 2012, they had some of the best ingredients to work with.

Today, Willett Distillery keeps making its special small-batch whiskey the way it always has, winning over whiskey fans everywhere. The story of Willett is about how a family kept their whiskey-making tradition alive, showing off their skills and holding onto their amazing whiskey for years.

Knob Creek

Knob Creek Logo

Knob Creek was started in 1992 by Booker Noe, who was part of the famous Jim Beam whiskey family. He wanted to make a kind of bourbon that tasted like those made long ago, before Prohibition. That means it’s flavorful and strong. The name “Knob Creek” comes from a place where Abraham Lincoln lived when he was young, showing respect for American history.

Booker Noe used his skills as a master distiller, passed down through six generations, to make Knob Creek stand out. He did this by letting the bourbon age for nine years, which is longer than many others, and by making it 100 proof, which means it’s 50% alcohol. This makes Knob Creek taste richer and fuller. The secret to its taste also comes from using a lot of rye grain and aging the bourbon in special barrels that give it a unique flavor.

Knob Creek Bottle

The Knob Creek logo, with its bold letters, shows the brand’s straightforward way of making whiskey. It’s a promise that when you drink Knob Creek, you’re getting a high-quality bourbon that honors the traditional way of making whiskey in Kentucky.

Even now, Knob Creek is known as a top-notch bourbon. It’s still made in small batches at the Beam distillery in Clermont, Kentucky, keeping true to the original way Booker Noe made it. Every bottle of Knob Creek is a piece of the Noe family’s long history with bourbon, made with care and expertise.

Old Forester

Old Forester Logo

Old Forester is a very special kind of bourbon whiskey from America. It’s special because it was the first bourbon people could buy in sealed glass bottles, starting in 1870. Before this, bourbon was usually sold in barrels and then put into bottles by local stores, which made it hard to keep the whiskey tasting the same every time. George Garvin Brown, the man who started Old Forester in Louisville, Kentucky, had the smart idea to sell it in bottles so it would always taste pure and consistent.

George Garvin Brown first started by blending bourbon and selling it to doctors, believing in making a whiskey that people could trust to be good quality. He cared a lot about ensuring his bourbon was delicious; everyone knew exactly how it was made. These ideas helped Old Forester keep going strong, even when it was hard to sell alcohol during Prohibition.

Old Forester Bottle

The company that makes Old Forester, Brown–Forman, is still run by George Garvin Brown’s family. They ensure the bourbon stays rooted, combining old methods with new ideas. Old Forester makes different kinds of bourbon now, from the Classic kind that many people love to special ones that are only made for a little while. They work with old distilleries to make bourbons that remind us of how bourbon used to be made in the 1800s.

The Old Forester logo looks fancy and shows that this bourbon has a long history of being good. The logo and the whiskey tell us that Old Forester cares a lot about keeping traditions alive while always trying to be even better. It’s a reminder of how long they’ve been making bourbon and how they’ve always aimed to make something truly special.

Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey Logo

Wild Turkey is a famous whiskey in Kentucky, known for its long history and great quality. It all started in 1940 with a man named Thomas McCarthy. Since then, Wild Turkey has become a big name in bourbon, known for specially making their whiskey. They use a recipe with a lot of rye grain and burn the inside of their barrels more than usual. This makes their whiskey taste spicy and rich.

A very important person in Wild Turkey’s story is Jimmy Russell, who became the master distiller in 1971. Jimmy knew a lot about making whiskey because his family had been doing it for a long time. He helped make Wild Turkey taste the way it does today. Even after the Campari Group bought Wild Turkey in 2009, Jimmy and his son, Eddie Russell, kept working to make sure Wild Turkey stayed true to its roots. They came up with new types of whiskey, like Wild Turkey Rare Breed, which people liked.

Wild Turkey Bottle

Wild Turkey has kept its reputation as a top-notch bourbon over the years, not just in America but worldwide. Jimmy and Eddie Russell have worked hard to ensure their whiskey is always special.

With its turkey picture, the Wild Turkey logo is more than just a design. It stands for over 60 years of hard work and pride in making some of the best bourbons. It signifies Wild Turkey’s commitment to excellence and rich history in American whiskey.

Heaven Hill

Heaven Hill Logo

After Prohibition ended, Heaven Hill Distillery started in 1935 in Bardstown, Kentucky, a place known for its bourbon. The Shapira family has run it since then, keeping it in the family even as other big companies took over many distilleries. They’ve worked hard to make Heaven Hill the biggest family-owned whiskey maker in the U.S., known for its quality and innovation.

The Shapira brothers began with a small operation. Still, Heaven Hill now has more than 170 kinds of whiskey, including famous ones like Elijah Craig and Old Fitzgerald and special collections like Parker’s Heritage. They have over 1.2 million barrels of whiskey aging, showing they’re serious about making good whiskey correctly.

Heaven Hill Bottle

The Heaven Hill logo represents their commitment to making top-notch whiskey. It’s a promise that they’ll keep making whiskey carefully, honoring Kentucky’s bourbon tradition. Through many years, Heaven Hill has stayed true to its beginnings, mixing the Shapira family’s history with America’s whiskey-making tradition to create a unique story.

Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel's Logo

Jack Daniel’s is a famous American whiskey that has been around for a long time. It’s known for its special taste in spices, cocoa, and walnuts. This taste is made using clean spring water, carefully chosen grains, and a unique way of making it smooth with charcoal. The Jack Daniel’s logo stands for its long history of making quality whiskey.

Jack Daniel started The Whiskey in Lynchburg, Tennessee, in 1875. He learned how to make whiskey from Nathan “Nearest” Green, who was very important in teaching Jack and helping him start his whiskey brand. This brand became known all over the world.

In the 1880s, they made a whiskey called Old No. 7, named after their first license number. Even though the company was sold in 1956 to Brown-Forman, it still kept its family feel and grew to be the top American whiskey sold in over 160 countries.

Jack Daniel's Bottle

The place where they make Jack Daniel’s is the oldest registered distillery in the U.S., and more than 300,000 people visit it yearly. They make different kinds of whiskey, including the original Old No. 7, Gentleman Jack, Single Barrel, and a fancy one called Sinatra Select.

Jack Daniel’s shows American business’s creativity and hard work and remembers Nearest Green’s big role in its history. The story of Jack Daniel’s is about two people who worked together to make something that changed whiskey forever. Their work is still celebrated all around the world today.

George Dickel

George Dickel Logo

George Dickel is a famous whiskey from Tennessee, known for its smooth taste and special way of making it. They use a cool method to filter the whiskey through charcoal, making it smooth. This method shows how much they care about making their whiskey right, like when George Dickel first started. The logo of George Dickel is a way to show respect for Tennessee’s history of making great whiskey and the hard work of George Dickel.

Back in the 1870s, a man from Germany named George A. Dickel started making whiskey in a beautiful place called Cascade Hollow in Tennessee. He used clean water from the area and a new way of filtering whiskey through sugar maple charcoal. This made his whiskey different from the usual bourbon in Kentucky and started the Tennessee whiskey tradition.

George Dickel Bottle

Even though there was a time when they had to stop making whiskey because of Prohibition, they started again in 1937 with a new whiskey called George A. Dickel Tennessee Whisky No. 8 Brand. This whiskey became important for the brand. Over the years, George Dickel changed owners a few times until Diageo took over in 2005 and kept focusing on the special way of making whiskey that George Dickel started.

George Dickel makes several kinds of whiskey, like No. 8, No. 12, Barrel Select, and Bottled in Bond, all using the cool charcoal filtering method. More than 140 years after it started, George Dickel is still famous for its high-quality Tennessee whiskey, keeping the founder’s tradition alive and showing it through the whiskey and the brand’s symbol.

Eagle Rare

Eagle Rare Logo

Eagle Rare is a special bourbon that started in 1975 and was made by the Four Roses Distillery to show off their amazing whiskey. They wanted to make something different from everyone else’s usual blended drinks, so they came up with a 10-year-old bourbon that was both good and not too expensive. This move changed the bourbon game and made Eagle Rare a favorite among whiskey lovers.

Even though they had to stop making it in the late 1980s because the company was changing a lot, people didn’t forget about Eagle Rare. It had already made a big impression with its unique taste and the special way it was aged. Later, Buffalo Trace Distillery took over and brought Eagle Rare back, making it stronger at 101 proof, which means it has more alcohol and flavor than the first ones they made.

Eagle Rare Bottle

Now, under Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare is doing great. They make 10- and 17-year bourbons and some special limited editions that win many awards. Eagle Rare has been around for over 40 years, proving that good, well-aged bourbon is always in style.

The Eagle Rare logo represents top-notch quality and a rich history. It promises that every bottle is filled with complex and delicious flavors, making Eagle Rare a prized bourbon for those who know their whiskey.

Jim Beam

Jim Beam Logo

Jim Beam is a very famous whiskey in America that has been around since 1795. It was started by a man named Jacob Beam, and it’s known for being good bourbon. At first, they made a whiskey called “Old Jake Beam Sour Mash,” which used a special recipe. Over time, this whiskey became the Jim Beam White Label bourbon we know today. The way they made their whiskey, using ideas from German beer making, helped it become very popular worldwide.

After Prohibition ended in 1933, James B. Beam helped bring the family’s whiskey-making back to life. He built a new place called the Clear Springs Distillery and started making bourbon named after himself, Jim Beam. This was the start of a long story that has lasted nearly 230 years. Now, the company is part of Beam Suntory, and they keep making great whiskey, including the Jim Beam Black Extra Aged 8 years and other special drinks that show how creative and dedicated they are to making quality bourbon.

Jim Beam Bottle

The Jim Beam logo is more than just a picture; it shows the company’s long history and promises to make good bourbon. It shows how much the Beam family cares about keeping their whiskey the best it can be, generation after generation. Because of this dedication, Jim Beam has become a very important name in bourbon.

Russell’s Reserve

Russell's Reserve Logo

In Kentucky, the Russell family has been making Russell’s Reserve, a top-notch bourbon and rye whiskey, for a long time. This whiskey comes from Wild Turkey’s master distillers, Jimmy and Eddie Russell, who know a lot about making good whiskey. They put their heart and knowledge into every bottle, mixing different flavors perfectly. The Russell’s Reserve logo shows their dedication to making whiskey the best way, combining new ideas with old traditions.

Russell's Reserve Bottle

Russell’s Reserve started in 2000 to honor Jimmy Russell, who has been making bourbon since 1954. This whiskey celebrates Jimmy’s long career and continues the family tradition with his son, Eddie Russell, who is now in charge. They make special small-batch bourbons by choosing the best 8- and ten-year-old barrels, which gives the whiskey a rich taste with hints of oak and spice. As a special part of Wild Turkey, Russell’s Reserve offers a deeper flavor that tells the story of six generations of whiskey making. They also make rye whiskey and strong single-barrel whiskey, letting fans see how skilled the Russells are at picking barrels. Russell’s Reserve shows the long-standing quality and care the Russell family brings to Kentucky bourbon making.

High West

High West Logo

High West Distillery is a special place in Park City, Utah, that makes whiskey in a new and exciting way. It mixes different kinds of whiskey, like rye, bourbon, and scotch. It started in 2007 and was the first legal distillery in Utah since the 1800s. The man who started it, David Perkins, was a scientist who loved good food and wanted to make great whiskey. The High West logo looks cool because it mixes the old cowboy style with a modern look, showing that they make whiskey that’s both classic and new.

David wanted to make whiskey using the clean water from Utah’s mountains and traditional whiskey-making methods. At first, High West made their whiskey by picking the best ones from other places and mixing them to create new flavors. They made interesting whiskeys that people liked, like Campfire, which has a smoky taste; Bourye, a mix of bourbon and rye; and Yippee Ki-Yay, which is also pretty unique.

High West Bottle

2016 High West opened a big new place to make more whiskey and welcome visitors. This was a big step in showing how serious they are about making good whiskey and teaching people how it’s made.

High West has grown a lot since it started. It’s known for mixing whiskeys in a way that’s different from everyone else, and people enjoy what they make. Their success shows that people love trying new kinds of whiskey carefully and creatively. The High West logo signifies that you’re getting something special that respects old whiskey traditions and tries new ideas.


Balcones Logo

Balcones Distilling is a place in Waco, Texas, where they make interesting whiskey. They like to do things differently, mixing old whiskey-making ways with the special tastes you can only find in Texas. Their logo, which you might see on the bottles, shows they’re all about making top-notch whiskey and celebrating being from Texas.

The story of Balcones started in 2008 with a person named Chip Tate. He wanted to make a whiskey about Texas, using what grows there to make something special. They started in an old building they fixed as their first whiskey-making spot. They made cool whiskeys like Baby Blue Corn Whisky and Brimstone Corn Whiskey, which smelled smoky from burning Texas scrub oak.

Balcones Bottle

As more and more people wanted their whiskey, Balcones had to move to a bigger place in 2013 to make more whiskey and let it age in barrels. Even after Chip Tate left in 2014, Balcones made new kinds of whiskey. By 2016, they had a modern place for making whiskey, which helped them reach even more people.

Balcones is known for making many drinks, like Texas Pot Still Bourbon, which is strong, and Rumble, which is sweet because it’s made with wildflower honey. They even try making whiskey with peat, like what you’d find in some Scotch whiskies, but it’s all Texas style. Balcones is a big deal in craft distilleries, showing off the adventurous spirit of Texas and its unique flavors.

Sagamore Spirit

Sagamore Spirit Logo

Sagamore Spirit is famous for making American rye whiskey and has won over 200 awards worldwide. In 2019, it even got the title of the best rye whiskey in a big competition in San Francisco. Each bottle is special because it’s made with clean water from a spring house built in 1909. You can find their main whiskeys worldwide, like the Signature Rye, Cask Strength, and Double Oak. In November 2021, they made their first Maryland-distilled Bond Straight Rye Whiskey.

Sagamore Spirit Bottle

Sagamore Spirit leads the charge to bring back Maryland’s proud tradition of making rye whiskey. People love their whiskey because it’s bold and spicy, mixing old whiskey-making methods with new ideas. This makes their whiskey taste good and interesting. They’re all about being the best and honoring Maryland’s whiskey-making history. Sagamore Spirit’s logo looks nice and shows Maryland’s whiskey past and Sagamore’s modern way of making whiskey, showing how much they respect tradition and look to the future.


Jefferson's Logo

In the world of American whiskey, Jefferson’s is a big deal because it’s all about trying new things and making whiskey with a lot of care. It started in 1997, inspired by Thomas Jefferson, who liked good whiskey, wine, and food. Trey Zoeller and his dad, Chet, wanted to make a whiskey brand that was as creative and eager to try new things as Jefferson was. Jefferson’s is known for making whiskey in small batches and using unique ways to age it, making it exciting and high-quality.

Jefferson’s is brave in how it makes whiskey. They’ve tried aging whiskey on ships, which mixes old ideas with new experiments. They also work with chefs to make special blends and use barrels that hold wine before adding new tastes. This shows Jefferson’s is serious about making whiskey in new ways. Before they had their place to make whiskey, they chose the best whiskey from other places, which helped them offer lots of different and special flavors.

Jefferson's Bottle

Jefferson’s logo looks elegant and modern, showing the brand’s respect for history and its focus on new ideas. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about showing their promise to make whiskey better and different. Jefferson’s keeps Thomas Jefferson’s spirit of trying new things alive, changing how people think about American whiskey with every bottle.


Booker's Logo

Booker’s bourbon is special because it comes from a long tradition of making bourbon. Booker Noe, part of the famous Beam family, started Booker’s in 1988. He wanted to make a strong, pure bourbon that tasted like it came straight from the barrel. He picked barrels that had been aged for 6-8 years to make sure the bourbon was just right.

What makes Booker’s different is that it’s very strong and natural. It’s not mixed with water to weaken it; nothing is removed or added. This means when you drink Booker’s, it’s like drinking right from the barrel, with an alcohol content of over 120 proof. This new idea made Booker’s very popular among people who love bourbon. It also shows how much the Beam family cares about making bourbon the best way they can, following the same principles that Jim Beam did.

Booker's Bottle

Booker’s isn’t just any bourbon. It’s like bourbon royalty, showing the bravery and tradition of Booker Noe and the Beam family in every bottle. The logo reminds you of the craftsmanship and history that goes into making bourbon. Drinking Booker’s is more than just enjoying a drink; it’s celebrating the history, quality, and hard work Booker Noe and his family put into making bourbon.

Widow Jane

Widow Jane Logo

Widow Jane Distillery started in Brooklyn, New York, in 2012 in an old chocolate factory. It’s named after the Widow Jane Mine, known for its water that’s perfect for making whiskey. This special water, full of minerals, is a big reason their bourbon tastes so good. They make their whiskey in small batches, focusing on being true to where they come from and using grains from New York. The Widow Jane logo shows how they mix new ideas with old traditions.

The people who started Widow Jane, Daniel Preston, and Vince Oleson wanted to blend the new with the old. They chose to make bourbon in a place with history, bringing together the past and the future. The distillery is named after a strong woman from the 1800s who worked in the Widow Jane Mine. This story and the mine’s water inspire their whiskey.

Widow Jane Bottle

Widow Jane makes some good bourbons, like their 7-year and 10-year Bourbons, which people like. But they don’t just stop at bourbon; they also make rye, gin, vodka, and even rum-flavored candies. Their home in the old chocolate factory and the story of the mine show how much they care about making great drinks in a place with a long history of making things. Widow Jane is all about celebrating New York’s spirit and its whiskey-making roots.

Smooth Ambler

Smooth Ambler Logo

Smooth Ambler started in Maxwelton, West Virginia, in 2009. It’s a whiskey company that John Little and TAG Galyean created. They picked Greenbrier Valley, where people secretly made moonshine during Prohibition, to start making their whiskey. They wanted to use grains from the area and clean mountain water to make something that mixes old ways with new ideas.

They first made a splash with two drinks, Contradiction bourbon and Watershed gin, which showed everyone they were serious about making great spirits. In 2015, they made their distillery bigger to try new things with their whiskey, like using different barrels to age it. This led to their Old Scout line getting a lot of praise and even winning awards. One of their Old Scout bourbons was named the best American micro-whiskey one year.

Smooth Ambler Bottle

Even though a big company, Pernod Ricard, bought Smooth Ambler in 2016, the brand kept its original spirit. They’re still all about making great whiskey, being creative, and honoring the whiskey-making traditions of the Appalachian region.

The Smooth Ambler logo shows their commitment to mixing the old with the new in whiskey-making. It’s a symbol that reminds everyone of their promise always to make unique, high-quality drinks.

Barrell Bourbon

Barrell Bourbon Logo

Barrell Bourbon is a unique whiskey from the United States that has gained much attention for mixing different whiskeys. They blend whiskeys of various ages and from different places to create new and exciting flavors. This special way of making whiskey sets Barrell Bourbon apart from others and shows their dedication to making bourbon in a new way. Their logo represents this innovative approach to combining whiskeys to make something amazing.

Joe Beatrice started Barrell Bourbon in 2013 in Louisville, Kentucky. Before getting into whiskey, Joe worked in marketing and technology but found a new passion for spirits, especially after discovering the rich taste of barrel-aged whiskey. With his background in business, he created Barrell Craft Spirits, focusing on picking and mixing the best-aged bourbons and whiskies from various distilleries.

Barrell Bourbon Bottle

One of their famous products, Barrell Bourbon Batch 023, is a mix of straight bourbons at least six years old. The Barrell team carefully blends these and bottles them at cask strength so they don’t water down the whiskey. This keeps the flavors strong and true to their original form. They also don’t chill-filter their whiskey, which helps keep all the rich tastes and aromas.

Even though Barrell Bourbon hasn’t been around for very long, it has already won much praise and built a group of loyal fans. People love their bourbons and rye whiskies because they always try new blends that taste amazing. Barrell Bourbon is leading the way in experimenting with how whiskey can be blended, adding an exciting chapter to the story of American whiskey.

Evan Williams

Evan Williams Logo

Evan Williams bourbon is a famous American whiskey that’s been around for a long time. It’s known for tasting good and not being too expensive. The people who make Evan Williams carefully use old methods, like letting the whiskey age in American oak barrels for a long time. This makes sure the whiskey tastes great every time you try it. The Evan Williams logo signifies that you get genuine and high-quality bourbon.

The story of Evan Williams starts way back in the late 1700s. Evan Williams was one of the first people in Kentucky to make whiskey to sell to others. He came from Wales and set up his distillery near the Ohio River in Louisville. His whiskey became very popular in Kentucky.

Evan Williams Bottle

In 1957, a company called Heaven Hill decided to bring back the Evan Williams name. They made a special bourbon that aged longer than usual and followed strict rules called Bottled-in-Bond. This was their way of showing respect for Evan Williams and his important role in Kentucky’s bourbon history.

Now, Evan Williams is the second most popular American whiskey brand. They make different kinds of bourbon, like the Evan Williams Black Label, a very special Bottled-In-Bond bourbon, and the Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage, chosen from only the best barrels. All these are made to remember Evan Williams and his work, which helped make Kentucky famous for bourbon worldwide.


Westland Logo

In 2010, Matt Hofmann and Emerson Lamb started Westland Distillery in Seattle, Washington. They wanted to make whiskey to stand up to the famous ones from Scotland and show off what makes the Pacific Northwest special. They combined Scottish whiskey-making methods with local ingredients to create something new and unique. Their whiskey tastes like where it comes from and carries a tradition of whiskey-making into new territory. The Westland logo shows their commitment to mixing tradition with new ideas.

Hofmann learned a lot about making whiskey at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. This knowledge helped them build Westland. They use barley from the area and make their whiskey in a careful and precise way, aging it in special barrels. Their first whiskey came out in 2011, setting a new bar for American single malt whiskey.

Westland Bottle

Westland didn’t stop there. They made different kinds of whiskey, including one that uses peat and another that ages in barrels from local wineries. These innovations got them a lot of praise and helped put American single-malt whiskey back on the map.

Now, Westland has six main types of whiskey and keeps coming up with limited editions that push the limits of what whiskey can be. More than ten years since they started, Westland shows the power of American single malt whiskey. Their logo and what they do bridge the old ways of making whiskey with the endless possibilities of American creativity.

Henry McKenna

Henry McKenna Logo

Henry McKenna Bourbon has a long story that starts with Henry McKenna himself. He came from Ireland to Kentucky in 1837, bringing his family’s whiskey-making secrets. He used the special ways of making whiskey he learned in Ireland and the corn, rye, and barley he found in Kentucky to make a smooth bourbon that people loved.

When Henry’s son Oliver took over in 1855, he kept the family business strong. They were known for letting their bourbon age for a long time, which made it taste even better. Later, Heaven Hill bought the McKenna brand, but they kept making the bourbon just as special as Henry did, following strict rules to ensure it was top quality.

Henry McKenna Bottle

Today, a Henry McKenna bourbon has been aged for ten years and is good. It has deep flavors like oak, vanilla, and caramel that have improved with time. This bourbon isn’t just a drink; it’s a reminder of Henry McKenna’s dream and how he made it come true. It shows how much care goes into making bourbon, from picking the grains to pouring it into a glass. The brand’s logo looks simple but elegant, showing respect for the long history and hard work that goes into every bottle of Henry McKenna bourbon.

Old Fitzgerald

Old Fitzgerald Logo

Old Fitzgerald is a special kind of whiskey from Kentucky, known for being good and having a rich taste. It’s been around since the late 1800s and is famous for using a special recipe that makes the whiskey smooth—people who know much about whiskey, like Old Fitzgerald, because of this. The logo looks fancy and shows that Old Fitzgerald has been around for a long time, making great whiskey.

The story of Old Fitzgerald started by the Kentucky River at Stitzel Distillery in 1870. A man named Raymond B. Hayden made it first. Then, in 1894, William Woodward and his son George bought the brand and named it after their friend, Colonel John E. Fitzgerald. This was a big deal because it helped make the brand famous. After a while, Pappy Van Winkle took over and focused on making this smooth whiskey even when other people were more interested in a different kind called rye. This smart move made Old Fitzgerald known as a fancy whiskey great for slowly enjoying.

Old Fitzgerald Bottle

In 1999, Heaven Hill took over, making Old Fitzgerald. They kept making this special whiskey, remembering the Fitzgerald family and keeping the tradition alive. Now, more than 140 years after it started, Old Fitzgerald is about remembering John E. Fitzgerald and celebrating American whiskey’s long history and fancy taste.

New Riff

New Riff Logo

In Kentucky, known for its bourbon, New Riff Distillery started in 2014 and quickly became known for doing things differently in the whiskey world. Ken Lewis, who used to own a liquor store in Kentucky, and a group of partners from different jobs created New Riff to stand out. They focus on being open about making their whiskey, using the best ingredients, and mixing tradition with new ideas. New Riff is now seen as a leading name in modern whiskey-making.

New Riff is unique because it doesn’t just stick to making bourbon like most Kentucky distilleries. Instead, it uses rye and malted rye, making a wide range of whiskeys. They make Kentucky Rye, Bonded Rye, Bourbon, and even single malt whiskeys, showing they’re good at coming up with new ideas while still making high-quality drinks.

New Riff Bottle

In just a few years, New Riff has won lots of praise and has many fans who love their adventurous spirit and top-notch whiskey. People like that New Riff isn’t afraid to try new things and change how whiskey is made.

The New Riff logo represents their goal to create a new story in whiskey. It’s a sign of their innovative approach, blending the old ways of making whiskey with new ideas. This symbol shows New Riff’s commitment to leading the way in whiskey-making, respecting whiskey’s deep history while introducing new flavors and styles. New Riff is about honoring the past and creating the future of American whiskey.

Nashville Barrel Company

Nashville Barrel Company Logo

Nashville Barrel Company started in Tennessee and quickly became known for making special whiskey. They focus on making small amounts and picking only one barrel at a time, making their whiskey stand out because they age it in barrels. This process gives their whiskey different and interesting tastes. They mix old whiskey-making ways with new ideas, creating whiskeys that people remember. Their logo shows they care greatly about making great whiskey and trying new things.

Nashville Barrel Company Bottle

In 2018, three friends noticed it was getting hard to find good bourbon. They wanted to keep enjoying great whiskey, so they began choosing and buying their barrels. People started liking what they were doing, and by February 2020, they shared their first barrel of rye whiskey. It was a big success on social media. The demand got so big that by March 2021, they needed to open their place to make whiskey. This lets them share their love for whiskey with even more people, continuing their tradition.


Koval Logo

In Chicago, Koval Distillery stands out as a leader in making unique and special spirits, starting a new chapter in whiskey that hasn’t been seen in the city since the 1800s. Founded in 2008 by Dr. Robert Birnecker and Dr. Sonat Birnecker, Koval brought back the art of distilling to Chicago, breaking the silence left by Prohibition. They focus on using organic grains from the Midwest and lead the way in making whiskey from start to finish in their place. They make special bourbons with millet and oat whiskeys that have a unique taste.

Koval is the top craft distillery in the Midwest, known for starting a movement to make spirits with care and innovation locally. They use only organic stuff and new ways of making their drinks, resulting in spirits that win awards and are loved not just in 35 states but worldwide. Their main product, Koval Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey, has won fans everywhere.

Koval Bottle

Koval’s logo shows their innovative spirit and their big role in changing how American whiskey is seen. The modern design shows Koval’s dedication to being different and setting new whiskey-making standards. Thanks to the Birneckers, Koval has brought back distilling to Chicago and raised the bar for quality and creativity in making craft spirits.


Nulu Logo

Nulu is like the fresh face of American whiskey. It’s all about making whiskey in small amounts with great care and adding a new twist to how whiskey has been made for years. The Nulu logo looks modern and cool, showing that the Nulu mixes old whiskey traditions with new ideas.

Nulu Bottle

Keith Hazelbaker started this small whiskey place in downtown Louisville. It’s become known for taking good bourbon made up north and bottling it straight from the barrel without changing anything. The NULU collection is special because each bottle comes from a single barrel, giving you the whiskey as it is: strong and pure.

Starlight Distillery

Starlight Distillery Logo

Starlight Distillery is special to the Huber family in Indiana. A long time ago, Simon Huber came from Germany and started growing grapes and making wine and brandy on a big farm. This was the beginning of the family’s journey in making drinks. Many years later, in 2001, the family decided to try something new and started making whiskey under Ted Huber’s lead.

They use special water and grains from their land to make different kinds of whiskey, like bourbon and rye. They’re proud of what they make and have special whiskeys that people like. Their logo, the picture that represents them, shows how much they care about their long history and are always trying to do new and exciting things with their whiskey.

Starlight Distillery Bottle

Starlight Distillery tells the story of a family that started with grapes and moved on to whiskey, always caring about making good drinks and honoring where they came from while looking forward to creating new things.

Good Times

Good Times Logo

Good Times whiskey is all about enjoying the good moments in life. This whiskey from America is made for everyone to enjoy, whether you like your drink straight, with ice, or mixed into a fun drink. Their logo, which stands for happy times and high quality, shows that they want to make every moment special with their whiskey.

Good Times Bottle

Good Times whiskey comes from a place called Three Boys Farm Distillery, located in Frankfort, Kentucky. This distillery started in 2013 and sits on a big farm that’s 122 acres. Instead of making its whiskey from scratch, Good Times gets its spirits from a factory in Indiana called MGP. Then, they use their special ways to age the whiskey before bottling it under their unique brand.

Flyover Whiskey

Flyover Whiskey Logo

Flyover Whiskey originates from the heart of America and is quickly gaining recognition for its bold and exciting flavors. This brand is more than a whiskey producer; it embodies the American spirit, highlighting the courage and creativity inherent in the nation’s heartland. The Flyover logo stands for quality commitment and pays homage to the adventurous spirit of the Midwest.

The creation of Flyover Whiskey is a tribute to the enduring efforts of Midwest farmers. The process begins with corn from family-owned farms, marking the end of each harvest season with a celebratory toast. Sharing a bottle, taking a moment to savor a sip, and appreciating the flavor invites a communal spirit of appreciation.

Flyover Whiskey Bottle

Collaboration with corn growers in the Midwest is key, transforming their harvest into exceptional small-batch whiskey perfect for enjoyment and sharing. The distillery team takes pride in producing a whiskey that reflects the specific qualities of the land and the farmers’ hard work. Each bottle is personalized with details from the farm and the harvest, making every product distinctively connected to its origin.