QMS has changed its visual identity

QMS Logo

Australian outdoor digital signage company QMS has changed its look. Its new strategy was developed by the Hulsbosch branding agency, which created, among other things, a new logo and a unique visual identity, which ensured more accurate positioning of the company. The new image demonstrates the brand’s perception as a partner who does not want to comply with the norms but challenges them. This approach allows you to get a real return on extraordinary advertising ideas that guarantee the achievement of exceptional results. Innovation, expansion of boundaries, absence of restrictions – are the keys to the agency’s success.

QMS New Logo

A fresh, modern look at one’s own identity results from a deep psychological study of interactions with clients, consultations with a large number of external partners, and conducting seminars on the issue of rebranding. Out of the Ordinary was the main idea behind the radical changes, based on a creative approach to each work performed. It includes strategic actions in the business profile and the characteristics of the characters and attitudes of employees to their duties. Through a complete overhaul of its strategic profile and external message, the brand demonstrates the unity of the relevance of its approach to problem-solving and its impact on the surrounding perception. In addition, the new logo and the changes made signal the beginning of a new phase in business.

QMS Emblem

The updated style features an original icon design that makes a strong impression on others. It is distinguished by bold execution, energy, and impulsiveness, successfully demonstrating the features of the digital technology used in the created advertising. The new logo is the heart and soul of the entire business of the company. The decision to change the industry’s perception by all who seek to promote their business with the help of our technology effectively was not immediately ripe. But now there is a direct need not only to make changes but also to completely rethink the advertising approach to promoting everyone interested in this in the city of Sydney.

QMS Before and After Logo (history)

Hulsbosch was able to revitalize the brand by redefining its position and more effectively demonstrating the creativity and technology used. Its redesigned identity has become an effective demonstration of the success and prioritization of digital offerings.