The clarity and precision of El Periodico de Espana’s design

El Periodico de Espana Logo

New time dictates its own design rules. From the pretentiousness of the lines, they returned to simplicity and minimalism. In today’s culture, it is much more common to find uncomplicated drawings, symbols, and symbolic signs that easily convey the company’s main idea or brand values.

A new newspaper has recently appeared called El Periódico de España. To attract the attention of potential readers, we turned to the design agency Future Brandy McCann.

As you know, El Periodico de Espana is the new era of the Prensa Ibérica group, is a simple and straightforward newspaper product, close in spirit to the common reader. This is exactly what the design was supposed to be – familiar and consistent.

El Periodico de Espana New Logo

Careful typography by Arizona and Merriweather for readability, simple compositions in design allow flexible interaction with the target audience. Journalism, in general, is built on the concept of communication; therefore, establishing a close connection with the reader is a primary and incredibly difficult task, especially when it comes to a newspaper that has just appeared on the market.

It is necessary to gain trust, evoke positive emotions, and become an authority for people who do not know about the existence of a new brand. Therefore, 1200 journalists work in the newspaper in different territories to convey information to the public as adequately as possible and dispel doubts, contradictions and defend the truth.

By adapting to the brighter content, the sports, reporting, and culture sections have been optimally attractive and given their character by increasing and decreasing the size of texts and fonts.

El Periodico de Espana Emblem

Digitally, the new design looks organic and is easy to perceive, which is a big plus these days. It is easy to oversaturate with information, but submitting information moderately and beautifully is not available to everyone, only to professionals.

In this sense, the El Periodico de Espana brand has balanced all sides – both design and content is an attractive product for readers.

As for the logo, the chosen bright blue color immediately attracts attention with its richness and “activity.” Sometimes blue shades look like stagnant water in a pond, where nothing is happening; everything is cloudy and hopeless.
But here is a gushing stream of energy, information, events. The dynamics of the modern pace of life are very competently conveyed in color.

El Periodico de Espana Symbol

As for the graphic symbol and the font itself, white was chosen for contrast. In the white circle at the place of the gap, the lines of the printed edition are seen. The third line has a graphical clue; the “tail” refers to the fact that the printed edition also adequately conveys information in the digital version. There is a newspaper inscription on the right side, and the article “el” and the particle “de” are designed according to the spelling in Spanish, with small letters, and the name Periodico Espana itself – with capital letters.

The font is difficult to read because it has rounded and torn elements in the design, but overall it looks fashionable and cool, like for a simple newspaper edition.

What they wanted to invest in the design is reflected perfectly – to be on the crest of the wave, be aware of the latest events, and be in a constant stream of news and events.