Tallarna brand identity instead of Pivot Energy Services

Tallarna Logo

The Tallarna brand used to be called Pivot Energy Services, which makes sense for a company that deals with climate technology for the built environment. The brand has announced its refresh as it expands and takes confident steps toward embracing a new technological future.

Often, brands change their glare due to increased competition, loss of public interest, an expanding customer base, and increased demand for services and products for better recognition.

Tallarna New Logo

In Tallarna’s case, this can be called “acquiring” its real name. In Swedish, the word in the name means “pines.” And it perfectly illustrates the authority in the market, the scale, and reach of the company. And the even more direct context of the name is a purely biological point – pine trees quickly and efficiently absorb carbon emissions in buildings.

The new logo, the design of the main website, and the social media accounts are all being transformed by the new identity. The transformation will definitely benefit the brand.

Tallarna Emblem

As for the logo, it is simple and has no special concepts. The icon is made in the lilac shade in the form of a circle created by arrows. It turns out that the circle is made by these cyclic arrows, which rotate in one direction, forming a closed circle. The font chosen is simple, about pretty – with soft beads, yet slender and moderately austere. By the way, the capital letter was not singled out. It is likely that the badge made a bright accent and then stopped there.

With the old name and logo, the company looked presentable and reliable. The emphasis was on the bold typographic blue logo with thin ticks of varying bluish-green hues that formed the letter V.

Tallarna Before and After Logo (history)

To say that a direct reference to brand specialization was obvious is not. Nevertheless, there were dynamics in the logo even then.

With a new identity and naming, the company will quickly become one of the industry’s favorite companies. A simple and memorable design bodes well for a company engaged in a good cause.