The development of Globus required a visual change

Globus Logo

The Globus chain of German grocery hypermarkets dates back to 1828 when Franz Bruch opened a small grocery store in St Wendel. Today it is already a trading network, covering with its areas not only Germany but also the Czech Republic and Russia. Over the years of its existence, the brand has expanded its specialization. Now its network includes specialized stores of building materials and consumer electronics. The success and development of the brand are already promoted by the 5th generation of the Bruch dynasty, represented by Franz Bruch, who decided on the need to rebrand the company. The task that needed to be solved was to ensure that the visualization complies with modern requirements reflects all the recent changes, focusing on the main benefits and care for each customer.

Globus New Logo

The revision of the brand identity included the development of a new logo that was more concise, simple, and easy to remember. It was based on a stylized image of a globe with open sectors, which symbolizes the brand’s desire to expand the sales market and openness to new achievements and changes. To reflect its commitment to its rich history of more than a century and a half, the brand has retained the main range with only a few changes in shades, making them more saturated and clear thanks to the use of modern digital technologies. This greatly enhances their visibility in digital services and when printing with the latest digital technologies. The originally executed dynamic globe sign has become a symbol of the dynamics and transparency of the brand itself. The color was chosen to be deeper and more saturated, which increased the attractiveness of the sign.

Globus Symbol

Under the globe is the famous text block, which is the brand’s full name, made using a font like Pani Sans Black by Alessio Laiso Type. In it, the letter “B” acquired the roundness of its sharp corners, which ensured the visual solidity and stability of the brand, enhancing the attractiveness of the entire composition. Executed in a saturated bright signal orange tint, the text looks contrasting against the green background of the sign. This combination of colors strongly impacts the viewer, creating an attractive and inviting atmosphere.

Globus Before and After Logo (History)