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A technology company operating in the field of electronic payments must look solid and inspire confidence. Therefore, the Stripe Inc logo is made in a minimalistic style. But it is bright and dynamic enough to be called unique. This is a manifestation of creativity, without which the invention of new software solutions is indispensable.

Stripe: Brand overview

Founder:Patrick and John Collison
South San Francisco, California, U.S. and Dublin, Ireland

This company has double roots: American and Irish. Therefore, it has two head offices located in Dublin and San Francisco. Legally, they have equal status and equal importance. The tasks of this organization include:

  • The provision of financial services.
  • The implementation of software for processing payments.
  • The creation of API channels for online sales.
  • The support of mobile applications.

The time of the appearance of the service is 2009. Its founders are the Collison brothers (John and Patrick).

In the first half of the new millennium, brother entrepreneurs from Ireland took up financial and payment systems and opened their own company in Palo Alto, California. But the service was launched after two years after thorough beta testing. The demand for his services was so urgent that he received $2 million in investment. The funds came from Elon Musk and Peter Thiel (co-founders of PayPal), Liam Casey (a major Irish entrepreneur), and several specialized organizations.

Then, in the history of Stripe, the stage of acquiring the necessary tools and platforms began. The first on the list was the Kickoff application, designed to support chat and task management. In 2012, the company changed its location and moved its office to San Francisco with the prospect of further expansion. In 2020, financial and electronic services began to go abroad. And in 2022, he closed a string of lucrative deals with Ford Motor Company, Twitter, Spotify, and ION.

Meaning and History

Stripe Inc Logo History

Like any similar organization, the visual identity of this firm is characterized by seriousness. It’s more business than marketing. The tool for attracting users’ attention is the quality of services, not the logo. That is why it has a practical and clear design with excellent readability. Only an unusual color – lilac – adds individuality to it.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a financial company that provides payment processing software and API channels for online sales. It also offers dedicated apps for mobile devices. The service was launched in 2009 in a test mode and in 2011 – in the final one in. Its creators are brothers Patrick and John Collison. This company has two headquarters: one is located in Dublin (Ireland), and the second – is in San Francisco (United States).

2009 – 2016

Stripe Inc Logo 2009

The Stripe logo is a text emblem. There are no additional graphic elements in it, which was immediately reflected in the debut emblem. The inscription is single, horizontal, and contains only the company’s name. It consists of classic block letters in lowercase. Glyphs are streamlined due to rounding and include a minimum of angles. This is how the financial service demonstrates friendliness and customer focus. Despite the minimum character spacing, text readability is optimal due to the white background.

2016 – today

Stripe Inc Logo

At first glance, the modern logo is a copy of the old one. However, it is not. If you look closely, you can see clear differences. For example, a different font, a cut-off half of the crossbar at the “t,” an oblique line above the “i” instead of the traditional dot, and legs that are more elongated upwards.

Also noted is the presence of oblique cuts on the protruding parts of some of the letters, which are reminiscent of the diagonal strokes used in the project’s original title at the development stage. Then it was /dev/payments and was included in the Ycombinator program. In addition, the slanted lines emphasize that this is a technology company because these elements are widely used in computer coding, in the names of files and web pages.

Font and Colors

Stripe Emblem

Even though Stripe’s logo is simple, it is well-remembered due to its unusual color. The fact is that financial institutions and companies engaged in Internet payments and programs for their processing do not use an extraordinary palette. Most often, it is green – associated with money. But in this case, there was an overlay of emerald on light green, which led to the appearance of a purple hue. Otherwise, the evolution of the emblem is hardly noticeable: it is still focused on the text.

Stripe Symbol

Stripe chose an understandable grotesque, reminiscent of a modified version of Fira Sans Condensed Heavy for its identity. Also noteworthy is its similarity to another typeface, FF Fago Black, created by German typographic designer Ole Schäfer. In any case, the company uses an individual word mark that does not exactly match any of the known fonts. The logo’s palette changed from black to emerald and then to purple.

Stripe color codes

Nebula BlueHex color:#635bff
RGB:99 91 255
CMYK:61 64 0 0
Pantone:PMS 266 C