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The Slack logo demonstrates multiple channels of communication. The system enables communication on a global and personal level and brings users together around one central theme. The emblem represents the messenger as a great utility program.

Slack: Brand overview

Founded:August 2013
Founder:Slack Technologies
United States
Slack is positioned as an excellent alternative to Skype and even as its “killer” because it alone can replace corporate messengers and e-mail. The instant messaging system allows you to bring the whole team together to discuss working moments. For each topic, you can create your channel, and for one-on-one communication – go to personal correspondence. Another plus is that the program has versions for different operating systems, including the desktop one for Microsoft Windows.

Meaning and History

Slack Logo History

One of the best business applications might not have emerged if Tiny Spec hadn’t created Glitch. In the course of its development, a messaging service was invented, which in the future served as the basis for Slack.

The corporate messenger was launched in August 2013. It used a logo with a colorful hashtag rotated 18 degrees. Users got used to the company’s corporate identity, so they were outraged when it changed the octothorpe’s design. People looked at the new symbol for the four ducks, the swastika, and the Google Photos app icon.

What is Slack?

This is the name of the American company and its flagship product – the messenger developed by Slack Technologies in conjunction with Salesforce. The client is designed for instant messaging between employees within the same enterprise.

2013 – 2019

Slack Logo 2013-2019

The first emblem appeared even before Slack itself. It contained two elements, one of which was a pound sign. The hashtag consisted of four rounded strokes: red, blue, green, and orange. Where the stripes overlapped, complementary colors were used to make the image appear semi-transparent. Despite being two-dimensional, it added depth to it.

The messenger’s name was written to the right of the octothorpe and balanced the color palette with a restrained gray color. The designers chose the Larsseit ExtraBold font, making all the letters lowercase. Thanks to the lack of serifs, the word was easy to read even at a reduced scale.

2019 – today

Slack Logo 2019-present

Slack owners had several complaints about the first logo:

  1. It didn’t look good on a bright background due to its complex palette, which contained 11 colors.
  2. The lattice sign lost its appeal if it was placed at the wrong angle.
  3. The company had to use several versions of the logo that had nothing in common.

For example, the app icon was missing a hashtag.

To make visual identity more consistent, Slack executives turned to design agency Pentagram for help. Responsible for the image change was Michael Bierut, creator of the famous Hillary Clinton and Mastercard logos. After a long creative search, experimenting with different forms, he decided to keep the original octothorpe but change its style. As a result, the sign became more abstract.

The new logo embodies the original spirit, although it uses far fewer colors and lacks the usual transparency effect. The disappearance of overlapping elements makes the image flat, but designers don’t see this as a significant issue. The main thing is that now it can be placed on any background, not just white. The caption has also changed: the name of the program has become black. The letters have lost their rounded corners, although, in general terms, the font is similar to the previous one.

Font and Colors

Slack Emblem

The first Slack graphic was 100% in line with the concept of a corporate messenger. It was associated with the hashtag that was the organizing element of the application, stood before the channels’ names, and quickly found messages.

After the redesign, the iconic grille mark disappeared. Its place was taken by an abstract multicomponent composition consisting of four rectangles with rounded sides and four teardrop-shaped figures.

Each circle symbolizes a cloud of text – the so-called callout, which is used to transmit speech. This refers to the main function of the application, a hint of communication and interaction between users. Moreover, the new emblem is designed to be freely divided into parts, reduced or enlarged.

The bold sans serif that Slack uses is from the Larsseit family. For the redesigned logo, the designers slightly changed the lettering, adapting them to the stylized octothorpe.

The simplified palette includes four colors instead of eleven: red (# E01E5A), green (# 2EB67D), yellow (# ECB22E), and blue (# 36C5F0). The shades have been improved to look great on screen. Also, there are two more colors on the emblem: black for the inscription and white for the background.

Slack color codes

RedHex color:#e01e5a
RGB:224 30 90
CMYK:0 87 60 12
Pantone:PMS 1925 C
GreenHex color:#2eb67d
RGB:46 182 125
CMYK:75 0 31 29
Pantone:PMS 3405 C
YellowHex color:#ecb22e
RGB:236 178 46
CMYK:0 25 81 7
Pantone:PMS 1235 C
BlueHex color:#36c5f0
RGB:54 197 240
CMYK:78 18 0 6
Pantone:PMS 312 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

Why did Slack change their logo?

Slack changed the logo because the previous version looked terrible on any background other than white. And the multi-colored hashtag hurt the development team when it was turned over at an angle that was not 18 degrees.

Is Slack a trademark?

Yes, Slack is a trademark owned by Slack Technologies, Inc.

What is the Slack logo?

The program logo consists of four rounded rectangles arranged in a turntable shape. There are four drops in between. These elements are painted in pairs in blue, green, red, and orange. The black word “slack” is written on the right.

When did the Slack logo change?

Slack’s logo was redesigned in January 2019.