The Interior Design Show Reinvents Its Image with a New Logo

Interior Design Show Logo New

The Interior Design Show (IDS), Canada’s leading platform for design innovation and culture, has unveiled a new brand identity, marking a significant evolution in its visual representation. This change comes as IDS continues to assert its role as a catalyst and an authoritative voice in Canadian design over the past 25+ years. The show has grown to encompass not just the latest in design trends but also the broader dialogue surrounding the future of design, bridging creativity with adaptability in an ever-evolving industry.

The acclaimed Sali Tabacchi crafted the redesigned Interior Design Show logo, which signals a departure from the traditional initialism “IDS” to a full-spelled, justified wordmark that includes the definitive article “The,” presenting “The Interior Design Show” in its entirety. This strategic naming decision contrasts with the modern trend of abbreviating and simplifying brand names but pays dividends by reinforcing the show’s prominence and distinction in the design world.

Interior Design Show Logo Evolution

Employing the Barlow Condensed typeface, the new logo achieves meticulous letter alignment. The spacing between words creates visually striking open areas that imbue the design with a unique, artistic flair. An “IDS” shorthand version accompanies the primary logo, acknowledging the common, everyday reference to the event while maintaining the new identity’s sophistication and clarity.

Applying the new branding extends the minimalist approach, relying solely on typographic manipulation and a bold, monochromatic color scheme reminiscent of the Canadian flag. The exclusive use of Barlow Condensed, devoid of any supplementary imagery or graphics, demonstrates a confident restraint and a focus on typographic design principles. The design’s simplicity is its strength, utilizing scale, color, and spatial relationships to create impactful visual communications.

Interior Design Show Logo Old

The identity system, especially when implemented within the event space, offers a fresh and engaging environment that stands out amidst the vast, often undifferentiated trade show venues. This rebranding infuses the Interior Design Show with renewed energy and a contemporary edge, reflecting its commitment to being at the forefront of design innovation and discourse.