The Gund: Evolving Beyond Boundaries and Bridging Artistic Horizons

The Gund New Logo

The Gund Gallery, located in the Kenyon College Art Center in Gambier, Ohio, has held its rightful place since its founding in 2011. Beginning its journey as “The Gund Gallery,” the facility quickly evolved from a simple art display space to a vibrant center for artistic communication and learning.

Over the past twelve years, The Gund has moved away from its traditional role. No longer just a gallery, it has evolved into a center for art, learning, and meaningful connections. Recognizing this trajectory, the company prudently decided to shorten its name, dropping the suffix “gallery” to symbolize its changed character and broader mission.

With over 200 works of art, Gund Gallery is a diverse canvas of contemporary and relevant stories. The unique essence of each artwork reflects its voice and history. But beyond the extensive collection, the essence of the Gund lies in its mission: to educate Kenyon’s student body and the general public about the multifaceted role of art in shaping society. By joining such esteemed Kenyon institutions as the Kenyon Review and the Philander Chase Conservancy Land Trust, The Gund reinforces a resonant belief in the transformative nature of the arts.

The Gund Logo Evolution (history)

In keeping with its expanded vision, The Gund recently unveiled a new visual style that reflects both the literary heritage of Kenyon College and the architectural elegance of the gallery, designed by renowned architect Graham Gund, an alumnus of the college. Central to this transformation has been The Gund logo. More than just a word mark, it is a testament to the gallery’s broad vision and aspirations. The previous logo, while functional, often blended into a sea of generic gallery logos. In contrast, the updated logo places Gund alongside the art world’s stars, radiating its ambitious spirit. The carefully designed “Gund Sans” font complements the new emblem, embodying the perfect blend of contemporary style and welcoming warmth.

Complementing its physical space, Gund has entered the digital realm with a revamped website. This platform invites art lovers from around the world to explore Gund’s rich heritage and diverse offerings. This digital turn, seamlessly blended with its material endeavors, underscores Gund’s commitment to making art relevant and easily accessible in our digital age.

Reflecting on Gund’s journey, we see that its essence goes beyond simply showing artwork. It is an institution based on dialog, engagement with society, and a new understanding of the role of art in society. The rebranding heralds a new visual chapter and embodies Gund’s deeper commitment. It marks the beginning of a new journey in which Gund is ready to inscribe its unique signature on the vast canvas of the global art world.