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The React logo is progressive and astonishing. It concentrates the inherent energy of an atom, which is very indicative of a free, open-source library. The emblem represents the digital platform and guards it as if under lock and key. A powerful core attracts satellites, maintaining the functionality and integrity of the structure.

React: Brand overview

Founded:May 29, 2013
Founder:Jordan Walke
United States
The React application is written in JavaScript and is distributed for free. It is an interface library that contains components for creating user interfaces. In particular, it’s a suitable tool for developing server, mobile, and single-page applications with some frameworks. It appeared in 2013 and is a product of Meta.

Meaning and History

React Logo History

To underline the significant importance of the application and highlight it among similar tools, the developers chose a non-standard design – visually familiar to most but used in an uncharacteristic area. For this, the emblem’s authors found an intriguing parallel, which subtly connects two progressive planes – simultaneously different and the same.

The difference is related to absolutely non-coinciding areas of action, and the similarity is caused by the specificity of the internal scheme’s work when additional elements revolve around the main one, forming an inseparable tandem. Thus, the parent company visually demonstrates the close interrelation of the platform with what can be created with its help.

What is React?

React is a free, open-source platform with a JavaScript library for creating certain applications (server, mobile, and single page) with a user interface and rendering in the DOM. The product was presented by Meta in 2013 and is regularly updated.

2013 – today

React Logo

The React logo resembles a classic atomic diagram. Normally, this structure suggests the existence of a center (nucleus) and several elliptical orbits. Traditionally, electrons rotate on these orbits, but in this case, there are none. Three elongated ovals are superimposed, with a solid-filled circle in between. This simplicity embodies a profound concept of mutual attraction and an unbreakable chain, leading to a perfect product – safe, effective, and functional.

One ellipse is horizontal, and the other two are diagonal, echoing the atomic planetary model according to Ernest Rutherford’s concept. The lines are thick, solid, and smooth. They are evenly rounded at the ends, making the emblem look compact. It is characterized by minimalism, as it lacks any textual accompaniment. This fact is explained by its use as an app icon.

Font and Colors

React Emblem

There is no text on the emblem, so it’s impossible to comment on the font style. However, the logo’s color palette is original – light, pleasant, and soft. The unique icon is painted in a pastel mint color, which gives the impression of a friendly web platform.

React Symbol