The new type of “Made in France” labeling from Jean-Marc Vaudey

Made in France Logo

To raise and strengthen the authority of products made in France, to improve their identification and recognition, French manufacturers, represented by France Industrie, decided to change the visual marking of the three-color logo, which indicated the country of the manufacturer. It was developed by the Brainjuice studio together with Jean-Marc Vaudey. It is assumed that the new sign, which will be applied by the end of this year, will unite around as many French manufacturers as possible, becoming a single measure of the quality and popularity of French goods for the world consumer.

Made in France New Logo

The logo’s shape was selected, taking into account the convenience of its placement on any products, the most complex shapes or packages. At the same time, its development took into account the need to use the emblem both in digital and typographic versions, providing ease of visual perception, reading details, and catchiness against the background of other proposals. An important task was also accomplished – to unite around the French product as many consumers as possible and to make it easier for them to choose among a huge number of goods from other countries. And above all, the important thing in the new development was the opportunity to demonstrate to buyers and users that all products marked with this sign strictly comply with the requirements of European standards, meet the criteria of high quality and safety. All the prerequisites were created for the new Made in France mark to become the guarantor of such correspondences, as indicated by the visualized information in the new logo.

Made in France Emblem

In addition, the typography of the emblem also indicates that the country is actively re-industrializing, the requirements for manufacturers are changing, production is expanding, which means that jobs are preserved and even increased. The solution of environmental problems associated with emissions of harmful substances into the environment in the country is accelerating. Its readable font, with sharp, rounded corners, is easy to read and remember. Markers installed next to the text, which is accepted today on all interactive maps, simplify understanding and perception of the entire composition. Executing in the colors of the national flag, they immediately carry a visual identity to the country to which the emblem belongs.

Made in France Before and After Logo (history)

For the convenience of those who wish to take part in the program for promoting French products in the world, are ready to comply with the requirements for the conformity of the possible owner of this mark, the website of France Industrie has been revised. It became possible to download a logo free of charge, which has universal properties for transferring to its products in case of receiving a corresponding confirmation of the right to use the mark. It is also available to everyone who wishes to comply with the requirements and standards and all the Rules governing Made in France on their digital and advertising pages.