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The Sprouts logo symbolizes the closeness to nature because this chain sells mostly natural and organic products. In addition, the stylish sign shows how much the brand strives to develop and comply with modern design.

Sprouts: Brand overview

Founded:July 2002
Founder:Boney family
Phoenix, Arizona, United States

For the Sprouts brand, the logo does not contain the abbreviated name but the full name – Sprouts Farmers Market. This well-known trading network in America covers 23 states with services. Its supermarkets employ over 35,000 people, and each store averages about 30,000 square pounds. That is, it is a large-scale system of trade in natural and organic farm products. It also offers household items, body care products, baked goods, deli, seafood, nutritional supplements, and vitamins. The time of its occurrence is 2002. The founder is the Boney family. The head office is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

The roots of this company go back to the first half of the 20th century – at the time when the merchant Henry Boney opened a small counter in the vicinity of the Californian city of La Mesa. There he sold fresh fruit in the open air. This event took place in 1943. Then in 1969, the merchant’s sons founded Boney’s Market, bringing together the family’s grocery stores. The result is a large covered area. The brothers named the building Henry’s Farmer’s Market after their father. In 2002, representatives of the Boney dynasty created a large shopping center, Sprouts Farmers Market, in Chandler, Arizona.

In 2011, Apollo Global Management merged Sprouts, Henry’s, and Sun Harvest into one common name. A year later, she added the Sunflower chain to them, also known as Sprouts. At the same time, the trading giant lost the status of a family firm and turned into a public corporation. Her work went very well, so in 2018 and 2019, the business magazine Fortune included her in the list of the World’s Most Admired Companies.

Meaning and History

Sprouts Logo History

The trade network logo changed at the most important moments of its history. The first stage, of course, is the foundation, and the second is consolidation. Although the difference between them is about 20 years, but the designers have retained the basic style of visual identity, adhering to the principle of naturalness. Nature is conveyed in the emblems – in their palette, lines, and characteristic elements.

What is Sprouts?

Sprouts is an American supermarket chain selling agricultural products, nutritional supplements, hygiene, household items, and seafood. The main emphasis is on the naturalness of the products offered, so the company’s full name is Sprouts Farmers Market. It was formed in 2002 and currently covers 23 states with services. Its founders are representatives of the Boney family. The headquarters is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

2002 – 2020

Sprouts Farmers Market Logo 2002

The debut emblem consisted of a counter with fresh fruit. They were bright and colorful, which suggested the idea of ​​their juiciness and appetizing. This is exactly what merchants were striving for when they placed such a sign in their supermarkets. Among the healthy goodies, there were drawn watermelon, grapes, apples, pineapple, bananas, plums, lemons, pears, and other fruits.

Below, in large characters, was the word “Sprouts.” It was done in an uneven font with sharp serifs. The difference in the height of the glyphs emphasized this unevenness. For example, the smallest sign was “O,” the largest was “S,” and “R” had the right leg longer than the left one. The designers typed the second part of the name in small letters of a similar style. The stitches have been left justified, starting with “P.” All elements were in a horizontal ellipse of a light gray color.

2020 – today

Sprouts Farmers Market Logo

Now the Sprouts retail chain has a minimalistic logo. This is part of the previous version, only without the image of the fruit. This redesign is associated with a significant expansion of the range of goods since now; you can find dairy and grain products, meat, fish, pastries, and much more. The designers turned the graphic element into a miniature leaf located in the letter “O,” which resembles a stem with a curved shape. She has a sharp end and a lateral “process.” The rest of the symbols are classical – printed, even antique. The inscription on the top line is large, and on the bottom – small.

Font and Colors

Sprouts Farmers Market Emblem

The identity of retail supermarkets is associated with plants and agriculture. This is evidenced by the color and shape of the letters, as well as additional details in the form of fruits, leaves, and stems. A similar concept can be traced in both versions. The palette is a calm, pastel spectrum. The difference between the two emblems is the shape of the glyphs and the lack of a background oval.

The Sprouts logo consists of inscriptions made in antiqua. In the first case, this is an individual set of glyphs; in the second case, the classic font Minion Pro Condensed Caption Bold, developed by Adobe. The phrase in the bottom row is typed in a typeface reminiscent of Capitolina Semi Bold by Typefolio Digital Foundry.

Sprouts Farmers Market Symbol

The colors in the emblem are restrained, powdery for the inscriptions, and bright and juicy for the fruits. Pastel green #2a7839 is predominant; light green #6cbd47 is additional. In addition, the first logo contains red, yellow, brown, orange, and purple.

Sprouts color codes

La Salle GreenHex color:#2a7839
RGB:42 120 57
CMYK:65 0 53 53
Pantone:PMS 348 C
MantisHex color:#6cbd47
RGB:108 189 71
CMYK:43 0 62 26
Pantone:PMS 361 C