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The Salvation Army has chosen a logo that matches its status and concept. A shield conveys the military direction in the form of a chevron, and the Christian one is in red, symbolizing the divine fire and the blood of Jesus. The massive emblem features a harmonious balance of sharp angles and rounded lines.

Salvation Army: Brand overview

Founded:2 July 1865
Founder:William and Catherine Booth
London, United Kingdom

The Salvation Army (abbreviated as TSA) is an international charity and a Protestant church. The Booths founded it. William was a Methodist preacher, and Catherine helped and supported him in everything. The time of the appearance of TSA is 1865. The location of headquarters is located in London (UK).

First, it was the East London Christian Mission that promoted the principles. But gradually, the organization’s concept expanded, turning into a charitable service of world importance. Now she is involved in saving the homeless, hungry, and poor, providing them with physical and spiritual help. This has led to an increase in membership, which now stands at over 1.7 million. As a rule, these are not only adherents or followers but also military – officers and soldiers.

Meaning and History

Salvation Army Logo History

The Salvation Army logo reflects its highest priority – protecting those who find themselves in a difficult situation and need outsiders’ help. This badge conveys the desire to save the poor, support representatives of developing countries, and help those affected by natural disasters. Therefore, it is used everywhere where only TSA works, and these are 132 states. The organization’s symbolism is present in shelters, charity shops, and humanitarian aid centers. There are two emblems in her arsenal.

What is Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army is a Christian charity that operates in 132 countries around the world. It deals with the issues of ensuring the protection of people who find themselves in a difficult life situation or are affected by disasters. William Booth and Catherine Booth founded it. Time of origin – 1865. The head office is located in London.

1865 – 1901

The Salvation Army Logo 1865

The first years of the Salvation Army used a logo in the classic coat of arms style. It was a standard roundel consisting of a white circle, a wide ring, and a geometric style frame. The center was a red “S,” which, together with the Christian cross, formed a vertical monogram. These elements had two meanings: the first – the term “salvation,” and the second – Jesus the Savior. Below were crossed swords, symbolizing the battle for salvation.

A wide blue band surrounded the middle with sacred words and symbols. The seven dots are the seven truths of the gospel. The “Blood and Fire” inscription reflects the desire to protect the disadvantaged and suffering. The massive crown at the top is the crown of the glory of the Lord God. It consisted of five segments, each of which was decorated with a four-pointed star. The final chord was the flag – a ribbon under the medallion, symbolizing the war against a social evil and sin. On it was indicated the one who will help anyone in a difficult situation – The Salvation Army.

1901 – today

The Salvation Army Logo

The round badge in a frame with triangles gave way to a figured shield, so the logo lost its royal gloss and began to look like a military chevron, practical and minimalistic. It reflects the key essence of the charitable organization – protecting people in difficult situations. The attachment to Christian values can be traced in the red background – in the color of active struggle, cleansing fire, and the blood of Jesus. The shield is hexagonal but has only four angular protrusions: three at the top and one at the bottom. The other two are rounded, so they look like wide sides. A double frame runs along the edges of the emblem. The central place is occupied by the diagonal inscription “The Salvation Army.”

Font and Colors

Salvation Army Emblem

The evolution of the logo of this organization has moved from a complex form to a simple one so that it can be easily placed on advertising media and signs. Therefore, now, next to the entrance to a thrift store, humanitarian aid center, or shelter opened by this service, there is a red board with the name hanging. It is concise and understandable.

Salvation Army Symbol

The designers used Trajan Pro Regular, a sleek sans-serif typeface in standard configuration, for the Salvation Army emblem. According to the Commissioners Conference, which voted for him in 1958, he best forms the proper image – clear and intelligible. The red color in the logo represents the blood shed by Christ for the salvation of people, the blue color represents the purity of God the Father, and the yellow color represents the flame of the Holy Spirit. There is also white, which serves as a background or for coloring inscriptions.

Salvation Army color codes

Imperial RedHex color:#ef3e42
RGB:239 62 66
CMYK:0 74 72 6
Pantone:PMS Warm Red C