Sprite – the refreshing taste of the renewed brand

Sprite Drink Logo

First introduced in 1961, The Coca-Cola Company’s refreshing lemon-and-lime flavored drink, called Sprite, quickly gained popularity. Today, the brand ranks second in terms of sales and has rebranded to increase its presence in the market. The new visualization not only became timely but also reflected the close connection between the history of the creation of the brand and its desire for continuous improvement. First introduced in 1959 as Fanta Klare Zitrone by the German department of Coca-Cola Deutschland, it became a strong competitor for 7 Up products. The product has increased sales in 190 countries in just a few years. In order not to stop there, the brand launched a global advertising campaign – Heat Happens, within which changes were made to the identity and packaging system.

Sprite New Logo

The main objective of the change was to create a common identity for products sold worldwide. At the same time, recognition was ensured by maintaining the usual branded visual elements, including green and yellow colors. The sign has acquired a laconic appearance. Many additional visual elements have been removed. The text module gained “freedom” by losing its bounding box. The redesigned typeface added strength and youthfulness to the emblem, which was needed to appeal to young Gen Z consumers. It’s increased in size and gained in appeal, thanks to the use of “rit,” which creates a beautiful continuous curve. The elegance of the composition is emphasized by its even horizontal or vertical position for narrow jars. Despite some complexity of graphics, its new presentation does not allow losing existing consumers, opening up wide opportunities for attracting new ones.

Sprite Symbol

Clearer and brighter graphics have acquired their activity, positively impacting the viewer. This is facilitated by the new Spark font, which is simple and somewhat cheerful, and flexible, making it easy to read when applied to rounded surfaces. With its help, recognition is formed while maintaining familiar outlines and shapes for the consumer. Adding a spark becomes a spectacular way of expressing the savory taste in a visual equivalent that makes the drink so popular.

Sprite Logo Before and After

The visual evolution streamlined the entire system, ensuring harmony between logo, label, and packaging images. An important sequence of perception and impact was achieved, and the required emphasis was created, thanks to the creation of visual focus on the necessary elements.