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Share the Love: Brand overview

Founded:2017 – present
Founder:Stephen Sharer
United States

Comparing the visual identity of modern vloggers, it can be noticed that the Share the Love logo is very bold, provocative, and positive. It does not meet the general standard principles of informational recognizability but reflects the owner’s attitude toward life. The emblem conveys the spirit of fun and the desire to succeed despite any difficulties.

Share the Love is an entertainment YouTube channel run by American vlogger Stephen Sharer. He creates fun videos filled with positive emotions, as his main task is to create content suitable for the whole family and make the world brighter. The video blog was registered in the winter of 2006 and was updated periodically, but since 2017, it has been operating continuously.

Meaning and History

Share the Love Logo History

To improve the quality of life, and make it more smiley, positive, and joyful for everyone, regardless of age, Stephen Sharer began to fill his video blog even in early childhood. His first video was about unboxing two hoverboards. Then there were videos with friends and performances at local events. A childhood hobby turned into a lifelong job because in 2017, the vlogger, along with his brother, began to create content purposefully for their channel. These were stories about challenges, experiments, and various tricks.

Over time, the concept changed and became more meaningful: instead of unrelated videos, focused short films for the whole family began to appear. Their key rule is fascination, usefulness, and fun. Sharer Fam’s dogs, Otter and Cooper, also participate in the shootings. The idea of the channel transferred to its visual identity, as the video blogger makes the world amazing and shares love for it. Most of the plots are filmed in Los Angeles, where Stephen lives.

What is Share the Love?

Share the Love is a YouTube video channel with entertaining content for the whole family. It was founded in 2006 and reactivated in 2017. It is run by US video blogger Stephen Sharer, who himself films and uploads amusing videos. His main principle is to give joy and love to those around him.

The Share the Love logo is related to the vlogger’s attitude toward life. It reflects his positivity, faith in people, the desire to bring them joy and to rejoice in every new event. Day by day, the young man shares his impressions, which he conveys using a special gesture – the “rock on” sign made with the index finger and pinky. They are both raised upwards, while the middle and ring fingers are lowered and pressed to the palm. In Stephen Sharer’s emblem, the thumb is also straightened and pointed to the side.

Share the Love Symbol

The image is made up of various geometric shapes: trapezoids and rectangles with one end cut off. They are arranged in such a way that they easily convey the necessary gesture, which is easily recognizable in the logo. Typically, in the official logo, all elements are colored black, but when transferred to clothing or promotional items, they can have any other color palette.

The inscription occupies one line because it is, in fact, indivisible; otherwise, the meaning of the channel name is lost. In turn, it consists of a fragment of the founder’s last name – Share(r). The vlogger cut off the last letter and got the desired meaning – “to share” or “share.” And since his video blog is a platform for positivity, he simply added the word “Love.” All glyphs are bold, with rounded ends, and without serifs.

The Share the Love logo also serves as a trademark. It is applied to clothing that fans of the channel and its founder can freely buy. The symbolism remains unchanged since the launch of the video blog and serves not only as an identifier but also as advertising.

Font and Colors

Share the Love Emblem

A bold, lowercase font is used for the inscription. Only the first letters of the words are capitalized: “S” and “L.” In this way, the attention is focused on the channel’s concept. The letters are grotesque and even, with an optimal balance of curves and angles.

In the official version, the Share the Love emblem is black, allowing it to stand out well on a light background. On clothing, other items, and promotional materials, it can have any color.

Share the Love color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C