Radio France presents a new brand

Radio France Logo

France’s popular public broadcaster Radio France has expanded its capabilities and digital offerings. The brand has developed and applied modern promotion technologies to implement this plan. With Entrez libre as its slogan, the broadcaster creates a modern, advanced alternative using the existing achievements used to form the existing platform. Entrez libre are new living worlds created with the help of seven broadcasting channels and four communities built on the unity of musical interests. To promote the new brand, a new advertising campaign was developed and implemented from the largest cities of France and on the Internet, where advertising pre-rolls and a banner network were presented.

Radio France New Logo

In preparation for the current promotion, the company carried out a radical rebranding, completely changing its visualization and choosing a new, progressive style, which was reflected in all company logos, sub-brands, and programs. The main logo last changed in 2017. It was based on a wordmark that had nothing to do with the square style of the regional divisions. Feeling the need for radical changes and the formation of unity and harmony of the entire brand network, the company decided to focus on the most successful image theme created 20 years ago. Having carried out its modernization, the company created its visual style based on the updated sign, which received a double name – Opening or Luke. The new interpretation is a postcard window through which listeners and viewers can experience the new world of Radio France.

Radio France Emblem

Following the modern trend, all emblems of the associated stations have been redesigned in a minimalist style. However, they all retained their historical form. This was due to its unusualness, which became, in fact, a reflection of the uniqueness and main feature of the visualization. To enhance the appeal, the logo’s composition did not provide self-evidence, forcing viewers to think about the nature and essence of the new brand. It is not only original and spectacular but also bewitching. The graphic element was created using modern rules, providing the most convenient form for creating variation. Templates convenient trimming did everything necessary for the brand to acquire style and modernity.

Radio France Before and After Logo (history)