Most Famous Logos with a Crown

The Most Famous Logos with a Crown

The use of heraldry in logos is quite popular. Especially such an element as the crown, which references the brand’s roots, reflects the high quality of offers or claims to titularity, etc. In addition, such a graphic element adds aesthetic appeal. Despite the varying visual priority, the crown always represents strength, grandeur, confidence, and status. Its use greatly enhances the visual impact of the emblem, providing the desired effect.


Logo Warsteiner

Old German beer brand – founded in 1753 – has a laconic, memorable round emblem with a classic imperial crown. The element, as well as the outer contour and the central circle, are made in an elegant light gold color. Its contours are highlighted in black. The graphics are a tribute to the company’s long history and demonstrate the elite products and their unsurpassed taste. The crown on the white field separates the date of the brand foundation. The name is placed in a black gothic script in the logo’s center.

Canada Dry

Logo Canada Dry

The logo of Canada Dry, a Canadian producer of soft drinks founded in 1904, is characterized by its colorful design. Richness and saturation of colors – bright scarlet, green, and yellow, glossy, playful tone of composition style imprinted on the style of the crown – one of the main elements of the visualization. It symbolizes leadership, more than a century of high-quality products, and a demonstration of superior taste and stability.

Kansas City Royals

Logo Kansas City Royals

In 1969, the Kansas City Royals baseball club of Kansas City, Missouri, was founded. The heraldic emblem depicts the team’s titularity, its elite. The Royals’ blue shield with a white monogram of the capital letters of the first two words of the club’s name is crowned with a gold four-vertical crown, reflecting its meaning. Beneath the shield, in calligraphic capitals in the club’s official color, is the text – Royals, in a design characteristic of baseball players’ uniforms. The crown symbolizes the connection with the royal family and the pursuit of continued leadership.


Logo Saab

The Swedish Trollhättan is the birthplace of the Swedish car brand Saab, whose emblem is known worldwide. The head of the griffin and the richly decorated crown of the three peaks above it are made of golden outlines that symbolize strength, courage, and vigilance. It is located at the intersection of two circles, the negative areas of which contain – the name of the brand at the top and the word “technology” at the bottom. All outlines and letters are in gold color. To the right of the sign, the brand’s name is placed.

Royal Caribbean International

Logo Royal Caribbean International

The logo of Royal Caribbean International, founded in 1968 in Norway, reflects the essence of its activity – cruise services. It is made in the form of a banner used in the system of maritime symbols. The emblem is divided into three sectors – a black square with the trademark white anchor and a crown above it and two different-sized rectangles of blue and yellow with the company’s name. The stylized image of a crown with four teeth symbolizes excellence, elite spirit, and merit of the brand.


Logo Smirnoff

Founded in 1863 by a Russian entrepreneur, the best-selling vodka brand, which is now British, has a logo. It is based on an iconic, heraldic element, with a top in the form of a stylized crown above two eagles of Russian imperial heraldry. In this way, it pays tribute to the brand’s history and demonstrates its origins. The stylish minimalistic sign in the color of metallic grey with clear straight lines symbolizes the elitism of the product and its deserved popularity.


Logo Krone

In 1970 the Werltev company was established in Werlteve that produces agricultural machinery. The brand’s emblem is a modern stylized imperial crown with a wedge-shaped top resting on a base that is oblique on both sides. Two downward decreasing rounded segments frame the element. In dark blue, it echoes the text module, a brand name in bold, bold right-tilted capitals, a symbol of forwarding movement.


Logo Orient

Founded in Tokyo in 1950, Orient, a manufacturer of iconic watches, is a subsidiary of Seiko Epson. Its logo reflects conservatism and commitment to corporate values. Heraldic elements in the form of a royal crown of 4 prongs with spherical tips crowning a shield supported by two lions symbolize the uniqueness and elitism of the products. The shield is marked in red with the Gothic letter “O.” The sign is placed in a strict design above the brand’s name in black.



The British organization HM Revenue & Customs has used the symbol since 2005. It is characterized by practicality, elegance, and minimalism, despite the presence of an attribute of imperial power. Because the HMRC logo is, first of all, a sign of statehood. The most important element in it is a ring with a crown inside. It is figured, decorated with small ornaments and heraldic lilies. Above is a massive cross. Next (on the right) is the name of the governing body. It is placed in two rows and typed in thin, tall letters. Their business style balances the pomposity of the composition on the left. All parts of the emblem are painted in dark turquoise.

Monarchs of the Old Dominion

Logo Old Dominion Monarchs

The emblem of the Monarchs of the Old Dominion sports teams sponsored by the local university is represented by a roaring lion with an imperial crown. The blue-gray color palette reinforces the animal’s aggressiveness and danger, which is accentuated by the monarch’s headdress. The formidable mascot is positioned behind the two-tiered title inscription. The text – Old Dominion is typed in a round volumetric serif typeface, with the effect of creating a moon shadow, which adds rigidity to the atmosphere of the composition.

Mississippi RiverKings

Logo Mississippi RiverKings

Southaven, Mississippi, was the birthplace in 1989 of the now defunct Mississippi RiverKings hockey club. The logo depicted a four-toothed gold crown worn on a shield. The bold black and gold border enhance the visual impact. The massive image of the crown symbolized the team’s confidence in its leadership and playing advantage. On the black field of the shield, an enlarged uppercase letter M, a tribute to the state, is printed in contrasting white. Below, on a curved gold ribbon, is the club’s name.


Logo Hallmark

The Hallmark Company of Missouri, founded in 1910, is known for its greeting cards, packaging, and stationery. The logo is an image of a five-toothed crown and its name in a beautiful calligraphic script. The black color, crown graphics – the central prong is higher than the others, and all have a round tip, and the lower detached rim attracts the eye providing recognition. It is characterized by style, brevity, elegance, openwork, and high aesthetics that distinguish all products.

Bombay Sapphire

Logo Bombay Sapphire

Bombay Sapphire brand is an Indian gin whose production began in 1987. The name and logo reflect its history and the color – violet-blue Sapphire Star of Bombay, whose image reflects the flat bottle with Queen Victoria on the label. An important element is the golden imperial crown placed over the frame of the bright blue gemstone gives a special chic, creating a royal look. Its classic execution, ornate top, and decoration accentuate the sapphire.


Logo Pininfarina

The Italian Pininfarina auto body tuning brand was founded in 1930 in Cambiano. Its tricolor logo is a tribute to its country. The emblem Pininfarina consists of a miniature tricolor classic imperial crown rising above a blue-rimmed rectangle with red corners framing the white field. A blue lowercase letter f with a white outline is the central element. Underneath is a modern “computer” lowercase blue font with the name, the letters of which are connected by short lower dashes.


Logo Krusovice

The logo symbolizes excellent taste and a tribute to its history with the golden imperial crown of the Czech beer brand Krusovice. The production was started in 1517 by the royal brewery in Krusovice. The emblem contains the foundation date and a dark red gradient ribbon with gold edging. The elegance and style of the heraldic symbol in gold and red underline the special status of the products; on the ribbon in a white serif typeface, the name of the brand and the brewery. Underneath it, there are awards and distinctions.

Clash Royale

Logo Clash Royale

Video game for mobile RTS genre with KKI 2016 has a crown in the logo. The heraldic symbol is placed in the center of a hexagonal shield on a blue field. It is designed in a cartoon style. The volume, wooden texture, gold color of the crown, and shield edging create an attractive contrast. The sign is a symbolic representation of the game’s features, one of its game elements. The application’s name is made in a massive stylized volumetric font to the left of the logo on two levels. Royale is executed in the same style as the crown, while Clash is in silver.


Logo Nice

The five-toothed crown above the heraldic eagle is the symbol of the sports club from Nice, founded in 1904. The central apex of the crown is the highest. Each one is crowned with an orb. The bird as the crown is made in light gold, symbolizing the elite and deserved brand, which has a rich history. On the eagle’s chest is a black shield, the first half of which contains the abbreviation of the name, made in white sans serif font. The second half contains vertical red stripes that echo the brand colors.

Disney Princess

Logo Disney Princess

Luxurious and elegant is the unusual gold crown in the Disney princess logo. Four lozenge-shaped tops create an airy openwork structure above the studio’s iconic logo, with its grace and tenderness reflecting the main heroines’ characteristic traits. Below, in a three-tiered design, the name of the brand is placed in gold color. The contrasting black color of the diamond-shaped space on which the emblem is built provides the effectiveness of perception.

Orange Bowl

Logo Orange Bowl

The Orange Bowl, Miami’s annual intercollegiate American soccer championship since 1935, has a fun and memorable identity. The logo captures the essence of the name, demonstrating a commitment to a rich history and commitment to excellence, evidenced by the stylized image of a green-orange crown at the top of the orange. A contemporary symbol of the priority and importance of games softens the seriousness of the visuals, reflecting the age of the players. The name is in orange font.

Alfa Romeo

Logo Alfa Romeo

Founded in 1910 in Turin, the famous Italian sports car brand Alfa Romeo shows its elitism and leadership, including in racing, with a recognizable logo. The round sign with a silver name on a black background in the center has a composition of a red Catholic cross, a fire-breathing green serpent, and a stylized image of a three-top crown, which symbolizes perfection. The gloss and silver on the silver background and the crown graphics provide a subtle style to highlight the brand’s history and heritage.


Logo Queen

London rock band Queen of 1970 used an original heraldic logo of the members’ zodiac signs arranged around an imperial crown. The sign with many elements was placed above the band’s name in a thin, elegant font. Stylish and contrasting black was chosen as the main color. The crown reflected the essence of the name, demonstrating the band’s desire to lead in the musical Olympus, deservedly arousing the admiration of their fans.


Logo Braga

One hundred-one years ago, Braga, Portugal, founded a soccer club with the same name. Its emblem is characterized by the presence of an originally designed crown with five towers. Being a stylized representation of the city wall curved over the heraldic shield, the sign symbolizes a commitment to the ideals of the city and history. This is confirmed by the graphics of the coat of arms shield, divided into two fields by the club’s signature colors, each depicting the city’s ancient towers separated by the symbol of Portugal’s religious center.


Logo Konplott

Since 1986 Konplott, a unique German design jewelry brand, has graced fashionistas worldwide. The brand’s emblem, a vertical oval olive-colored medallion, is characterized by the complexity of graphics. Abundant details, bold vignettes, the brand name, and the frog tsarevna as the central element – all in dark green. The five-vertical crown emphasizes the status of the symbol with balloons above its head. It symbolizes the ability of the product to turn its owner into a beautiful princess.


Logo KPN

In the KPN logo, the crown plays the role of the main element. It represents the ultimate power of word power because it is used in the visual identity of a telecommunications company. The crown is drawn schematically and consists of four hook-shaped lines, one arc, and a rhombus located at the very top. The background is three teardrop-shaped figures with a translucent texture. They overlap each other but are still clearly visible. The topmost element is green, the middle element is yellow, and the bottom element is blue. Because of this structure, the composition seems voluminous. The name, on the contrary, is flat, two-dimensional. It is typed in lower case letters. The first of them is geometric, even, and angular; the other two are rounded.


Logo Cincinnati

A militant, crowned, the winged lion is the main element of the emblem of Cincinnati Football Club, founded in 2018. The small white three-vertical English crown and lion with a sword symbolize striving for leadership, courage, and perseverance. The white sign on an orange background at the bottom of the symbolic shield with curved edges provides clarity of perception. The shield in a black border of a white field, in its upper part, has a blue sector with white letters FK. The blue and orange areas are separated by a sloping white stripe with the club name in black letters.


Logo Starbucks

Seattle-based coffee vendor Starbucks, 1971, is represented by a black and white-crowned mermaid. Stylized with four peaks, the white crown is distinguished by the presence of a central figure in the form of a white five-pointed star. Two divided tails balance the graphics on either side of the head. The medallion-shaped emblem, with a central black circle, has a wide dark green frame with a white border. On its circumference in bold white lettering is the brand name, separated by white five-pointed stars.

Deportivo La Coruna

Logo Deportivo La Coruna

Galicia’s soccer team, Deportivo La Coruna, from 1906, has an identity with the massive red and gold crown, the city’s symbol. Its use is not only a tribute to the historical past – the name Real. It reflects the former merits and successes of the present day, a demonstration of commitment to the ideals of their hometown, and a symbol of the team’s fame and title. The crown is located on a circular element of the standard with a horizontal Catholic cross in a triangle, with the contours of the crown. Its rim bears the name.

Crown Royal

Logo Crown Royal

The name of Crown Royal whisky is a tribute to the history of the creation of the drink by Dom Seagram in 1939. The name derives from the way the jewels were mounted, crown setting in the form of a crown. Its image on the elegant cushion became the brand’s main distinction. Created for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in compliance with the requirements of royal standards, it received the imperial crown as an emblem, symbolizing high quality, elegance, unsurpassed taste, uniqueness, and the individuality of packaging and packaging, and pride in their products. The handwritten font adds elegance and grace to the Crown Royal logo.

Burlington Royals

Logo Burlington Royals

The players of the Burlington, North Carolina – Burlington Royals baseball team, founded in 1986 and closed in 2020, proudly wore a crowned emblem. The gold four-vertical, simple in its execution, the crown had four ornamental balls on the top. It was positioned over a blue pennant with a bold white letter B – the first letter of the brand name. An attractive serif font was used to write it. Clarity of lines and purity of color, and simplicity of geometric forms of elements provided style.


Logo Chambord

The memorable logo of Chambord liqueur, founded in 1982, is distinguished by the presence of the imperial crown in the central circle. The emblem Chambord is an the form of an official round seal in luxurious shades of gold and burgundy. It is accompanied by the name in a burgundy gothic serif font. The crown symbol reflects the brand’s historical association with Louis XIV, who launched the official production. The stylish and massive heraldic element is a perfect embodiment of royalty.

Real Sociedad

Logo Real Sociedad

The Basque soccer club from San Sebastian, Real Sociedad, traces its history back to 1951. The brand inspires itself with a heraldic crown, a cross at the top, and jewels around the rim in a bright and colorful red-gold design. It echoes the city’s symbol, symbolizing the close bond between the team and San Sebastian fans and its pride in protecting their sporting interests. It is placed on a light brown soccer ball wrapped in a white and blue striped flag of the club’s colors.


Logo Qarabağ

Azerbaijan soccer is represented by the Qarabağ club from Baku, founded in 1951. One of the main elements of the emblem is a small, elegant golden crown occupying the central place at the top of the shield. The five peaks are bounded by balloons. It reflects current successes, past merits, and a leading position in the country. The logo, made in black and gold colors, is related to the city’s coat of arms. The five-pointed gold star crowning the pennant is an element of graphic balance, and the many small ones below symbolize victory.

Standard de Liège

Logo Standard de Liège

Belgian soccer club Standard, founded in 1898, reflects its history and merits in the logo with a golden crown of European rulers with three pointed tops. Above the central one is a five-pointed gold star. These are symbols of the Belgian champion’s titularity and constant desire to win. The crown is crowned by a shield divided into two parts. The smaller one, on the left, is red. The right one is white, with a monogram of the intertwined two pen letters of the name. All elements and outlines are in gold.

Toronto Marlies

Logo Toronto Marlies

Canadian hockey club – Toronto Marlies 2005 formation has a logo with the country’s symbol – a blue maple leaf. Its center contains an imperial crown. The leaf has thin white veins. The crown is yellow-blue-red with floral ornamentation and a patterned combination of blue crosses echoing its top. The latter fills the yellow sector. A thin red line is drawn around the white outline. The crown’s outline is the leaf’s color—several red dots along with it.

Manchester Monarchs

Logo Manchester Monarchs

Manchester Monarchs – not an existing hockey club in 2001, had a nine-peaked gold crown, made in cartoon style, in its emblem. The crown was placed on the gray-and-black head of a grinning lion’s muzzle. Above the club symbol was a two-tiered name. The first word was a tribute to the city in small black clear capital letters. The second was the club’s name in large white letters with serifs to match the general style. Their trim includes all the club colors.

Michael Jackson

Logo Michael Jackson

The crown best characterizes the king of pop because he deserved it with his inspired creativity. Therefore, the Michael Jackson logo contains just such an attribute of power. The emblem of a cult performer consists of two initial letters of his first and last name. As a result of their combination, the original monogram of the musician was obtained, where the “J” is combined with the central line “M.” At the top, on a common leg, there is a crown made up of five triangles with sharp tops and miniature dots opposite each peak. The letters have thin horizontal serifs. The logo is made in monochrome.

Toyota Crown

Logo Toyota Crown

In 1955, the iconic Japanese car model, the Toyota Crown, appeared, which gained a fashionable and modern badge in the form of an original and stylish silver crown. It has an elongated, narrowed downward shape and the style of the imperial crown. The top is a massive stylized cross. The shape and design are in the form of four wide with smooth lines and vertical ribs reminiscent of a car radiator. The bottom is designed as a piston top with a bore for the o-ring with negative black space.

Royal Mail

Logo RoyalMail

The emblem of Royal Mail Britain, founded in 1516, reflects the brand’s rank, importance, and historical values. It is represented by a bright scarlet rectangular standard with a white border, on which the name is written in a round and accurate font with a double golden outline. It crosses a white rectangle with the golden imperial crown’s royal symbol. The luxurious execution, jewels, pearls, and gold and red symbolize high status, reflecting merit and commitment to national values.

Real Madrid

Logo Real Madrid

The Spanish FK Real Madrid was founded in the capital in 1902. The emblem is surmounted by a gold imperial crown with large pearls and jewels around the rim, with a red velvet insert – a symbol of commitment to the club’s rich history, many victories, and “royal” status in soccer. It is crowned by a round gold badge in blue edging; the inner white field contains a blue diagonal stripe – reflecting the club’s palette. It’s topped with a gold monogram of capital letters of the name.

Emilio Pucci

Logo Emilio Pucci

The Florentine fashion brand Emilio Pucci, founded in 1947, uses a luxurious and delicate image and laconic, clear text as its emblem. The graphic sign, an openwork monogram, is crowned with a five-top crown whose peaks are ornately decorated with floral elements. Such design symbolizes the products’ beauty and aesthetics, echoing the brand’s rich historical heritage and demonstrating a sublime elegance and high quality.


Logo Noble

In 2009 a sports car company was founded in Britain. The emblem was chosen as a two-part sign – a stylized crown and text name. The latter is printed in thin black capital letters with a right slant – a symbol of speed, placed on a light yellow plate with a black border with rounded corners. The crown on top is an original version of the mirrored two letters N with circular elements. Two horizontal lines support it.

Real Betis

Logo Real Betis

The FK Real Betis made a name for itself in Sivilia in 1907. Today it is represented by an emblem in the form of a stylized red and gold monarch’s crown. It crowns a composition of an inverted isosceles triangle and a circle with gold outlines. The vertical green stripes in the triangle and the green monogram inside the circle reflect a commitment to its history and club colors. The crown symbolizes striving to win, always taking the lead, and standing out for their successes and accomplishments.

Los Angeles Kings

Logo Los Angeles Kings

The Los Angeles Kings hockey club emblem from 1967 captures the essence of the name. The minimalist style, monochrome, and heraldry, in the form of a black shield divided in two, are characterized by boldness and brutality. The upper rectangle contains an abbreviation of two white capital letters of the name. The lower one, separated by a thin white stripe, displays a crown of traditional shape with an arched top, made with straight, sharp lines, communicating the style and power characteristic of the club’s gaming tactics.

Royal Air Maroc

Logo Royal Air Maroc

The Moroccan Royal Air Maroc, born in 1957, chose as its symbol a red imperial stylized crown crowning its emblem. A red five-pointed star rests on the inner rim of the circle, equipped with symbolic wings. Below is a two-tiered inscription of the name in two languages. The crown is abstract, with five elements crowned by a five-pointed star and a few lines and strokes that set the shape. It symbolizes the company’s ownership, priority, and importance.

Henri Lloyd

Logo Henri Lloyd

Founded in 1963, the British manufacturer of yachting and sailing clothing – Henri Lloyd, has an elegant identity. It consists of black graphics and the name underneath. The text is neat and elegant. The font is serif and capitalized. A monogram in an openwork circle wreathes the brand name in two capital letters. The composition is crowned with a stylish and masculine crown, reflecting the essence. The clarity and straightness of the image with peaks on the tops symbolize confidence and high quality.

Royal Canin

Logo Royal Canin

The original stylized crown in red, reminiscent of the crown of the chiefs of wild tribes, is characterized by the logo of the French food manufacturer Royal Canin, founded in 1968 in Camargue. It is formed by two curved baselines of varying thickness, which serve as a visual bridge for the two words of the brand name below. Above them, five rows of circles of two rows each are depicted as stylized peaks. Its unusualness symbolizes the friendliness and love for the younger brothers.


Logo Espanyol

The Spanish club, Reial Club Deportiu Espanyol de Barcelona of 1900, belongs to the honored and titled. The imperial red-gold crown with a cross and blue-white-red color scheme reflect national pride. The royal regalia symbolizes high status, rank, confidence, and success. A round sign crowns it with a wide bright red rim and a gold inscription of the club’s name and city. The interior is made up of stripes in the color of the main club uniform.


Logo Tuborg

The richly decorated golden imperial crown is the main element of the emblem of Tuborg Beer, the famous Danish beer founded in 1880. Its color scheme – gold, black and red – reflects the brand palette. Decorated with pearls and gems, it reflects the privileged status and popularity of the brand and its product, which is proved by the gold slogan underneath. Below is the brand’s name in sans serif letters in dark green bold type with gold edging.

Real Salt Lake

Logo Real Salt Lake

The emblem of FC Real Salt Lake, founded in 2004, reflects the brand colors and a stylish gold crown. The latter is designed with five peaks, three of which are crowned with a stylized lily and a thin, slightly curved rim. It symbolizes the desire always to be the first, achieve victories confidently, and be a recognized leader. The element is crowned by two thin semi-circles, yellow and red, encompassing a monogram of gold R and red S. Below them is an image of a ball. All are on a deep blue field matured in red and gold edging.


Logo Correos

A cool logo distinguishes the Spanish postal service with an abstract but originally executed crown. In this way, the brand pays homage to its historical heritage by linking modernity with the institution’s mid-18th century representation. Bold blue lines form an arched composition with a thick vertical central stripe rising above the thick horizontal line separating it from the postal horn. This adds air and personality. A neat symmetrical cross crowns the composition.


Logo Corona

Mexican beer Corona, a 1925 brand, is distinguished by its recognizable visualization. A gold imperial crown consists of three parts topped with a cross. The four domes are separated from the middle part with five peaks, with two small peaks and three five-pointed stars. The lower part is formed behind a thin band. It is decorated with precious stones. The crown symbolizes the brand’s fame and popularity, unsurpassed taste, and confident leadership in its segment. The black gothic typeface of the name enhances the effect.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Logo Anastasia Beverly Hills

A stylish American cosmetics brand with Romanian roots emerged in the ’90s. Its openwork and airy black emblem, consisting of the feminine symbol, a circle, encloses a light and airy monogram of the capital letter of the name, topped with a princess crown. A monogram on both sides of the lettering adds style and effect to the composition, which creates a vision of a butterfly whose beauty and lightness reflect the essence of the brand products. The brand name in openwork supports this effect.


Logo Rolex

The Swiss luxury watch brand, born in 1905, is recognized by everyone by its emblem, a refined and airy gold crown with a white bottom and five peaks topped with round elements. It symbolizes nobility and luxury, superiority, and unquestionable quality of products, reflecting prosperity. These features are emphasized by the text of the name under the crown. The mossy green of the letters contrasts beautifully with the light gold of the sign—a smooth and elegant font with serif capitals.


Logo Ruinart

An old French champagne brand from 1729 – Ruinart is known for its complex but the memorable logo, which symbolizes its premiums. It is made with fine gold lines, topped with a five-vertex crown with different-sized peaks with orbs. Thin and open-worked, it is like a perfect symbol of refined taste and leadership, perched above a pointed shield with numerous elements held by heraldic lions. The sign is backed by the foundation year and a golden Gothic-style name.

Reading Royals

Logo Reading Royals

A purple and mauve-crowned lion with an intimidating grin is the 1991 Reading hockey club symbol. Its grinning muzzle has gradient silver areas that harmonize with the rivets on the black crown. The crown on the symbol’s head is divided into two parts by a curved horizontal line with jewels. It has four pointed peaks of regular rhombuses. The image is highlighted with a silver border. It symbolizes merit, the pursuit of victory, and sports leadership.

Premier League

Logo Premier League

The Lion King is the strong and confident symbol of the British Premier League, founded in 1992. The mark reflects the division’s greatness, importance, precedence, and priority, uniting leading clubs under its wings. The seriousness and significance of the mascot are supported by a concise crown of five identical pointed peaks. Its authority has an important influence on the perception of identity, with its monochromatic color scheme and stern, sans serif brand name font.


Logo Husqvarna

The abstract three-vertical crown is part of the emblem of the Austrian motorcycle brand Husqvarna, founded in 1903. It resembles a motorcycle chain element, reflecting the company’s focus. The composition, with its elongated oval shape and the capital letter H inside, resembles one of the knots of the mechanism. The stylish and concise image symbolizes the brand’s aspiration for the future and commitment to the achievements of modern technology. The name is characterized by compactness and precision of execution, typical of the products.

Eintracht Frankfurt

Logo Eintracht Frankfurt

The 1899 FK Eintracht Frankfurt is represented by a circular red emblem, including a small three-peaked crown. It is located above the head of the heraldic eagle on a white field inside a circle with a wide red outline. A thin red line is applied around it. On the chest of the flame-spewing eagle is a pointed shield with a red capital letter E on a white field. Two white crosses are placed on the wings. The emblem shows a connection with history and the city, echoing its colors and symbolism.


Logo Rimmel

The British cosmetics brand Rimmel, founded in 1834, shows its merits and achievements with a red openwork imperial crown. Crowning the header with the black capital letter R of the name provides an attractive visual, symmetry with the red word London, balancing the whole composition. Rimmel – made in black capital letters with wide gaps and some subtle elements, providing airiness and aesthetics.


Logo Pandora

The modern logo of Pandora, a Danish jewelry house founded in 1982, is bold and concise. Its identity is a model of minimalist style. It features a small crown element in the form of three long pointed peaks on round forms, crowning the letter “O” of the text part, emphasizing the inner and outer products, their refinement, energy, radiance, and light emanating from the precious jewelry. It softens the heaviness of the thick, old-fashioned serif typeface.


Logo Terex

Construction equipment manufacturer Terex, known since 1925 as Northwest Engineering of Westport, uses a crown in its logo. The symbol is red with three square, angled elements resting on a rectangle, created using cubic graphics. Concluded in a white rectangle with a black border, the sign precedes the name in black sans serif capital letters. The visualization communicates the brand’s technical profile, symbolizing a high-tech commitment.


Logo Scania

The crown is a significant emblem element of the Swedish car brand Scania, which traces its history back to 1891. The close link to its roots is shown with a heraldic red crowned griffin in a white border from the Scania coat of arms, spewing flames. A golden crown of three peaks with rounded crosses crowns its head, symbolizing success, dignity, and the highest achievements. The mark is placed on dark blue background in an element resembling a steering wheel. Beneath it is placed a dark blue name in a solid design.


Logo KLM

The Royal Dutch airline, founded in 1919, reflects its historical values and merits with a stylish and modern blue imperial crown. Crowning the abbreviation of the brand name in the same color, it balances the visuals by accentuating its distinctive design. Its top depicts an equilateral cross, under which four identical spherical shapes are placed. The lower rectangular element is centrally located, providing harmony of perception.

Royal Jordanian

Logo Royal Jordanian

Royal Jordanian Airlines 1963 education its profile and the essence of the name reveals in a logo of luxurious design. It consists of the text of the brand name in two languages and an elegant gold crown. The crown has four dome-shaped forms connected to an openwork rim. Its tip is a pico-shaped element. The lower rim is encrusted with precious stones and is positioned just above the base. It’s a symbol of the country’s monarchic power, the brand’s highest merit, and its excellent quality services.

Ritz Carlton

Logo Ritz Carlton

The hotel chain’s brand Ritz Carlton, headquartered in Maryland, has a memorable, elegant emblem in the form of a lion’s head profile above the five-top crown. Executed in black, they form an original composition symbolizing respect for their rich history, service of the highest level, and privilege. Three of the crown’s peaks have crossed, and two are diamond-shaped peaks. The rim is inlaid. Under the sign is the name in black in bold capital letters.

Louis Philippe

Logo Louis Philippe

The European logo of Indian menswear brand Louis Philippe, which includes an image of a crown, is attractive with its modern design. The single-color black sign with three tops in the form of heraldic lilies and two short peaks is located above a small black stripe that forms the integrity of the figure. It symbolizes the stylishness of the company’s products, accentuating sophistication and elegance. This is supported by an openwork, confident thin serif typeface in capital letters.

Moët Chandon

Logo Moet Chandon

The most famous brand of the French House of Champagne, founded in 1743, is distinguished by its laconic and stylish emblem with the imperial crown. It is made in soft gold that adds luxury and elegance. The monarch’s symbol reflects the product’s superiority and elite, crowning the whole composition and sharing the foundation date. Under the symbol, the brand’s name is written in large black sans serif letters. It’s advantageously emphasized by the golden word Champagne. The gold star is a demonstration of the high quality of Champagne.