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The well-known American brand made the Skechers logo double: in some cases, a single letter “S” is on the shoes, and in others – the full name. The label is elegant, textual, and strict. It inspires confidence and confidence in the excellent quality of the product. Although the old and new versions differ in italics, they are both smooth, grotesque capitals.

Skechers: Brand overview

Founder:Robert Greenberg
Manhattan Beach, California, U.S.

Skechers is a US footwear brand that manufactures sports and casual footwear. In a short time, it has grown from a newcomer in the domestic market to a well-known international supplier. Today, the company is one of the top 3 footwear brands in the country and has many retail outlets around the world. Its founder is Robert Greenberg. Time of appearance – 1992. The head office is located in Manhattan Beach, California.

At first, Robert Greenberg intended to deal only with street shoes for men, so the range included grunge and casual shoes. But thanks to the high responsibility and exceptionally professional approach to business, the company expanded in a short time. As a result, children’s and women’s samples and sports shoes appeared under this trademark. In 1999, the enterprise went out of personal ownership and became public. And in 2011, he created a personal line of high-load models for athletes.

Meaning and History

Skechers Logo History

In 2018, the expansion of the headquarters started: exhibition halls, design, and office space gradually doubled. This led to a change in the logo as a major visual identity update was planned to transform Skechers into the most imposing center in South Bay.

What is Skechers?

Skechers is a well-known US footwear brand that produces sports and casual shoes for many consumers. Entrepreneur Robert Greenberg founded it in 1992. The company is one of the three leaders in the American shoe market. Its headquarters is located in Manhattan Beach, California.

1992 – 1998

Skechers Logo 1992

The debut logo consisted of a small icon and an inscription. The brand name was done in standard uppercase print glyphs. Even wide letters were located on a small separation from each other, so the text looked compact and was easy to read. In front of him was a label – a capital “S” in a curly frame. It was extended in breadth and corresponded to the height of the inscription. On the right side, the country that owns the trademark was indicated. But the letters were not horizontal, but vertical, and were much smaller than the others.

1998 – today

Skechers Logo

The current Skechers logo is radically different from the past. It has more personality. Stylish letters are elegantly inclined to the right and made with thick lines. Each of them has an extension at the end, which plays the role of a serif. The inter-character spacing is minimal – much less than before, but readability has not been lost from this. The block “S” is separated into a separate signs. It is often used on shoes, while the full name serves as the official logo for documents and more. In addition, the designers have replaced the boring black color with dark blue.

Font and Colors

Skechers Emblem

The evolution of the Skechers logo is associated with updating the font and separating the capital “S” into an independent icon. The reason for this step was the large-scale expansion of the company. At that time, she had large showrooms, offices, and design areas, which changed her visual identity. So the manufacturer has demonstrated its seriousness, progressiveness, and professionalism.

Skechers Symbol

In the first emblem, the font is close to the Marta Bold typeface from FontSite Inc., and in the second, Serpentine Bold Oblique. Thus, standard letters are replaced with sophisticated and elegant ones to show customers the brand’s connection with the fashion world. The color palette is restrained. At first, it was monochrome, but in the modern version, it is dark blue. Sometimes there is gray, which is used to color the frame of a single “S.”

Skechers color codes

Cool BlackHex color:#012d56
RGB:1 45 86
CMYK:99 48 0 66
Pantone:PMS 295 C