SurveyMonkey announces relaunch with new name and logo

Momentive Logo

The unexpected rebranding of the well-known SurveyMonkey company alarmed the public a lot. The fact is that the brand has been known since 1999; it is a flagship in management, offering ready-made management solutions, technologies, and techniques for large organizations. The name itself testifies to the monitoring and speed of reactions; otherwise, two keywords would not be combined – “review” and “monkey.” As you know, some species of monkeys are capable of learning, and repeated experiments have demonstrated their sequence of thinking and decision making.

Nevertheless, a new name appears, indicating precisely the line of decision-making speed. Qualitatively new, at the same time logical and following from the previous name – Momentive. This is both a common name and an emphasized property of the company and the charisma of everyone who is involved in this brand. An amazing reach of active users – more than 20 million worldwide, about 350 thousand organizations from hundreds of countries join the process of discussing solutions and analyzing work situations of enormous importance for business.

Momentive New Logo

Instantly – and this is beyond doubt – all users receive information about the market, marketing trends, competitors’ brands, and case studies from experience. The initiators of the brand renewal themselves declare that they like agility and speed; these are the company’s competitive advantages, which they wanted to emphasize. There is no longer a hint of the aggressiveness inherent in monkeys, but there is softness, flexibility, a sense of the moment, and confidence that the decision is correct.

The animated logo looks like a jump, somersault, a spring with flare. The colors themselves are quite pleasantly combined because they form an artistically correct trio – yellow, green, and blue. True, green is a dark shade due to the overflow and the influence of the blue tint.

Momentive Emblem

The font is unique, oblique, and sharp at the same time; if you look closely, you can again see the element of spring, readiness for a jump, or other quick action.

The monkey comic or the GetFeedback shooter (another new branding product) are already seen as separate derivatives of the overall Momentive brand. He seemed to have grown up, become a mature product that is trusted around the globe (colors contribute to this train of thought). Two key fonts – Playfair Display and Montserrat – artfully complement the brand’s visuals.