The oldest university in Germany, FAU announced a new vision of its mission

FAU Logo

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg is the oldest and largest German research and educational institution of higher education, founded in 1743. Today, more than 39,000 students from all over the world study at its five faculties. The university provides knowledge in all modern academic disciplines. They study the humanities and social sciences, theology and medicine, law and economics, natural and technical sciences. Being a high-level institution, the university pays special attention to its image, striving to always be in trend. The brand conducted an in-depth study of the current situation conducted a survey of all parties who may be interested in the situation – teachers, researchers, developers, external partners, covering all areas of their activities.

FAU New Logo

As a result, a new vision of the tasks was developed, goals and the main mission were defined, important values ​​were identified, the motto was formulated – Moving Knowledge, which gives an orientation to a promising future. The brand’s features were reflected in the visual performance of the wordmark, which was created multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary, which is characteristic of the many-linking FAU. This was achieved by creating the visual effect of a double change of angles in each letter, which added dynamics to the overall perception of the characters. With its help, visualization of openness, movement, individuality, and brand diversity is provided. All available opportunities and abilities are highlighted by selecting the most vital colors widely used in the media.

FAU Symbol

The seal was created according to the historical project of 1832, which made it possible to most accurately convey the spirit of the university and the very appearance of Friedrich and Alexander. The visual displays of the name and founding date have been redesigned. The wordmarks were made in a family of fonts, among which the main one is the elegant FAU Sans, created by order of the brand. It includes all modern design paraphernalia, providing versatility for typographic and digital applications. A pronounced individuality has become the basis of the attractiveness of the text block. All other types of fonts have an important feature – the absence of restrictions on execution options since, in any case, they are easy to read – in long text copies or the form of large headings.

FAU Before and After Logo (History)

The color scheme includes light, subtly elegant shades, and bold – imperious. All five faculties have a common display style, each of which uses a character set that supports most languages ​​\u200b\u200bof Central and Eastern Europe, including Greek, for displaying mathematical formulas. All wordmarks are clear in their execution and are well-read in any size.