The flagship product from Next Gen Foods – TiNDLE chicken, acquired its TM


As a leading Asian food technology brand, Next Gen Foods presented its flagship product, TiNDLE. It is a plant-based chicken that will be served by top chefs in the UAE’s finest restaurants. Immediately before launch, the dish received its visual essence, designed by Everland. The product is intended primarily for restaurants that will be able to use it to prepare dishes based on it. It consists of 9 natural ingredients that do not hurt the human body, excluding animal elements. The brand’s first protein product is free of antibiotics, GMOs, hormones, and cholesterol, made from nutritious plants. TiNDLE can become the centerpiece of almost any dish – roast or kebab, nuggets for children or the basis of a diet, as well as for vegetarian tables. In addition to its safe properties, chicken is distinguished by its juiciness, taste that exactly repeats the taste of chicken meat, pleasant texture, and versatility. The presentation of the product in the UAE was conceived due to the region’s reputation as a paradise for true gourmets.

TiNDLE New Logo

The presentation program and the logo should have aroused an irrepressible desire to try it in everyone who encounters a “vegetable chicken.” So that this desire awakens in every child who madly desires this “tasty treat.” The studio found an original solution to create visual appeal for a new food brand. In addition, the creative approach to graphics and the execution of the corporate identity and logo has created a great addition to any menu, giving it a new life. The main emphasis was placed on the consumer’s feelings, which should push him to decide in favor of TiNDLE while helping him get the most out of the process of tasting a new product. The psychology of the brand’s appearance aims to create the required enjoyment of eating chicken, which chicken meat evokes, despite its vegetable origin.

TiNDLE Emblem

The whole design is filled with freshness and naturalness. It creates a sense of appetite while drawing attention to itself. An intriguing name, together with unexpected graphic solutions – a deep and rich blue background and a white name that stands out in contrast and is easy to remember, makes the logo special and attractive. With its unexpected design, the name itself in which the characters differ in size and location, where some letters hang over others. In contrast, others are placed inside some of them, making you want to look at this composition repeatedly. And despite the use of a not quite appetizing blue color, altogether has the required effect on the consumer.