Smooj – a new brand and its identity

Smooj Logo

The past 2020 was marked by major shifts in various areas of production and services. When telecommuting is the only way to keep yourself safe from a widespread, dangerous virus, it creates a strong yearning for any activities and pleasures that could be shared with the company.

This year, a line of new drinks was launched. Smooj, a frothing thick smoothie with a strong seltzer, is a new project from Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Homes Brewery. It is not sold in glass bottles, but the product has the usual appearance of a tin can, making it easy to use, including at home, when you watch TV shows in an easy chair and relax.

Smooj New Logo

I must say that the simple character of the brand, proximity to the target audience, consideration of pains, and preferences in choosing a suitable drink for relaxation has made the company successful and beloved by Americans. The new drink is unique and pleasant to the taste. Therefore, the visual presentation should become a quality mark and win the trust of potential buyers.

Detroit-based agency Skidmore Studio took responsibility for creating the logo. The designers noted the need to create the same outstanding logo as the taste of the new drink itself. Hundreds of sketches were submitted for review until a better option was found.

Smooj Emblem

As a result, I found the image of a creamy, flowing, smooth and delicate image. This is a graphic inscription of the name of a branded drink with the stylization of a smiling face. An emoticon can be a separate part of a logo, an icon, or an icon, which quickly engraves in memory and settles in the head for a long time. Perfect for social media and merchandise. The static nature of the pattern on the can, as if a drink absorbs the can, speaks of the all-encompassing softness and juiciness. Even though the logo is composed of a black handwritten author’s font, its design does not seem weak, ridiculous, or complicated. On the contrary, the lightness and airiness of the visual solution reflect the organoleptic properties of the Smooj drink and its good-natured message.

Logo Smooj