Sand Hill – new unique style and emblem

Sand Hill Collection Logo

A unique offering – Sand Hill Collection, based on the legendary Sand Hill Road in Silicon Valley, has its style and logo. The uniqueness of this project lies in the offer of renting premises on the campus for doing business of any form, becoming participants in the prestigious submarket of the innovative economy. The campus is near Stanford University and covers one of the most beautiful sites, characterized by a unique and mesmerizing nature that you can enjoy without leaving your workplace. The essence of this proposal is not just the opportunity to rent a world-class office but to become an active member of a new community, which is based on the idea of ​​combining your work and lifestyle with the provision of wellness services at the level of the world’s best resorts. Living and working on the Sand Hill Collection campus is an innovative offering that demonstrates the ability to effectively combine these two critical areas for a person when one of them necessarily complements the other. There is everything here to form a “home” base for any office team.

Sand Hill Collection New Logo

An original sign was developed to define the strategy and style of the brand, and it was included in the logo composition. It demonstrates the essence of everything that accompanies the transition from deciding to use the Sand Hill Collection offering. Business development is a step-by-step achievement of a certain level, which requires certain decisions and costs in time. At its core, the achievement of a result is a journey that combines three main stages – the beginning (past), the moment of making a cardinal and decisive decision (present), prospects (future). Where the Sand Hill proposal can secure a successful future, each of these steps has found its stylized reflection in the iconic symbol of the logo.

Sand Hill Collection Emblem

It represents a regular but not closed circle, symbolizing the possibility of continuous development without stopping at what has been achieved. A symbol is inscribed in it, which is, in fact, the originally depicted combination of two letters of the brand name – S and H. Executed as an asymmetrical display of the same figure with winding lanes, the sign becomes that accent element that immediately attracts attention and makes one think. This is followed by the text of the brand name, executed on two levels in lower case, medium thickness. In terms of their height, two lines of the name do not go beyond the “dimensions” of the boundary circle of the sign. All of this, plus the black and gray background color that provides contrast, works to create a captivating and eye-catching image that’s easy to remember and hard to ignore.