The new Ubuntu logo from Canonical has become even more attractive and clearer

Ubuntu Logo

Developed and launched in 2004 by Canonical, Ubuntu’s original project has today introduced a modern exterior design to its users. At the moment, the service is used by more than 20 million people worldwide. As a GNU/Linux distribution for online services, it has taken the top spot in popularity. Since its inception, new versions have been released every six months and have been supported by updates for the first nine months. The latest update, 22.04 LTS, came out with a new visual identity that provides better readability and more attractiveness and fully meets the requirements of modern design and logo design. The resulting transformation of Circle of Friends allowed for a completely new look, providing sleek lines for a modern feel.

Ubuntu New Logo

Visualization has not become a revolution. This is an evolution of a popular project. The logo is simple and bright. It uses a classic color scheme, which plays on the original combination of two colors – white and orange, which is traditional for the brand. An important difference in the update was the visual clarity of the image, detailing, and smoothness of the lines, which conveys a close connection between each user of Circle of Friends. An important correspondence was preserved when creating a new visual identity – a demonstration of continuity with previous versions, despite the greater compactness and purposefulness. An important point was the transfer of symbolic images of human heads inside the main circle. They were facing each other. This composition made clearer the close and intimate connection between each element. In the new version, the traditional square circle was rejected. Instead, an “eye-catching” orange tag is used. It represented the boldness of the color orange, providing a colorful and recognizable mark when displayed on a variety of print and digital platforms. As a result, the logo has evolved from a traditional small top badge to a prominent dynamic symbol that has increased the brand’s presence.

Ubuntu Symbol

The identity is created with the possibility of further constant development and adaptation to the requirements of modern technologies; thus, it reflects the process of successive changes in Ubuntu itself. With its help, these transformations are reflected more accurately and promptly. You can notice this by placing the new and previous versions of the logo in one row. With the help of the new design, Circle of Friends has strengthened its respect and commitment to itself. It has come full circle, returning to its original position in an updated form, a powerful confirmation of commitment to the brand’s core values.

Ubuntu Before and After Logo (History)