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Threads of communication underlie the logo. Their interlacing creates an intricate pattern of service points, customers, payment services, and bank cells. The Simple logo demonstrates the connection between the bank and customers through online channels.

Simple: Brand overview

Founder:Shamir Karkal, Alex Payne, Joshua Reich
Portland, Oregon, U.S.

Simple is a virtual bank without physical branches, working through online banking, an official website, and mobile applications for Android and iOS. Provides Visa cards to account holders. It is part of the Allpoint network with free access to 55 thousand ATMs. It is part of the BBVA Group, one of the largest financial institutions in Europe. In November 2020, together with him, it came under the jurisdiction of PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

This organization’s activity started in 2009 when it was founded by three financiers: Alex Payne, Joshua Reich, and Shamir Karkal, who took key positions in the management. They have worked as CTO, CEO, and CFO. The virtual banking structure they created was first concentrated in Brooklyn. A few years later (in 2011), her office moved to Portland, Oregon (USA).

The change of location was the strong financial support from several investors and one fund. In the new city, the bank opened a head office, collecting interest on customer deposits and charging an exchange commission. In the winter of 2014, it was acquired by one of the largest banks in Europe – Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria. And from the end of autumn, Simple, as part of BBVA, moved to PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

Meaning and History

Simple Logo History

Each of the key stages in the bank’s work was reflected in its symbolism. The main changes occurred at the start of his career, with the expansion with the move to Portland and after his purchase by BBVA. In total, Simple has three emblems.

The logo of this bank was a continuation of its concept: ease of use and ease of maintenance. Indeed, unlike classical institutions of this kind, they did not have their own branches. Clients only used online banking through the system or mobile platforms iOS and Android. Therefore, the visual identity was as simple as possible: a circle formed by several intertwined lines. Different numbers were depending on the period. The simplest logo refers to 2014: then, it had a ring formed by three wavy stripes. They were assembled like a Möbius strip. In total, the bank has three emblems because, in 2021, it ceased to exist.

What is Simple?

Simple is the first neobank in America, a bank that operates exclusively online and does not have physical branches. It was created in 2009 and only existed for 12 years, closing in 2021.

2009 – 2011

BankSimple Logo 2009-2011

At the beginning of its work, the bank took a laconic logo, which exactly echoed its name – BankSimple. It was really simple and consisted of a miniature icon on the left and text on the right. The icon depicted a wallet, and next to it was the full name of the banking and financial organization. Both elements were bi-colored and consisted of blue and white. The phrase was written in one piece, with each stem highlighted in capital letters.

2011 – 2016

Simple Logo 2011-2014

In 2011, the developers removed the word “Bank” from the title, leaving only the second part. They also changed the inscription’s font: “Simple” got a chopped typeface with free inter-letter space. All symbols are crisp, clear, and legible. The seriousness of the banking structure was emphasized by geometric letters.

In contrast to them, there was an icon, which consisted of an interweaving of many lines. They were an allegory for a virtual network since the bank had no physical branches. The red and blue stripes symbolized the cable and communication paths with customers and indicated many services within their structure.

2016 – today

Simple Logo 2014-present

As a result of the redesign, the number of intertwined lines has been greatly reduced. There are three of them left, and they are more like links of a single chain, which is closed on itself. The circle is uneven, with arches protruding along the outer edge. Next to it is the word “Simple” in blue – the designers have removed black from the logo. The letters’ shape and size remained the same – simple, smooth, grotesque, in upper case.

Simple: Interesting Facts

Simple Bank, a trailblazer in online banking, made a big splash in fintech before closing in 2021. Its approach to banking changed how we think about managing money digitally.

  1. Start: Joshua Reich and Shamir Karkal founded Simple in 2009 to make banking more user-friendly, directly integrating budgeting and saving tools into accounts.
  2. Mobile Banking: Simple was one of the first to focus on mobile banking, using smartphones to change personal banking with an easy-to-use app.
  3. No Overdraft Fees: Simple doesn’t charge overdraft fees, promoting transparency and fairness while adhering to its mission of a better banking experience.
  4. Goals Feature: Its “Goals” feature lets users save for specific things from their checking accounts, making money management easier.
  5. Safe-to-Spend®: The “Safe-to-Spend®” feature showed users what they could afford to spend after accounting for bills and savings, aiding in budgeting.
  6. Acquisition by BBVA: In 2014, BBVA acquired Simple, aiming to blend Simple’s tech with BBVA’s broad financial services.
  7. Closure: BBVA USA announced Simple’s closure in January 2021, part of a consolidation after BBVA USA was acquired by PNC Financial Services, leaving many customers disappointed.
  8. Culture and Community: Simple stood out for its unique culture and dedication to customer service, building a strong user community.
  9. Industry Influence: Simple’s approach challenged old banking models and showed how fintech could lead industry changes, focusing on tech and customer needs.

Simple’s approach to banking—emphasizing innovation, design for the customer, and transparency—continues to inspire the fintech sector even after its closure.

Font and Colors

Simple Emblem

Since the bank is virtual, the management decided to focus on this and chose elements for the logo that resembles wire communication as much as possible. These are thin lines connected like a cable. They also symbolize communication with customers through mobile applications for smartphones and tablets, online banking, and the official website. Each of the options emphasizes that using this bank is simple, as indicated in its name.

According to the Simple concept, the round icon is a conceptual guilloche pattern that resembles a ring. This is a complex pattern, but it consists of simple geometric lines repeated in a specific order. This logo design is directly related to finance because guilloche is an element of almost all world currencies. It is found on banknotes and is a designation of security and authenticity.

Simple Symbol

The bank chose the Gotham typeface by Hoefler & Frere-Jones for its logo. She moved into typography from American signage in the early 20th century. And with the advent of modern technologies, it again gained relevance, as it had an appropriate design. The developers only slightly changed the font, adapting it to the bank’s requirements and making it as simple as possible. The color scheme of the emblem is also simple and consists of blue on a white background.

Simple color codes

Dodger BlueHex color:#0d97ff
RGB:13 151 255
CMYK:95 41 0 0
Pantone:PMS 2727 C

What is a Simple logo?

The Simple bank logo contains its name (on the right side) and a complex geometric shape that looks like a mandala. All elements are colored light blue.

Are simple logos the best?

In terms of the minimalism that is in vogue right now, simple logos are the best. But the choice of design depends on the company itself. If the emblem is to be filled with symbols, complex elements cannot be dispensed with.

How do I create a Simple logo?

To create a Simple bank logo, you need to use a graphics program. The emblem should consist of three connected rectangles with round sides. You can take the Latinotype Texta Alt Heavy font for the inscription, but the corners must be rounded.

Do logos have to be simple?

No, logos don’t have to be simple. For example, negative space can form additional elements that are only noticeable upon close examination. So a design that is simple at first glance turns out to be complex.