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Porto Logo

Porto Logo
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An emblem of a Porto football club is filled with a huge number of elements. There you can see the tower, the dragon, and the Virgin Mary. But in fact, everything is not so complicated as it might seem to be.

On September 28, 1893, one of the most popular football clubs in Portugal was founded by a merchant who was engaged in exporting port wine to England. However, the day of the foundation was not chosen by accident; actually, September 28 is the birthday of the then-ruling King of Portugal Carlos I and his wife Amelia, who was born on the same day. Speaking of colors, blue and white Porto tones were the official ones of the Royal House of Portugal. King and his wife were invited to the very first match of the just-formed team.

Meaning and History

Porto Logo History
Evolution of the Porto Logo

Porto’s logo was quite simple. It consisted of the blue and white soccer ball that looked more like the globe (pay attention to the peculiar “meridians”), in the middle of which the abbreviation FCP was adorned.

Porto emblem

The only serious rebranding was done in Porto in 1922. The coat of arms of Porto’s city (the image of the Virgin Mary) and the coat of arms of Portugal (with the castle towers on it) were added to the team’s logo. All of it also frames the coat of arms of Portugal – eight Moorish castles, which Portugal won during the Reconquista.

But the most significant logo change was the addition of the inscription Invicta (invincible) and the image of the dragon. From that time, Port was nicknamed “the dragons.”

Porto symbol

In general, despite the accumulation of elements in the logo, there are not so many of them: two emblems, the inscription, and the dragon. Surprisingly, since that time, the logo has not been visibly changed. Many designers suggest Porto new versions of the emblem, but the leaders of the “dragons” refuse all offerings. Some of them have a very stylish and modern look!

But the leaders and fans of “Porto” are too conservative to change their already based emblem to a new and stylish one.

1893 – 1896, 1906 – 1910

Porto Logo 1893-1896 1906-1910

1910 – 1922

Porto Logo 1910-1922

1922 – 1995

Porto Logo 1922-1995

1995 – 2002

Porto Logo 1995-2002

2002 – 2010

Porto Logo 2002-2010

2010 – 2017

Porto Logo 2010-2017

2017 – present

Porto Logo 2017-present