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The TD Bank logo is a prototype of a safe full of money. While inside, they grow and multiply. The emblem promises clients transparency and legality of transactions, financial benefits, and pleasant bonuses when investing in a bank.

TD Bank: Brand overview

Founded: February 1, 1955
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
TD Bank is a financial institution that provides banking services in all regions of the United States. It operates as a subsidiary of Toronto-Dominion Bank, a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Canada. The American brand got its current name in 2008 after Banknorth’s merger (founded in 1852 as Portland Savings Bank) and Commerce Bancorp (founded in 1973 by the fast-food chain owner).

Meaning and History

TD Bank Logo History

Thanks to its huge number of branches, TD is considered one of the largest banks in North America. Therefore, its square green logo is known almost everywhere – from Florida to Maine. The financial institution uses the official branding of its parent company, Toronto-Dominion Bank. In turn, that owns a large number of divisions because it has grown by acquiring other organizations. Its brands share a common identity that is built on a consistent system of visual signs.

What is TD Bank?

TD Bank is a credit and financial institution from the USA, which got its current name in 2008 after merging with Commerce Bancorp. It is part of the Canadian corporation Toronto-Dominion Bank, which conducts business in various countries worldwide using the TD brand. The predecessor of the American division of the company was Portland Savings Bank, which started operations in 1852 and was later renamed Banknorth.

1973 – 2009

Commerce Bancorp Logo 1973-2009

Before Commerce Bank became part of TD Banknorth, it had a logo with a big red “C.” The capital letter was shaped like a flying drop. Above was the name of the organization, written in black italics, sans serif.

2009 – today

TD (Toronto-Dominion) Bank Logo 2009-present

After the merger of Commerce Bank and TD Banknorth, a completely new brand was created – TD Bank. The abbreviation, in this case, stands for Toronto-Dominion. The combined company had to ditch the “C” symbol and adopted a different color scheme. As a result, she has an emblem in a light green square with white letters “T” and “D.” The second part of the name is located slightly to the right. This is the dark green word “Bank” in bold. On the website and in advertisements, it can be supplemented with a slogan.

The design and strategy of the TD brand were developed by the Canadian studio Shikatani Lacroix. She had a specific challenge: to create a universal visual identity that would suit both the parent conglomerate and its subsidiaries.

2019 – today

TD (Toronto Dominion) Bank Logo 2019-present

The symbol with the letters “TD” turned out to be so successful and memorable that the bank began to use it separately from the wordmark. The green square does not need any additions – it is the basis of the corporate identity.

Designers have filled the TD Bank logo with visual metaphors. Even its quadrangular shape symbolizes discipline and order because a square is a “stable” figure, equal on all sides. Connecting letters with a common white line represents consistency and connection. Therefore, both a clear geometry and a special ligature have a double meaning.

Font and Colors

TD Bank Emblem

The letters “TD,” short for Toronto-Dominion, looks more like a stylized monogram than full lettering. The expanded version of the logo, which has a wordmark, uses the Frutiger UltraBlack font developed by Adrian Frutiger’s typographer.

The green color went to the American brand from one of its predecessors – TD Banknorth. It is represented in the character system in two shades: darker British Racing Green (# 003F2D) and lighter Apple (# 54B848). In addition to symbolizing vitality and money, this color makes TD Bank unique and differentiates it from other US financial institutions.

TD Bank color codes

Apple Hex color: #54b948
RGB: 84 185 72
CMYK: 55 0 61 27
Pantone: PMS 354 C