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Entering the field, the players take possession of the ball and fight like lions. They are always ready to play. The Rangers logo is the symbol of the winning club. The ability to hit the top ten has made the team a central figure in the world of sports.

Rangers: Brand overview

Founded:March 1872
Founder:The Rangers Football Club Ltd
Govan, Glasgow, Scotland

The Scottish Rangers club was founded in 1872. It is now the second most trophy won in the world and competes in the Premier League. But this was not always the case: in 2012, the 54-time champions were forced into the minor leagues due to huge debts, which amounted to more than 130 million pounds.

After bankruptcy, the football giant got into the fourth division, where he showed himself excellently, breaking records for attendance and points scored. And after four years, thanks to his endless victories, he returned to the Premier League.

Meaning and History

The Rangers are unique because they use two logos at once. The first, corporate, represents it in the media space, is found in official documents and souvenir goods. The second, the main one, decorates the players’ equipment. Both versions exist in parallel and are not interchangeable. They underwent a little evolution before taking on a modern look.

What is Rangers?

Rangers is a team of professional Scottish footballers from Glasgow. They participate in the Premiership and have an unusual founding history. The club owes its existence to four teenagers who decided to come together to play football. This idea came to them in 1872 during a walk through Kelvingrove Park (West End Park).


Rangers Logo History

1904 – 1968

Rangers Logo 1904-1968

One of the earliest corporate logos contained intertwined “RFC” letters that were superimposed on one another. The blue monogram was surrounded by a similar blue ribbon with red swirls and white RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB lettering. At the bottom was the motto “READY” (the full version in Scottish sounds like “Aye Ready” and is equivalent to English “Always Ready”).

It is assumed that a similar logo appeared in 1872 – the year the club was founded. To what extent this corresponds to reality is unknown because the oldest memorable thing he is depicted dates back to 1881.

1968 – 1990

Rangers Logo 1968-1990

In 1968, the Rangers began using the red lion emblem over a light blue soccer ball within a white circle. This so-called “Rampant Lion” is an important regional symbol featured on the royal arms of Scotland. The designers removed the monogram, leaving only the full name of the club and a short motto.

1990 – 1994

Rangers Logo 1990-1994

After the redesign, the familiar Rangers logo has been redesigned. The lion and ring turned to gold. The ball has moved higher – to the very edge of the white circle. A font with rounded corners was chosen for the labels.

1994 – 1997

Rangers Logo 1994-1997

In 1994 the red lion returned, and the ball returned to its original position. Simultaneously, the designers finally abandoned the gold color, using white for the background and dark blue for all elements except the lion. The font has also changed: the emblem authors played on the contrast of thin and thick strokes.

1997 – 2003

Rangers Logo 1997-2003

In 1997, the Rangers adopted a modernized lion logo, and a ball moved up a few millimeters. As a result of the redesign, the blue color has become lighter.

2003 – today

Rangers Logo 2003-present

The current corporate logo is almost the same as the 1994-1997 version, but the heraldic lion’s shape and color are slightly different. The font has also changed: now the letters seem thicker because they are less elongated.


For T-shirts

Rangers T-shirts Logo History


1968 – 2003

Rangers Logo 1968-2003

Since 1968, players’ equipment has featured the monogram used on the old corporate logo: intertwined letters “RFC.” So the designers played on the full name of Rangers Football Club, linking it with the historical past. In doing so, they modernized the acronym by making the top of the “R” closed and adding gaps where the lines intersect.

2003 – today

Rangers Logo 2003-present


In 2003, the Rangers won their fiftieth Scottish League title, so five stars were added to the emblem. When the club went bankrupt, this version was much less used. Now the star monogram is back on the players’ uniforms as a reminder of past victories.

Font and Colors

Rangers Emblem

Rangers is one of the few football clubs that have two logos at once. A round sign with a red heraldic lion, blue ball, and lettering is used for documents and marketing purposes. He connects the team with its location because the same lion is depicted on Scotland’s coat of arms.

The second emblem is dedicated to the Rangers only: it is the club’s intertwined initials and reflects the number of Scottish League titles won. The five-star monogram has adorned T-shirts since 2003.

The corporate logo lettering is in bold short serif type. The monogrammed letters used on the players’ uniforms were created from scratch and stylized originally.

The corporate logo features the same colors included in the official club palette: red, white, and royal blue. Only blue and white are present in the monogrammed version because there is no heraldic lion, which must be red.

Rangers color codes

Safety BlueHex color:#1b458f
RGB:27 69 143
CMYK:81 52 0 44
Pantone:PMS 7687 C
Alizarin CrimsonHex color:#e51636
RGB:229 22 54
CMYK:0 90 76 10
Pantone:PMS 185 C