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San Antonio Spurs Logo

San Antonio Spurs Logo
San Antonio Spurs Logo PNG

The San Antonio Spurs are a basketball team resided in San Antonio, Texas. The team competes in the Western Conference of Southwest Division of the NBA. Started as the Dallas Chaparrals of the American Basketball Association (ABA) in 1947, the club was the victim of a first attempt to instill the sense of love for basketball for crazy-about-football Dallas. Unfortunately, the Dallas Chaparrals (chaparral are broad-leaved evergreen shrubs found primarily in northern Mexico and Texas) grew general disinterest in the city. In 1971 the team changed its name to the Texas Chaparrals to gain the army of fans from all over the state, not from Dallas only. A year later, the franchise returned to the old name – the Dallas Chaparrals.

In 1973, it was decided to put up the club for sale. The deal between the owners and a group of San Antonio investors included a 3-year option to buy the franchise outright, after which it would revert to Dallas again. In San Antonio, the Chaps at first got a cowboy-arrow-like name, “Gunslinger.” However, before they even played a game, the name was changed to Spurs to achieve the regional status and, thus, attract more fans. Actually, “Spurs” is a tribute to the history of Texas and the entire Wild West. The cowboy theme is extremely popular in the western part of the United States.

San Antonio Spurs emblem
After moving to San Antonio, the Spurs radically changed the style of the game, starting to promote so-called schoolyard basketball, which brought them both victory and popularity. As a result, the Spurs became one of the most profitable teams in its league, and in 1976, they joined the NBA.

San Antonio Spurs symbol
In 1990, the San Antonio Spurs logo changed dramatically. The color scheme included blow-minding pink, orange, and teal colors, nicknamed the “Fiesta.” In 2003, when modest, conservative style was in trend again, the San Antonio Spurs unveiled a new minimalistic black-and-silver logo.

San Antonio Spurs logo history

San Antonio Spurs Logo History
San Antonio Spurs Logo Evolution

The team logo didn’t stay constant throughout the history of the franchise, being modified seven times. The first three logos depicted a chaparral bird (Californian earth-cuckoo), and the next four featured cowboy spurs. At the moment, the team’s official colors are black and silver.

1967 – 1970

Dallas Chaparrals Logo 1967-1970

Before the Spurs moved to San Antonio, the club was based in Dallas and went by the name of the Dallas Chaparrals. Chaparral is a Californian earth-cuckoo or a greater roadrunner found in Texas. The bird was chosen as the team emblem for the first five years of the franchise history. The earliest logo depicted a blue chaparral bird playing with a red-and-blue basketball.

1970 – 1971

Texas Chaparrals Logo 1970-1971

Two years later, the logo was supplemented by the outline of the state of Texas (as the team got a new name, “Texas Chaparrals”). It also featured the blue chaparral bird with a basketball, as in the previous logo. Also, the crimson-scripted “Chaparrals” wordmark was added to the logo.

1971 – 1973

Dallas Chaparrals Logo 1971-1973

After returning the old name to the team, the logo was altered again. In general, it looked like the previous one, yet some colors were changed. The third Chaparrals emblem depicted the chaparral bird given in a more saturated shade of blue. Besides, it was redrawn in a bit different style. Placed over a black outline of Texas, the bird was dribbling a multicolored basketball. The word “Chaparrals” in dark-red was put below.

1976 – 1989

San Antonio Spurs Logo 1976-1989

It was a period of dramatic changes in franchise history. The team moved to San Antonio, joined the NBA, and was renamed the San Antonio Spurs. It was then that the iconic “spur” design appeared. The logo was built around the name of the team, with the letter “U” resembling cowboy spurs. The spur looked extremely realistic. Due to the 3D effect and the choice of colors, the word “Spurs” looked as though it was made of metal bars. The text “San Antonio” in a simple black type was given above.

1989 – 2002

San Antonio Spurs Logo 1989-2002

The brand-new redesign turned the discreet logo into its opposite, which was named the “Fiesta.” The logo underwent slight alterations. The overall shape and colors of “San Antonio” and “Spurs” lettering remained almost the same, while the background pretty resembled a flag with teal, pink, and orange stripes. The vivid colors represented the Mexican population and the Chicanos, persons of Latin American origin living in San Antonio. The color of the name of the city was changed from black to white.

2002 – 2017

San Antonio Spurs Logo 2002-2017

For the next 14 years, the team emblem resembled the logos of the last 25 years. It got back to the original minimalistic color scheme. The upper part of the new logo consisted of the Eurostile arched text “San Antonio” in white in a black background. The “Spurs” wordmark in black with the legendary stylized spur instead of “U” was a focal point of the logo.

2017 – present

San Antonio Spurs Logo 2017-Present

The 2017 version of the logo is done in the same minimalistic design, yet the frame and the gray background are removed. The logo features arched black-scripted “San Antonio” and “Spurs” wordmarks on top and the bottom, respectively. “U” still looks like a silver spur.