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Today, the Splunk logo is known in 21 regions of the world because this company has gone international by making its products publicly available to all users. To show his focus, approachability, and professionalism, Splunk chose a simple style.

Splunk: Brand overview

Founded:October 2003
Founder:Michael Baum, Rob Das, Erik Swan
San Francisco, California, U.S.

Its basic specialization is software designed to search, analyze and monitor data generated via a web interface. The firm’s founders are Rob Das, Michael Baum, and Erik Swan. It appeared in 2003 and, by 2022, received over 1020 patents. The number of its employees is now more than 7500 people. The headquarters location is San Francisco, California.

Splunk is not only a software company. This is also the name of the digital technology used to support cybersecurity, business intelligence, application management, and compliance control. It is built on fundamental data processing processes in large volumes. Its creators are a group of specialists led by Michael Baum, who became the company’s co-founders. They were financially supported by venture capital companies JK&B Capital, Ignition Partners, Sevin Rosen, and August Capital.

The popularity of this organization came along with the growth in demand for software. And already ten years after its founding, Splunk made several important acquisitions: it bought two specialized structures – BugSense and Cloudmeter. Since 2015, it has begun to be even more active, gaining ownership of competitors and some digital technologies.

Meaning and History

Splunk Logo History

To be highly recognizable, the company has adopted a simple and effective visual identity mark that has never changed. She tried to keep the design practical while focusing on technology. This approach is its main marketing strategy: it is not the logo that should promote the company, but the company – the logo, making it popular and in demand. It is a single inscription typed in sans-serif type.

To show its efficiency, concentration, accessibility, and professionalism, Splunk chose an uncomplicated identity. It has neither rich color palettes, multi-structural typography, nor associative images. Everything is really simple and practical. The main element of the logo is the inscription. This is the name of the company and its program, arranged horizontally. It is written in black characters in lowercase. The design is universal; the design is easy to read, and the style is utilitarian.

What is Splunk?

Splunk is the name of a software company and the software it produces. The firm was founded in 2003 by three IT professionals: Rob Das, Michael Baum, and Erik Swan. Today the number of its employees exceeds 7500 people. She also owns over 1020 patents. Its head office is located in San Francisco, California. It is engaged in software for searching, analyzing, and controlling a large amount of generated data.

Splunk Symbol

The text is on the left side of the emblem. It occupies almost the entire space and immediately attracts attention. The glyphs are simple but with rounding and a minimum of corners to demonstrate the friendliness of the digital product. External and internal corners are present only at “k.” Moreover, her leg is high and massive, which is very similar to the lowercase “l” standing next to it, which in turn resembles the capital “I.” “p” has a similar leg.

On the right side of the logo, there is an inequality sign “>.” It is also a mathematical symbol with the meaning “greater than.” Its open side is turned to the next letter, which is the last one. And since it’s a “k,” the arrow looks like its segment in a mirror image. But its width is less than that of the letter. Such a symbol simultaneously performs the function of linking with programming languages ​​and serves as a forward indicator; that is, it adds dynamics to the logo.

Font and Colors

Splunk Emblem

The Splunk company chose a simple and clear logo, using the Stone Sans Semi Bold Regular typeface. It also echoes the style of SoftMaker’s Chantilly Serial Medium font, where the slash at the bottom of the “k” is horizontal rather than diagonal, as in the emblem. This is, in fact, the most significant difference between them. Otherwise, they are identical.

The color palette is also the same. There is nothing remarkable in it – all elements are painted black. But it has one important advantage: it stands out clearly against a white background.

Splunk color codes

Rich BlackHex color:#0c1724
RGB:12 23 36
CMYK:67 36 0 85
Pantone:PMS 296 C