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Societe Generale is a globally systemically important bank from France that provides universal services since its extensive investment and financial structure. Its second name is SocGen, short for the main one. It has many branches both at home and abroad. In terms of assets, it is the third French bank and the seventh European one. He is part of the so-called Trois Vieilles, heading the French banking system along with Crédit Lyonnais and BNP Paribas. Moreover, the financial institution has very long roots, dating back to the 19th century, in the 1864th year. Now its headquarters is located in La Defense near Paris – in a skyscraper called Tours Société Générale and located in the business district.

Meaning and History

Societe Generale Symbol

The bank appeared under a different logo and a different name. Those that are now known arose much later. Its first name is very long – General Company to Support the Development of Commerce and Industry in France. It was a specialized company established by a group of financiers and industrialists in an important historical period – the Second Empire.

At first, she actively opened offices and staffed the staff with qualified personnel. Gradually, it acquired a wide network of financial outlets: 15 in Paris and 32 in the country. Now there are much more of the – hundreds of them. Moreover, they are located not only within the country but also abroad: in Asia, Europe, South America, Africa.

Since 1894, credit departments have appeared in the structure of the financial organization. In 1945, the bank was nationalized, so it became subordinate to the state, becoming its sole shareholder. Over the years, the organization has repeatedly flourished and experienced a decline but did not leave the banking market, keeping the same logo.

The bank’s most recent loss was € 1.26 billion, which it suffered in mid-2020. As a result, serious administrative changes were outlined. They will show themselves by the end of 2021 and will probably affect the bank’s identity. And it has not changed for a very long time: the investment and financial conglomerate has only one emblem. After moving its headquarters from an old building in Paris to a special business district of La Défense, it gained a high profile, built up with skyscrapers.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Societe Generale Emblem

The current logo echoes the appearance of the skyscrapers where the bank is located. Tours Societe Generale (this is the name for two buildings built in a half-turn towards each other) is repeated in the graphic icon’s outlines. It shows two horizontal rectangles with miniature protrusions on the right and left. The upper zone is red; the lower one is black. They are connected to form a void in the middle, which is conveyed by a long white line. All these contours are recognizable in the financial conglomerate’s head office buildings; there is even a narrow space between them.

The combination of contrasting tones reflects strength and influence, and a strict geometric shape conveys the company’s energy and power. On the right is the bank’s name, grouped into two lines: in the upper row – “Societe,” in the lower – “Generale.” All letters are standard, proportional, capitalized, grotesque and subtle. Both elements are located on a white background.

The logo is written in a typeface reminiscent of Media Gothic. These are narrow sans serif letters, geometrically strict and even. They demonstrate the transparency of the conglomerate’s financial activities and its openness to clients. The proprietary palette is stable and includes three colors: red # e50a30, black # 010101, and neutral white.

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