Royal Queen Seeds Unveils New Logo and Brand Identity

Royal Queen Seeds Logo New

Royal Queen Seeds (RQS), a top European cannabis seed producer, has unveiled a new brand identity designed by Morillas. Known for its commitment to responsible and sustainable cannabis growing, RQS offers over 100 cannabis strains, growing equipment, and expert advice. The company has expanded to the United States and operates in 28 European countries.

The old logo evolved from a playful design featuring a lion smoking a joint and a marijuana plant to a more corporate version that did not fully represent the company’s essence. With cannabis becoming more accepted, RQS needed a brand identity that better matched its market position and offerings.

Royal Queen Seeds Logo Evolution

The new logo features a sophisticated lion’s head with its mane crafted from marijuana leaves. This design combines the cannabis plant imagery with the company’s royal theme. The lion’s expression highlights RQS’s leadership in the cannabis industry. Detailed light and shadow effects on the lion’s features and leaves add depth to the design.

The wordmark, set in the Henrietta font by Very Cool Studio, balances the lion’s authoritative presence with a softer typeface. The rounded strokes of the “e” letters add character. The “Q” in “RQS” includes a seed within its counter space, reinforcing the company’s focus on cannabis seeds.

Royal Queen Seeds Logo Old

The identity uses Henrietta in a condensed width for a professional aesthetic. This typography,  rich photography, and centered text layouts create a visually engaging brand image. The new color palette moves from traditional greens to softer hues, evoking serenity and prestige.

The updated packaging reflects the new brand identity, combining centered typography and high-quality photography. This design communicates the brand’s professional yet approachable nature.

Royal Queen Seeds aims to strengthen its presence in Europe and the U.S. with this new identity. The brand’s tagline, “Grow Higher,” encapsulates its commitment to helping growers exceed their expectations and aligns with RQS’s philosophy of innovation.

Royal Queen Seeds Symbol

The refreshed identity positions RQS as a trusted leader in the cannabis industry. The intricate lion emblem and contemporary typography highlight the brand’s dedication to quality. The updated visual identity enhances brand differentiation and reflects RQS’s mission to provide premium cannabis seeds and grower support worldwide.