Sun of new life from CBC

CBC National Day for Truth and Reconciliation logo

Artist Emily Kewageshig is known for her unique, authentic style of work. Her works have motives of flora and fauna. She creates beautiful flowing patterns and is sure to bring an ethnic folklore accent to her work.

It would seem, what connects her work and the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation? And what is the role of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in their relationship? At first glance, all this does not fit. The answer is simple: the young artist was invited to participate in creating a commemorative logo presented by CBC on the occasion of the memorable day.

Since the native broadcasting logo looks like a circle divided into small parts, the corresponding event logo should remind you of the brand that promotes it.

Attention to indigenous peoples, a tribute to memory and appreciation for the history traversed, will be broadcast in programs and various digital information sources.

When the artist grew up among the indigenous population, she absorbed the cultural heritage of a particular community. This gave her a powerful impetus in self-realization and developing the style, which she honed while studying fine arts at Sheridan College.

CBC National Day for Truth and Reconciliation logo New Logo

Her main idea behind the created logo is to ask the audience about what they see. So that everything that was seen was rethought, absorbed, accepted, and able to respond. The artist’s style is mesmerizing, so she uses the method of immersing the viewer in her works, creating a puzzle through visual perception and saturation with aesthetic feelings.

The passionate heart and hand of the professional Emily Kewageshig have created the symbol of growth that is the theme of her work. The idea is based on the changes that indigenous peoples stood for, and all this is conveyed through the image of the sprout as truth and reconciliation. The gem turns into a flower, in the elements of which the faces of the indigenous population are visible. These are very touching visuals and very symbolic for the event. The sun and four faces signify a hopeful future, the rise of a new time without stereotypes and infringements.

The sun shines its light in all directions, destroying the visual boundaries of the logo. This emphasizes the idea that there are no restrictions, but goodness, mutual understanding, and friendship.