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The company, which develops accounting software, values precision above all else. This is evident in its identity: the Quickbooks logo looks balanced and harmonious. It is also associated with high technology, development, and reliability.

Quickbooks: Brand overview

Founder:Intuit Inc.
United States

This American brand is well known to almost all businesses because it offers accounting assistance. In addition, it helps to calculate and calculate payroll and manage invoices and payment receipts. The software package consists of two options: cloud and local. While each has its function, the QuickBooks logo is the same. Intuit Inc created the software. She first released her product in 1983. The most recent version is dated 2021. The location of developer’s head office is Mountain View, California.

In 1983, Tom Proulx and Scott Cook registered Intuit in California and created the Quicken program to help manage personal finances. After their success, they adapted it to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. The application has proven itself; therefore, today, it is the main software used in the United States. There it occupies the vast majority of the market – about 85%.

The QuickBooks software is compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system and is only available on macOS in the United States. But it began with a version adapted for DOS. The codebase was a self-developed utility called Quicken. Now the code is In-House Accountant, which Intuit bought.

Meaning and History

QuickBooks Logo History

From year to year, the utility has evolved, improved, and adjusted to the conditions of various types of businesses and various professions. Therefore, the visual identity of the software has become widely recognized, especially among US users. At the same time, the QuickBooks logo has not changed: the developers have kept it so that at one glance, it becomes clear what kind of program it is and who owns it. The application has only one emblem, despite its constant updating.

The identity of this brand is graphic-textual. On the right is an inscription consisting of two lines. The first contains the word “Intuit” (the name of the company that released the software), and the second – is “QuickBooks” (the name of the application itself). It is formed from two bases: “Quicken” and “Books.” Both lines are in lowercase except for two characters. Type of letters – geometric, printed, chopped. Style – strict, business. Of interest are the two “T”s in the top row. They are capitalized but miniature, so they look like little men with arms spread out to the sides. Two dots replace their heads. The labels are aligned to the left side.

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is the name of a program developed by the American company Intuit, located in Mountain View, California. It released its software in 1983 to support small and medium businesses. This application helps to keep financial records, payroll, control, and manage accounts. The founders of the company, as well as the authors of the program, are Tom Proulx and Scott Cook.

Quickbooks Symbol

Before the text, the designers placed an icon – a large green disk. In the center of the circle are two symbols: “q” and “b.” It is an abbreviation for the name of the software. Each letter is made in one strip and has an open structure because the bend does not fit close to the leg. The beginning of the lines is slightly narrowed and complemented by a rounding; the end is completed with an even horizontal cut.

Font and Colors

Quickbooks Emblem

The QuickBooks logo uses a typeface identical to Shinntype’s Neology Bold. It also resembles Uniman Bold or NeoGram Bold from The Northern Block. A small “T” in the form of men indicates that this is a friendly application aimed at user-friendliness. The corporate palette consists of two colors: green (shade #28a116) and white (#ffffff). Circles and letters are painted. The rest of the inscriptions are made in classic black.

Quickbooks color codes

Islamic GreenHex color:#28a116
RGB:40 161 22
CMYK:75 0 86 37
Pantone:PMS 354 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C