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Despite the “snowy” theme, the logo of Snowflake does not seem cold at all. It conveys the warmth of the soul, which shows the client-oriented attitude of the company. The logo combines both simple and complex elements. The designers tried to show the thought-out structure of cloud storage: on the one hand, the system looks complicated, but everything in it is simple and intuitive.

Snowflake: Brand overview

Founded:July 23, 2012
Founder:Benoît Dageville, Thierry Cruanes, Marcin Żukowski
Bozeman, Montana, U.S.

This is an American public company that stores information using cloud technologies. She also specializes in data analysis and management. The company’s founders are three IT specialists, including Benoit Dageville, Thierry Cruanes, and Marcin Żukowski. The founders of Snowflake also came up with the logo themselves, so it matches the name. Now the company’s backbone is more than 3 thousand people in 20 countries. The time of its appearance is 2012. In 2021, the organization announced that it would not have a headquarters but only a main executive office. It is located in Bozeman, Montana.

Even though the IT company was founded in 2012, it was officially registered only two years later. Until 2014, its employees worked covertly without advertising their activities. From the beginning, their main task was to develop a program for data storage based on cloud computing.

Moreover, Benoit Dageville, Thierry Cruanes, and Marcin Żukowski started from scratch. They didn’t have any platform. They created it during the “hidden” period of the company’s existence to later show the enormous power and promise of the cloud. At first, the software functioned on Amazon S3. A little later, it was transferred to Microsoft Azure (in 2018). Now the utility works based on Google Cloud. Thanks to the successful and fruitful activities, Forbes magazine named Snowflake the No. 1 company among competitors in 2019.

However, IT specialists did not stop there. They now offer users a virtual hub where thousands of firms can exchange, study, and organize information. More than 3,000 employees in 20 countries support the company’s work today, so its logo is familiar in the United States and abroad.

Meaning and History

Snowflake Logo History

The logo reflects the idea of ​​the company’s name because the word “snowflake” in English means “snowflake.” It was she who was chosen to play the role of the main element of visual identity. But why a snowflake? The employees of the software company themselves answer this question. They say it represents a coherent and well-thought-out structure, where every detail fits into the concept exactly, taking its place. A snowflake is also one of the states of moisture that naturally forms clouds.

The graphic is on the left. It consists of one central rhombus and six identically shaped arrows directed toward it. Together they form a semblance of a crystalline element. Moreover, some upside-down arrows (and they go along a circular line, so they turn around) look like the Latin letter “v.”

What is Snowflake?

Snowflake is an American IT company specializing in cloud-related data analysis, storage, and management software. Its founders and software developers are Benoit Dageville, Thierry Cruanes, and Marcin Żukowski. The date of establishment of the company is 2012. The location of the main executive center is the city of Bozeman, Montana. The number of employees is close to 3000 people living in 20 countries.

Snowflake Symbol

On the right side is the name of the company, made in thin font in lower case. All symbols are smooth and even, with rounded ends. Smooth lines testify to the friendliness of the program and its customer focus. After all, it helps smooth out the “corners” in business partnerships and solve certain problems. The inscription is grotesque.

Font and Colors

Snowflake Emblem

The typeface in the Snowflake logo is reminiscent of the grotesque Averta Standard Light by Kostas Bartsokas. But the emblem’s typography has been slightly modified, as evidenced by the shortened middle stroke of the “w,” which is slightly lower than in the original. In addition, the ends of the letters are not cut but rounded. The corporate palette corresponds to the company’s name and consists of a blue-icy shade #24b6e9 on a white background. That is, it conveys the color of water in a frozen state.

Snowflake color codes

Picton BlueHex color:#24b6e9
RGB:36 182 233
CMYK:85 22 0 9
Pantone:PMS 312 C