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A political force can confront social injustice. The Republican logo expresses this position. It opposes slavery and demonstrates the inflexible position of its members. It is also a sign of loyalty to the country and the laws it passes.

Republican: Brand overview

Founded:March 20, 1854
Founder:Alvan E. Bovay, Horace Greeley, Edwin D. Morgan, Henry Jarvis Raymond, Amos Tuck, Abraham Lincoln, Francis Preston Blair
Washington, D.C., U.S.
The second name of the Republican is Grand Old Party or GOP. This political trend was born in 1854 when a group of philanthropists opposed a law that promoted the spread of slavery. So 12 years later, freed black slaves joined the party. Now the supporters of the movement adhere to the philosophy of American conservatism; that is, they advocate the observance of traditions, Christian values ​​, and individualism. Their main rivals are adherents of the Democratic Party. Even the famous Republican logo – the elephant – is contrasted with the Democrats’ donkey.

Meaning and History

Republican Logo History

One of the largest US party is associated with an elephant. Moreover, she got this symbol by accident – critics came up with it to mock the Republican. It all started with an article in The Herald newspaper about animals that had escaped from the zoo. Inspired by the unusual story, American cartoonist Thomas Nast drew a satirical drawing depicting a donkey in a lion’s skin. So he wanted to ridicule President Ulysses S. Grant, who caused a split in the GOP. There were other animals in the cartoon, including a cowardly elephant signed “Republican Vote.” But party supporters weren’t offended by the comparison. On the contrary, they proudly use the elephant logo and improve it occasionally.

What is Republican?

Republican is one of the main political parties that operate in the United States. It is opposed to the Democratic Party due to different views on the development of society. Its representatives are inclined to right-wing ideologies that support economic and social inequality.

1964 – 2000

Republican Party (United States) Logo before 2000

Until 2000, the Grand Old Party was represented by an emblem with an abstract image of an elephant. The animal’s silhouette was composed of several geometric figures: the legs and belly are three connected rectangles, the back is a long semi-oval, and the trunk is a wide winding strip. The bottom part was completely red, while the top part was made blue with three white five-pointed stars.

1994 – 2015

Republican Party (United States) Logo 1994

The developers flattened the elephant a little and expanded the white line separating the blue top and red bottom. At the same time, they turned the stars over, putting them on the rays. The shortened trunk became thicker, and the width of the legs, on the contrary, decreased.

2004 – 2015

Republican Party (United States) Logo 2004

In 2004, the first Republican logo appeared, where the elephant was given a secondary place. Only the right half of the old party symbol remained, and it was reduced and placed in a white oval, denoting the letter “O” as part of the abbreviation “GOP.” For the inscription, a bold and vertically elongated sans-serif font was used. The rounded corners of the glyphs contrasted with the crisp shape of the dark red rectangle that served as the backdrop for the name of the political movement.

2015 – today

Republican Party (United States) Logo

Now the rectangular base is narrower and brighter than in the previous version. The font has also changed, although it is still a geometric grotesque. The white silhouette of an elephant is in the same white ring in the lower right corner. On it, as before, three stars are depicted, only now they are red.

Font and Colors

Republican Emblem

The main symbol of the Republican personifies greatness, authority, and high intelligence. And since the elephant is considered the most powerful and the only one who can defeat the lion, he is associated with limitless power. At the same time, representatives of the Democratic Party believe that this is just a circus animal that can be trained.

Republican Symbol

The Republican logo font looks very simple, but it has one distinct advantage: it reads well at any scale. This is a bold geometric sans serif similar to TYPE714’s Rigo Bold and ParaType’s Stem Text Bold. The color scheme was used to match the palette of the US flag. After the redesign, the blue disappeared, so only white and bright red remained.

Republican color codes

Pigment RedHex color:#e81b24
RGB:232 27 36
CMYK:0 88 84 9
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C