The need to change the identity of the Exeter Chiefs brand

Exeter Chiefs Logo

Modernity is characterized by significant changes in views and worldview, which leads to a deep rethinking of many areas in the field of culture and sports. Today, the trend is to refuse to use anything in advertising that could be regarded as an infringement of the rights and pride of national minorities indigenous people of various territories. Following this trend, the Exeter Chiefs rugby club decided to abandon their historical visual identity, which reflected the Indian theme. A new identity was created, which became a truly poignant and significant tribute to the true past of the brand from the English city of the same name. Founded back in 1871, the team has chosen as its mascot the head of an Indian chief, which has been a symbol of masculinity and honor for more than a century, at the same time confirming the name of the club.

Exeter Chiefs New Logo

The inspiration for creating the new logo was the ancient history of the Celts of the Dumnonii tribe from the Iron Age. This tribe held the territories of Devon, Cornwall, and parts of Somerset even before the Roman advent in 43 AD. Here the tribe later formed their first kingdom of Dumnonia, which existed for over 500 years. The new symbol – the head of a Celtic warrior in combat attire today not only does not violate anyone’s rights and does not carry insults. The symbol has become a spectacular reflection of the spirit of the team and the true history of the land where the club is located today. The Celtic helmet on the warrior’s head is made in strict historical accordance with the appearance while simultaneously demonstrating the La Tène chiseled art characteristic of that time. The update also contributed to making adjustments to the visual presentation of information after a complete analysis of the development and information support of the brand, changes, and achievements over the past two years.

Exeter Chiefs Symbol

The preparation of the images was preceded by extensive historical research, which confirmed that the renewed brand has deep national traditions and its full identification with the fans and the region whose name it protects. Together with its renewal, the club is ushering in a new era of rugby in the region, emphasizing the particular importance of the term Exeter in its own identity and the personal identity of the club. At the same time, the term Chiefs remains in the name as a tribute to the principles of forming the names of sports clubs that have taken root more than a century ago.

Exeter Chiefs Before and After Logo (History)